Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang)

What did you learn?

  • How to write a Go program (Golan is called Golan)
  • How to create an HTML page using HTML5
  • How to write javascript without relying on things like jQuery.
  • How to create and use a cascade table model
  • How to create modern and secure web applications in the Google Go programming language
  • How to install the Go app properly.
  • How to write a test on the Go
  • How to connect to the Go database.
  • How to manage sessions on the Go
  • How to create and use media products on the Go.
  • How to use third -party packages with GO modules.
  • How to implement secure user authentication on Google.
  • Web application security best practices
  • How to publish a web application directly on the server.


There are no requirements for this study. All you need is a computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) և Internet connection.
Learn how to write a modern, fast and secure web application in the Google Go programming language. Learn from an award-winning university professor for 20 years of business.

It is a modern, secure and fast-paced language - very fast. Ideal for building secure, improved, and fast web applications.

This tutorial is for beginners: Developers who know something about web development but want to include it in the toolbox.

We have included everything you need to know to start typing a web tool, from the Summary to HTML5, learning JavaScript և JavaScript modules, and how to work with Cascading Style Sheets to keep the program simple. We also want more.

The main purpose of this course is to establish a bed and breakfast storage system. Visitors to our site will be able to search for accommodations on a daily basis and order online, and the webmaster will be able to manage subscriptions from a secure location.

By the end of this course, you will fully understand what it takes to build a fully functional, secure, and fast web tool from the beginning, and you will understand the language of the Go program.

Who is this training for?

Beginners who want to learn to write professional software
Experienced programmers with an interest in Learning Go.

About Teacher:

I have twenty years of experience in software development and twenty years of teaching at university.

As a businessman, I have worked with many clients, including Thomson Nelson, Hewlett-Packard, Royal Bank of Canada, Key Bank, Sprint and many more. I also have extensive experience in project and project management. He has led fifty teams of producers and professionals on multimillion-dollar projects and a very small team on very small projects.

As a professor, I have taught numerous subjects, including computer science, English, Irish, and American literature, as well as many "general" courses in liberal arts and technology.

I have received regional, national and international awards for my work in the field of information technology, as well as teaching and research awards as a university professor.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

  1. This course is a great way to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from working in Golang and deploying web applications. It covers a lot of land and really makes you think about what is happening. There are places where the continuity of lectures falls a little bit due to the material used in them ... but it is only a little bit ... and if you run with the ball, you have to cross to pick them all up. There will be no problem with references. Content with thread, if necessary. Trevor Solar's teaching style is very good, when you continue you get all the mistakes and ideas, I think it really works for me. Overall, a great course, and I highly recommend it. Put it this way, I'll be back for more ...


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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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