Complete guide to building an app with .Net Core and React

What do you learn?

  • Learn how to build applications from scratch to finish using .Net Core (v2.2), React (using Typescript) and Mobx.
  • How to build an online API on .Net Core with a clean framework using the CQRS + Mediator template
  • How to use AutoMapper and MediatR packages in .Net project.
  • How to create a multi-project solution using .Net Core.
  • How to use an organization's framework as a reference material
  • How to integrate ASPNET Core SignalR into an online communication system.
  • How to increase credibility and authenticity using .Net Core Identity.
  • How to create a client application for the API using React.
  • How to use MobX as a Status Editor Library
  • How to make your widget for sending images from skin zone and cropper to replace images

Needs for course:

  1. Requires development experience (3-6 months)
  2. Computers with Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux installed.
  3. A passion for learning how to build a website
  4. Information

*** Updated classes for .Net 6.0 and React 17.

Did you learn the basics of ASP.NET Core and React? Do you know where to go? This tutorial should be helpful. In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a variety of ASP.NET core solutions to make it easier to understand, think about, and extend our code through clean architecture and CQRS and design tools. Is.

ASP.NET Core and Reaction are both hot topics, and this tutorial will increase your understanding of both by building a single program from the beginning. We learn something new in each module, as features are gradually added to the application. Creating an app is more rewarding than building a toddler list other than paper!

Each line of instruction is presented and explained, and at the end of the course you will have the skills and knowledge to make four of your own applications. Use the methods you learned in this tutorial.

There are a few things you can learn from this tutorial:

Adjusting the business environment

  • Use React software with ASP.NET Core WebAPI and DotNet CLI to create a multi-solution solution using Create-react-app.

  • Clear the CQRS + sample, take the sample and distribute it

  • Configure and configure ASP.NET core authentication for authentication

  • Use the printer's response

  • Increase customer engagement and job listings in our practical applications

  • Use React Router

  • Automatic mapping using ASP.NET kernel

  • Build a great UI with meaningful UI

  • Added a small tool to add images and create user profile pages

  • Use a final final form for reuse and approval

  • Editing, sorting and filtering

  • Use SignalR to enable online communication for discussion in our apps

  • Distribute the application to IIS and Linux

  • Get a "A" rating from security testing facilities.

Many more

The equipment needed for this course.

All instructions in this tutorial are provided through Visual Studio Code, a free (and valuable) code editor. Of course, with Windows, Linux or Mac, you can use the code editor of your choice with any operating system.

Is this tutorial for you?

This tutorial is very useful, about 90% + training will get you involved in ranking with me on this project. If you are a versatile user, this tutorial is for you.

In this tutorial we will create a social networking model that allows users to fully register for an event (such as MeetUp or Facebook). We start with just a window or a quick command.

What you need to get started is the computer with your favorite operating system, as well as the passion to learn how to build applications using ASP.NET Core and React.

Who is this tutorial for:

.Net Core or React or Typescript beginners want to learn how to do this with these tools
Students want a practical way to learn, not a textbook.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

  1. I always enjoyed this class. The class itself is perfect. Training is one of the best ways to build Udemy. I like the use of letters. I don't like the answer (JSX / TSX is not the only one), so I have Angular and Vue.js now. I can say that I live with you. I don't even want a partition system (like a better warehouse), but it's a personal preference. Most importantly, I can recommend this tutorial.


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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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