Complete NodeJS Developer In 2022 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + More)

Here you will Learn from real NodeJS experts! Includes REALLY Advance NodeJS - Express, GraphQL - REST - MongoDB - SQL  - MERN + much more

what you will learn:

  • Build and distribute enterprise-scale node applications in the cloud (AWS).
  • Learn how to build secure, high-performance scalable applications like Right Developers.
  • Lead the NodeJS project by making good architectural decisions and helping other members of your team.
  • Build output-level applications, including REST APIs and GraphQL APIs, using NodeJS
  • Collaborate with real-time SpaceX data and APIs to build NASA's launch system and discover new planets that could include other Life + projects.
  • File Authentication, I / O, Databases (SQL, MongoDB), Quick Frames, Databases and many more important topics that the latest developers need to know
  • Create and use complete MERN applications (MongoDb, Express, React, Node) in production
  • Load balancing, monitoring, CI / CD usage and downtime zero.
  • Become the best 10% contract builder. Learn very advanced topics!
  • Focus on safety best practices throughout the course, so that you are confident in your placement.
  • Get the latest Back Developer and Node JS ecosystem from scratch.


Only basic knowledge of JavaScript
No previous experience with NodeJS required!
You don't need any prior knowledge to prepare the background!


Now 2022 NodeJS released with best practices and trends! Join the live online community of over 600,000 developers and courses taught by industry experts who have worked with Node.js in both Silicon Valley and Toronto.

Using the latest version of Node, this course focuses on performance and makes you a backend or full stack developer. Stop wasting time on vague, outdated and incomplete lessons! Andre's students now work for Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JPMorgan, Facebook and other big companies.

We guarantee that this is the most complete online resource on NodeJS. This project-based course will introduce you to a complete Node JS Developer Toolkit in 2022. Along the way, we'll build a large NASA space launch application using Node.js, Express Framework, RESTful API, GraphQL, and more. . ! This will be the MERN Fullstack app. We will also build several other small projects along the way so you can feel confident in setting up any of your Node.js projects in the future!

All codes will be provided step by step, and even if you do not want to code, you will have access to all the codes for the projects we have created, so that every person enrolled in the course has a portfolio. Have your own project. on the spot.

The program will be very simple because we will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the production version of a professional Node.js project (repaired and saved). We'll start by teaching you the basics of Node and then moving on to new topics so you can make the best construction decisions and tools for any of your future NodeJS projects. The goal is to make you a great developer!

Ultimately, this course will continue to evolve and update as landscape changes. As the node ecosystem develops, we want to keep this course constantly updated with lectures and resources that you can come back to at any time in the future to find the latest node methods.

What this course will cover:

1. Theme

Pay attention to the inside of the knot.

Lebof, fiber, process, cycle of events

Asynchronous programming

Node vs. PHP vs. Python

See design model

Event Announcers

2. Unit system

Required job

Create your own methods

Common JS vs. Common JS ECMAScript modules (ES6)

Unit memory storage

Use index.js.

3. Parcel handling

NPM: Node Package Manager

Create your own packages

NPM package and subscription

Third party units

Node_modules file

Semantic version

package-lock.json and version

Weaknesses depend.

4. I / O Files: Planetary Project

Node Search

Kepler Space Telescope data search

Working with feeds

Move big data files.

Analyze data from our planets

Working with CSV files

Search for habitable planets

5. Web server

What is a web server?

HTTP requests and answers

HTTP API, routing, and parameterized URLs

The same original policy, CORS

Inquiries and answers as flow

6. Express.js

Express vs. Next.js vs. Crow

Road parameters

Model Appearance Control (MVC)

Postman and insomnia.

Approval of development


Example of registering a minor program / writing our secondary program

Express mail orders

MVC on Express

Express router

Comfortable APIs


Sends files.

Location service with node

Normal engine

7. NASA NodeJS Project

Architectural drawings on LucidChart

Marks, publishes, deletes methods.

React.js server applications in Express

CORS middleware

Models vs. Control vs. Routers

Loading first data.

Automate full stack applications with NPM

React front end service (in production)

Record questions with Morgan.

Customer Navigation Application Service

Creating a data access layer

Forward integration, top-down access, bottom-up access

Update our engineering.

8. Test APIs

Device testing vs. API testing vs. UI testing

API node testing with Jest and Supertest

9. Improve joint performance

Example of an application that stops the + event cycle function.

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