Complete Web Development in 2022: Zero to Mastery Level

What can you learn?

  • Capabilities that allow you to apply for positions such as: web developer, software developer, front end developer, javascript developer and full stack developer.
  • Find out what new technology companies are actually using in 2022.
  • Create over 10 real-world web development projects that you can be proud of.
  • Create a professional portfolio website
  • Learn the best ways to write clear, efficient, and error-free code.
  • Learn the basics of advanced web development and modern topics.
  • Work as a freelance web developer.
  • Ability to master basic and advanced JavaScript titles
  • Learn about the best front-end applications for creating React + Redux.
  • Build fully stacked websites and apps
  • Create everything you need to create an advanced image recognition app in the course
  • Become a professional web developer and your services will be contracted.
  • Use NodeJS to write server-side JavaScript.
  • Learn how to implement user authentication.
  • Use Express, MySQL and PostGR MySQL to build full-size applications.
  • Learn the basics of web development.


  • Computer (Windows / Mac / Linux) this is it!
  • No previous coding experience required.
  • All tools and software used in this course will be free of charge.
  • Get ready to learn real life skills and build real web applications that will help you get things done.

Here explained

Now updated for 2022! Become a full-fledged stack programmer by learning on-demand skills! This is one of the fastest growing courses in Udemy in the last 6 months with 10,000 +%. Graduates of this course now work for Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Shopify, JPMorgan, Facebook + and other (... seriously) major tech companies.

Join the live online community of more than 600,000 programmers and courses taught by an industry expert who has already worked as a senior programmer and technology leader in both Silicon Valley and Toronto.

Here’s a lesson in anticipation of becoming a modern web developer in 2022. It covers only a small part of the industry. It includes everything you need to know to work: from zero knowledge to being able to add things to your experience list that will allow you to live the life you want.

Sounds great to be true? Give me 5 minutes to explain why I created this web development course and how it differs from the thousands of other courses available online here:

I update the course every month to make sure you learn the latest skills! There is no time here We will not use older technologies like PHP, Wordpress and JQuery. Although older technologies are still in use, older technologies, as mentioned above, pay less and are less demanding. In this course, you will learn specific technologies that are currently in high demand in the industry. These include tools and technologies used by major technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It is specifically designed for those who want to learn employable skills in 2022.

After completing this course, you will be able to apply for a programmer, get an advertisement, or upgrade your job title as a programmer, and earn a higher salary. We will not take shortcuts in this course. You are about to go from zero to zero: where you will learn how the internet works. Master: You create an image recognition app using the machine learning API (subset of artificial intelligence) and all the other advanced technologies that we can learn in the course. Most of the students commented on how the course plans impressed the interviewers and allowed them to receive offers.

This course teaches business coaches in Silicon Valley, one of Toronto's leading technology companies. I developed a lot of programs and organized teams of developers. I’m not an online marketer or salesperson, but I’m a programmer who has worked directly with these technologies. I like to program and I think there should be a course that teaches life skills (because most of them are taught by inexperienced teachers).

Your time is precious and you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on training. You want a course that describes the best way to become a web developer, in simple and well-defined terms, so that instead of looking at someone on your screen, you can fully understand the topic and know nothing. In addition, I took the best pieces, tools, and tricks I’ve discovered over the years, and reduced everything to this course. A 50-hour video is pointless if the teacher is not busy or is not paying attention to the old topics. I make sure everything about this course is effective and focused to prepare you for work as soon as possible!

We have a growing online chat community, so you really feel part of the class, not just watching videos yourself. You will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded people, collaborate on group projects and collaborate on open source projects. When you have a question, you can ask it in many places and get immediate help (including me).

This course is designed to provide you with employment skills so that you can get a job. This is exactly what a student wrote recently after a course and immediately getting a job:

"I'm a self-taught giant, unemployed for 6 months. I had some family issues that kept me from looking for a permanent job, so I was a mail partner / supplier for a while.
Upon completing this course, I quickly got to where I was before, but with better tools and knowledge to do the next job. I just completed the answer section when I went for a recent interview, and it really helped me. To this day, I am still formally working in this field again, and all is thanks to this course. I had a blast during the final project, and finally SQ

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Hi Greetings! thanks for reaching here, We are so delighted to welcome you on board. Your intelligence and energy make you an asset to your family and love ones.


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