NodeJS + The Complete Guide {MVC - REST APIs - GraphQL - Deno}

what Will learn ?

  • Work with the most needed web development programming languages.
  • Learn the basics of NodeJS and advanced concepts in more detail.
  • Build advanced, fast and scalable server-side web applications with databases like Node JS, MySQL, MongoDB and more.
  • Understand js node ecosystem and build server-provided applications, REST APIs, and GraphQL APIs.
  • Get the full introduction to DenoJS

needs for course:

General information about how the web works is suggested but not required.
Basic JavaScript information is highly recommended but should be taken while continuing the course.
No need for NodeJS knowledge!

please explain.

Join Udemy at the most comprehensive Node.js course and learn how to practice Node in practice!


This course has been updated to include sections on deno.js - plus 30 hours of content on Node.js!


Node.js is probably the most popular and modern server side programming language you can create these days!

Node.js is in high demand among developers and the language is used in traditional web applications, from server side rendering to REST APIs to graphQL APIs and real time web services. Not to mention its applications in creating workflows for projects of all sizes.

This course will teach you everything! Assumes zero with previous previous information. Even if you provide some knowledge, you will be able to quickly find the most interesting course modules for you.

In this course you will learn:

Basic and basic modules of Node.js

Analyze requests and send replies

HTML rendering dynamically (on server)

Using Express.js

Work with files and create PDFs on the server

Upload and download the file.

Use of Model Vision Controller (MVC)

Use and configuration of Node.js with SQL (MySQL)

Use Node.js with NoSQL (MongoDB) and Mongoose

Work with sessions and cookies.

User authentication and verification

Send email

Verify user input.

Data page

Manage payments with Stripe.js.

Creating REST APIs

REST APIs 3 Authentication

Upload the file to REST APIs.

Creating GraphQL APIs

GraphQL APIs 3 validation

Upload the file to GraphQL APIs.

Build a real-time Node.js application with a web socket

Self-testing (unit testing)

Configure the Node.js application.

Using TypeScript with Node.js.

Find deno.js.

And much more!

Does that sound like a lot of content? It definitely is!

This is not a short course but a "complete guide" to Node.js. We discuss a lot of things and can't cover the surface.

We don't go through boring ideas and some slides. Instead, we've created two major projects: an online store (including checkout + payment) and a blog.

All of the course materials and features will be shown and used in these projects so that you can learn about them in real life.

is that you

If you have no experience with Node.js, you will love this course because it starts without knowledge. This is an excellent course for becoming a Node.js developer.

If you enjoy experimenting with Basic Node.js, this course is also a great match as you can pass the basic modules quickly and you will benefit from more advanced food and advanced materials included in the course.

Are you a developer using Node.js? Then check the syllabus. You may not have found another course that shows you how to use SQL with Node.js. Or you may like Graph QL. Chances are, you will get a lot of value from this course!


You don't have to know everything about Node.js!

No programming language knowledge required (other than JavaScript, see next point)

Basic knowledge of JavaScript is assumed - you should at least be prepared to take it as you go through the course. The JS Refresh module is available to help you get instant access to the latest syntax.

Basic knowledge of HTML + CSS helps but is not required.

This course is for everyone:

Beginner or advanced web developers who want to participate in backend (server side) development using node modules
Everyone is interested in creating innovative, scalable, high performance web applications.
Experienced node JS developers who want to see specific features like using GraphQL with Node JS.

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