The Beginner's Guide:- to Artificial Intelligence in Unity

I will learn

  • Character design and programming with the introduction of C#
  • Explain how artificial intelligence is used in computer games.
  • Assign unit assets and AI components to existing projects.
  • Work with a variety of AI technologies to develop the navigation and decision-making capabilities of the NPCs.

Conditions for course:

  • You must be familiar with C# and Unity Game Development Engine.

He explained

Are your unplayed characters lacking motivation and motivation? Are they lazy, stupid and constantly pushing their heads against the wall? So this course is for you. Join Penny as they explain, explain and help build your NPC with Unity using C#. All you need is unity and a good knowledge of C# and the ability to combine two numbers.

In this course, Penny spent 25 years working with games and graphics and authored two award-winning books on AI gaming, using globally recognized learning style and knowledge to create an authentic personal gaming mindset. Generally used for creation. Specifies specific AI technologies. In the meantime, you'll attend workshops designed to teach you the basic AI techniques used in today's games. You get involved because NPCs are programmed to hunt, patrol, shoot, race, rally and more.

Learn to program and work:

Three dimensions



Algorithm A*



Dynamic character


Content and Reviews

The course begins with a detailed examination of vector mathematics, which is central to NPC motion programming. After that, the coordinate system is used to move characters in the pre-screening environment of the UnitV Point Car Racing System using AI-controlled cars. Before applying these principles to the creation of navigation networks and NPCs that make their way into the game environment, we will look at the research on graph theory and A* algorithms. Prior to the event, the entire aquarium will be showcased with self-taught fish, from recreational trails to endangered groups. After looking at the different ways NPCs integrate into the game environment, their reasoning abilities will be thoroughly discussed and further workshops will be conducted using finite state machines and behavior trees.

Subsequent workshops include solutions with courses on raw alliance property files and completed projects. Meanwhile, there are questions and challenging exercises to guide you in improving your learning and reflecting on your newly acquired knowledge.

After completing this course, you will gain a broader understanding of what AI is in games, how it works and how you can use it in your projects. It also provides you with a toolkit to further test all the technology on offer to take your gaming environment to the next level.

What students say about this course:

This was my favorite Udemy-Unity course. It literally took 0% to figure out how to get AI into the game, and it took me to a whole new level. Waypoints, paths, status machines, etc. are all covered in heat, revealing the magic behind creating PC characters (spoiler alert: it's not magic) because they actually make a decision.

My God, I loved the way he taught. I have not yet completed this course. But I can say that this is another excellent course. AI itself is a challenging subject. And before I started this course, I never thought I would understand. But I made a mistake. With this tutorial you will learn how to motivate your characters in a “smart” way. The course is fully taught and the pace is very good.

This course is for everyone:

  • Anyone interested in learning to program their NPCs.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to apply artificial intelligence in computer games.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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