The Complete Git Guide:- Understand & master Git and Git-Hub

The Complete Git Guide:- Understand & master Git and Git-Hub

what did you learn

  • Understand how the gate cover works.
  • Use Git not only in the terminal but also in the GUI of GitHub Desktop, SourceTree and Visual Studio Code.
  • Learn the different components of GIt - notes with blocks, trees, promises and signs
  • Create a Git repository both locally and externally
  • Perform basic and advanced Git operations.
  • Learn how to create and connect your own branches.
  • Learn what a bridge app is and how to create a bridge app on GitHub.
  • Expand public storage with fork technology and pull applications from fork storage.
  • Understand what a semantic version is and how to use Git Tags to create a software version.
  • Learn about advanced gut features - compression, cherry picking, editing, and delete promises.


We’ll start with the key features of Git and move on to new technologies and processes.
Configure Mac, Windows, or Linux / UNIX PCs only. Everything will work
If you are new to the gut, you need to start from the beginning: learn how the gut works and basic function (Gut Aid, Gut Work, Gut Branch).
If you are an advanced gut user, I recommend that you check out the “How the gut works” section and then the previous gut features such as kumara, picking.

He explained

This tutorial is for Git and GitHub.

Learn how git works and learn all aspects of git from basic connectivity to boot and update.

Symbols, trees, symbol symbols, SHA1 hash

If these words are new to you then it will come to you and you will learn about all the information about Git and follow the basic features and features of Git with a lot of training.

Experts for Git, GitHub, GitHub Desktop, SourceTree and Visual Studio Code.

Here are the best tips for Udemy Git and GitHub with lots of functionality. Most importantly, you’ll learn how Git works and how easy it is to use Git features and fix any bugs in your development workflow. You don’t know about Git and GitHub. Everything is learned from the basics, from basic to advanced features. If you want to gain an in -depth knowledge of Git and GitHub, this tutorial is for you!

It begins by examining the internal structure of the Gat warehouse. You will learn that there are 4 types of things in the stomach: bulbs, trees, functions, and interpretation. Each item has a unique SHA1 hash. Everything is also stored in a folder. There is only one reference to each object - SHA1 hash. Files are protected with tokens. The names of the files are stored in another git object called a tree.

I will show you how to create a new git object without using git commit and git support. After creating an intestinal object in the reservoir, you are returned to the play area with the action list (which is before the intestinal flow).

We will go through some training and use various features of Git and GitHub.

In the Exercises section, you will perform multi-bowel activities:

Launch a new Gat database

Make changes and add them to the TV and Room area.

Branch construction, branch price and branch installation

Perform fast publishing and signature integration with 3 directions.

Resolve input conflict.

Go to a different country and try it there.

Re -establish the branches.

You will also learn and follow the various features of GitHub.

Connect with local and remote stores.

Payment, Refund and Return

Request a return

Request for re -enrollment

Add a software version using git symbols.

Make forks out of other wood

Collaborate with public warehouses using field technology and drag orders.

Achieve and define.

You don’t just use the port and command framework to do Git tasks. In parallel, you also use a GUI implementation that explains daily Git operations:

GitHub Desktop

Tree Tree Spring

Visual Studio Code

With this course, you will participate in nearly 200 lectures and a duration of training sessions. After the course, you will become a Git and GitHub instructor and will be able to easily perform basic and advanced Git tasks.

But most importantly, you get to know the gut.

You also get a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Don’t wait and join the course now!

One of these lessons:

You can start as a skilled developer or with years of using Git.
You know how to use Git but you don’t know how Git works.
If you want to know how Git and GitHub work - this tutorial is for you!

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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