The Complete Word-Press Web-site Business Course

What can you learn?

  • Create all kinds of business websites with WordPress to sell to consumers
  • Learn the inner workings of WordPress, fixing, resolving and building websites
  • Install a server and hosting environment in the most economical and secure way.
  • Creating and editing websites in forums and development environments
  • Move and transfer WordPress sites to live streaming and vice versa
  • Get the 3 types of emails you need to support a WordPress website.
  • Sell website maintenance and maintenance plans for happy customers to earn.


  • Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
  • Advanced browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Internet access for some tutorials.
  • You do not need to have any experience with programming languages ​​such as HTML or CSS.

He explained

Please note: The new 2.0 version of this course is now available and ready! (As of March 14, 2022) If you are interested in this course, I recommend you enter the full WordPress Business 2.0 website here and a whole new version on Udemy.

This is one of the best WordPress courses you will find.

"This course is the best course I have ever taken on Udemy! Greg's videos are clear and concise without any fluff. I message him in the survey section and get a response within 12 hours. Can't wait for the end!" - Walter King

There is no better time than this, and it is getting bigger

WordPress has more than 25% of websites worldwide, and there has never been a better time to grow revenue and business around it.

You are here because you want to master WordPress, right? Good idea that you are in the right place. And you can learn without programming or coding.

Although WordPress is open source, thousands of developers are creating resources for it, there is still a lot to be learned from specializing in creating and maintaining a website. This is not just WordPress learning, it requires graphic design, hosting and server management, broken sites or background hack issues, server setup, and a small amount of development around new sites. When updating or maintaining the environment and changes to existing sites.

What a great course! Very friendly and helpful, with a good explanation and much to learn. I'm in the beginning and will give you another review after completing this course. I am sure there is more. There is so much more to learn! ”- Adrienne

Why do I have the right to inform you?

Through this course, I will teach you everything I have learned and learned.
10 years of building, maintaining, migrating and hosting WordPress sites.

"They talk comprehensively and thoroughly without undermining it. As a whole newcomer to WordPress, I'm grateful they made this presentation! It has 3 lessons and it's the best so far." - Jim Rasmussen

My job allows me to work on my schedule, and manage my workplace at home.
No boss or manager, and it gives me unlimited limits on income, income and time freedom.

I'm able to take advantage of the work I already do with WordPress, to create sophisticated, robust and functional websites for all types of clients, without having to learn code or programming.

I hope you reach this wonderful place in your working life. Let's start this course on how you need to grow your income faster.

"[Greg] covers more areas than just offering a regular course, which is a clear reflection of Greg's ability in the content. He covers every aspect of WordPress for a clear and concise understanding of beginners.

Greg is probably one of the best teachers I have ever met at Udemy. Thank you for a very nice and great course. "

- Mohammad Fomi Mahmood Vinodj

Many of my good and wonderful clients come from "old" WordPress sites where the clients are site designers or site developers. Being able to access, restore, repair, redesign and manage WordPress websites gives me a lot of immediate and frequent revenue.

In 20 hours you'll learn how to do it all with easy-to-follow video content, fun lessons and challenges.

During this course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started or improve your WordPress website business.

WordPress ecosystem

"Good and clean! I have to get on the free ladder. Highly recommended." - Shri. Graciano Jose Reyes

It will not surprise you that there are thousands of really talented and creative developers, designers, technicians and people working in the WordPress community. And you find that most of their work is available as an open source resource that enables you to build your business.

Open source philosophy does not mean that anyone makes money. Compare this

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you can join over whats app group ->  FREE COURSES 2022

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