The Python Mega Course 2022:- Build 10 Real|~World Programs

What do you learn

  • Learn how to build real-world applications in Python 3, as a Python programmer.
  • Build desktop database applications, webcam motion detectors, visual dashboards, blog websites, web scrapers and more.
  • Hundreds of interactive reading exercises and practice tips with projects.
  • Create a complete personal website in Python
  • Build a mobile app that improves your mood with positive quotes
  • Create a web application that processes Excel and CSV files.
  • Create a Book Inventory GUI application with a MySQL database background
  • Create a webcam application that records video and tracks moving objects.
  • Create a web scraper that extracts real estate data.
  • Build a modern data visual application
  • Create an application that automatically sends emails.
  • Contact our Python online community and get help when you need it.


  • Computer (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • No previous Python information required.
  • No previous programming experience required.


What about this course?

Python Mega Course is an online course that uses hands-on teaching, which has been very successful with the thousands of students who have taken courses, created their programs and then found a job. With over 50,000+ student reviews and an excellent average rating of 4.6, this learning pack promises to make you a successful Python programmer. The course focuses on learning Python by building real Python programs. That way, you'll learn the language syntax, but most importantly, you'll learn the true skill of designing and building real-life programs.

Can I look for a job after completing this training?

It depends on how you take the course. Just watching the video is not enough. All you need to do is try the code on your computer, modify it, reformat it, correct it, fix the errors, try to create a companion app and ask quiz questions when you get tired. You will be guided through the entire process, so don't worry about getting off track.

I don't know anything about programming. Can I still learn Python?

Yes. This course assumes you have no programming knowledge. When a new programming term appears in lectures, we define it academically first. Then we use them in real-world code examples and reuse them in practice until you learn everything from the heart.

I know the basics. Is this a course for me?

Yes. The first 12 parts of the course cover the basics of Python. The other 27 sections contain Intermediate and Advanced Ask and if you know the basics you can jump right into those sections.

What are the top six applications students make?

The six applications in the course are: (1) the Volcano Web Map Generator, (2) the Object Detector Application, which detects moving objects from your computer's live webcam, (3) the personal website created by Python and Flask, ( 4 ) Book Inventory Desktop GUI with SQL Database Background, GUI (5) Data analysis and visualization dashboard that processes thousands of documents, (6) mobile applications with Android and iOS devices, (7) from multiple web pages. sale, a web application that sends emails, (9) a blogging and translator web application with Django, and (10) a web application that handles Excel files and users. Allows you to download processed files.

What is the content included?

The course is designed to specialize in Python by building ten applications that range from simple to complex. Six applications are carefully presented to students through a combination of videos, programming exercises, quizzes, code notebooks, cheat sheets, and unlimited help from teachers and teaching assistants on course forums. You're invited to join our Discord server to chat with other classmates, participate in code challenges, and get help whenever you need it to make sure you stay informed and motivated.

Can we use apps to build our portfolio?

Yes, you can publish apps to your private or public GitHub account. However, I recommend modifying or adding these to make the app unique and yours. Changing or adding something new can greatly aid learning.

How often is the course updated?

If the video code doesn't work because a new version of Python has been released, or if a new version of the third-party Python package breaks the existing code, the video is immediately updated with the new one.

How much time I need to complete the course?

It is recommended that you watch 30 minutes of video content every day, followed by two hours of free work and movement with videos. The course has 33 hours of video, so it will take you three months to complete as you teach five days a week. If you want to speed up the process, I recommend checking out 1 hour of content, but not much, then 4 hours of freelance work and exercise.

What if I get caught?

You can fill in a questionnaire and the teacher or teaching assistant will answer your questions the same day. Course Discovery Server to ask you questions and chat with fellow students

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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