The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp:- Go from S.Q.L Beginner to Expert

I will learn

  • Create your own database or connect to an existing database.
  • Write complex SQL queries into multiple tables.
  • Build a web application using NodeJS and MySQL
  • Create real-world data and reports with MySQL
  • Use the data to answer questions about business performance or sales.


No database, MySQL or MySQL experience required! Welcome to MySQL Complete Beginners.
You need only one working computer for this course. Welcome to PC, Mac and Linux users.
No previous programming language experience required, but it doesn't hurt :)

He explained

If you want to learn how to get insights from data but are afraid to know where to start the database, then this course is for you. This course is a simple but comprehensive introduction to MySQL, one of the most needed skills in today's business world.

Whether you're working in sales or marketing, running your company, or building your applications, it's important to master MySQL using data insights to answer complex business problems and questions. The Ultimate MySQL boot camp provides you with a solid foundation for an informed and attractive database. Yes, you can now call it the Lord's color.

In this course you will:

Learn more about MySQL syntax and results.

Create reports using sales and user data

Data analysis using the aggregate of functions

Handle complex queries using MySQL Boolean operators and string functions.

Write All Common SQL Joint

Work with big data sets with thousands of entries.

Build the web application using My-SQL and Node-JS

Design and execute complex database plans.

Discover the treacherous world of collecting dates and times.

Clone Photo Sharing Social Network Database Framework

Type javascript code to create duplicate data sets.

A little more

This course is full of exercises, challenges, plans and learning opportunities for you. Apply what you learn to find real-world challenges such as finding unique users of the website, counting high scores, identifying bots on the site, or setting hashtags on the site. But create more attraction. By the way, you will meet my two pet cats, Blue! (She's really good.)

Why Learn MySQL?

In a recent employer survey, MySQL has consistently been ranked among the most needed capabilities and is a great way to boost your income and your professional development. Many companies today use MySQL, including Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Github, Kickstarter, Udemy, Slack and many more. Not sure about the difference between MySQL and MySQL? MySQL is the most popular open source SQL database, so it is a great choice to start your learning journey. We talk a lot about the difference between MySQL and MySQL in this course, but 95% of what you learn about MySQL in this course will be implemented on other databases like Postgres, Oracle & Microsoft SQL Server.

Why is this course different?

This is not a course where you can view the code for 20 hours. This is a course that has a good chance of getting dirty writing code (even within the first 7 minutes of the course).

My teaching experience is embedded in the classroom. I have personally spent many years teaching programming, web development, and databases to boot camp students. This course combines the best online offline courses for you with easy learning in the right environment.

After completing this course, you will be able to chat and query from any MySQL database there. You can easily create reports, answer company performance queries with data, and integrate MySQL into a full range of applications.

So let's do this! Register today and start learning SQL!

This course is for everyone:

Anyone who is interested in learning SQL to help with their current job or find a new role. MySQL is one of the most needed capabilities nowadays.
Someone wants to answer complex business problems and make reports with data.
Business owners, sales people, or people involved in marketing roles who are interested in understanding the company's data better.
Developers who want to build applications using MySQL (such as social networks, e-commerce sites).

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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