Build an app with ASP-NET - Core & Angular from scratch

What you will learn

  • Learn how to build end-to-end web applications with ASPNET Core (v2.1), Entity Framework Core, and Angular (v6).
  • Graduates will gain valuable understanding of Angular and ASPNET cores.
  • Understand how to configure and best practice using the kernel application.
  • Learn how to integrate other features with the Angular app.
  • Use visual studio code to improve your workflow.
  • Use of auto mapper
  • Apply a drag and drop photo booth integrated into the cloud platform.
  • Enter the private messaging system.
  • Filter data, sort and sort pages.
  • Creating awareness at an angle
  • Test using JWT test scores.
  • Manage APIs and SPA bugs.
  • Proceed with the data using the framework core.
  • Timely information and attendance with signal R.


Welcome to experience the world in ASPNET Core and Angular
Interested in learning how to create a full-featured web app
This course has been updated to .Net 6.0 and Angular 12.

Did you learn the basics of ASP.NET Core and Angular? Not sure where to go? This session can help. In this course we will start from scratch and slowly build the API and Coal Front End unless we have a fully functional web application and then deploy it to IIS and Linux servers.

These are currently the two most popular frameworks which are Backend (Microsoft ASP.NET Core) and Front End (Google's Angular) and are worth learning.

In this course, we will build a complete application from start to finish, explaining and explaining each line of code.

This course is very recent using .Net 6.0 and Angular v12 as of November 2021, and as this framework evolves, so will this course.

Read some great reviews of the course:

Jim says, "Great course for building Netcour APIs and working with Angular!"

Daniel says, “This is a complete project-based course using technology with the comprehensive hands-on experience required in today’s market. For those interested in learning the latest technology, the course should be considered.”

Here is some of  things you will learn in this course:

Configure the development environment

Building ASP.NET Core WebAPI and Angular Apps Using DotNet CLI and Angular CLI

Include client-side login and registration functionality in our corner app

Add third-party components to add pizza to the app

Add routing and save routes in corner apps

Using Auto Mapper in ASP.NET Core

Create a beautiful user interface with Bootstrap

Angular adds a nice gallery for viewing with image upload function

Angular model, comment model and validation

Page layout and filter

Add a private messaging system to the app

Add the app to Heroku for free

Use Signal R for real-time presence and direct messaging between users

and many more

The tools you need for this course.

All lessons in this course are delivered using Visual Studio Code, a free (and invaluable) cross-platform code editor. Of course, you can use the code editor of your choice and any operating system, as long as it's Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Is this course something for you?

This course is very practical, about 90%+ lessons you will integrate with me programming in this project. If you are someone who learns a lot, this course is for you.

In this course we will build a sample dataset application from scratch using the .net CLI and Angular CLI to get you started. All you need is a computer to start using your favorite operating system and a hobby of learning to build applications with ASP.NET Core and Angular.

This course is open to all:

ASPNET Core and Angular Beginners who want to learn the practical application of these frameworks to create a robust and functional application.
Students who prefer learning through action rather than theory.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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