Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML & CSS

What did you learn

  • Become a modern and reliable HTML and CSS developer, no prior knowledge required!
  • Plan and create the perfect project for your portfolio from scratch.
  • HTML5 is the latest, up-to-date and accessible version.
  • Advanced CSS (formerly CSS3), including flexbox and grid layout CSS
  • Key CSS concepts such as box modeling, positioning system, legacy, parser selector conflicts, etc.
  • A web design framework with easy-to-use principles and guidelines for designing compelling websites
  • Planning, drawing, designing, building, testing and improving a professional website?
  • Create websites that work on any mobile device (responsive design)
  • How to use common components and layout templates to professionally design and develop websites.
  • Use developer skills such as document reading, debugging, and professional tools.
  • How to find and use free design resources like images, fonts and icons
  • Practice your skills with 10+ challenges (including solutions)


No programming or design experience required.
Any computer - Windows, Mac OS or Linux will work
No need to buy any software - we use the world's best free code editor.


*** The # 1 best selling HTML and CSS course on Udemy! †
*** Fully rebuilt in July 2021 (Video over 35 hours) ***

"After taking other related courses on other platforms, I can say that this course is much more practical and easy to implement than the web design and development courses I have received. - Bernie Pence

Open a new browser tab, type and look around. I'll wait here ...

Amazing, isn't it? Do you know how to create and create such a website? How much is that

Well, I'm here to teach you HTML, CSS, and web design, all step by step in creating the perfect website for who you are.

So after completing this course, you will learn how to create a beautiful, professional, ready-to-use website such as the Omnifood, 7-step process. And it looks great on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

But if you want to create a completely different website? Well no problem! I've created a syllabus for this purpose: to enable you to imagine and build any website, not just copy the course plan.

As a trusted and independent developer who can build their websites in the future, you will learn:

HTML, CSS, Modern Architectural and Semantic Design basics In a small separate project, you will be prepared for the Master Course Project ( Includes Advanced Flex Box and CSS Grid!

Learn how to create beautiful websites, a web design framework that I created specifically for this course. It includes design sections for easy-to-use guides such as typography, colors, graphics, spacing, and more (it's just like a simple course!).

How to use the components and layout of a website to create a professional looking design.

How a website works on any mobile device, without any design and layout (Responsive Design)

How to implement the seven steps of creating a professional website: plan, draw, design, build, test, optimize, and launch

How to find and use free design resources such as images, fonts and icons.

Important developer skills, such as reading documents, debugging code manually and using professional web development tools.

Does this sound like a joke? Then join me and start building more than 200,000 other developers and websites today!

Or you haven't sold yet and would like to know more? No problem, just read ...

[01] Why should you learn HTML and CSS first?

Creating websites allows you to have fun and creative work from anywhere in the world, which pays off well. Web development is one of the most future and most profitable industries in the world. HTML and CSS are the gateway to this world!

But you know everything about it, so you want to learn HTML and CSS as well. Then you have to come the right place.

This is one of the best and most complete courses you can find to begin your web development journey at Udemy. This is a comprehensive package that will teach you nothing about HTML and CSS with the tools and techniques used to create beautiful websites that professional web developers use every day.

[02] Why is this course so unique and popular?

Reason 1: The course depends entirely on the project.

Simple demos are boring and this is why you can learn all about creating real projects! In the final project ( we manually coded a beautiful and responsive landing page for a demo company that I created specifically for the course.

Reason number two: You're not just learning programming.

Coding is great, but that's not all! Therefore, we will go through a complete 7-step process to create and launch our website project.

So the Omnifood Mega Project will teach you realistic skills for building real HTML and CSS websites: how to plan projects and page layouts, how to implement designs with HTML and CSS techniques, write clean and organized code, get good performance. Improve websites to do it faster. And much more.

In addition, this course deals with beautiful design. In fact, this is the only course on the market that focuses on coding and design at the same time.

Reason 3: I am the right teacher for you.

With the right guidance and well-designed curriculum, websites are easy to create and fun to learn. With a random tutorial and a bunch of YouTube videos? Not much And here I come

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you can join over whats app group ->  FREE COURSES 2022

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