Comprehensive Android-App Development Masterclass

what you learned

  • Mastering the Java programming language
  • Build Android mobile apps from scratch
  • Learn Android and MVC development templates when creating Android apps
  • Android development brain with data connection
  • Create multiple Android apps with the latest Android APIs: ROOM, Firebase, Firestore, ML Kit Facial Recognition
  • Learn more about the best Android development methods
  • Learn the design of the Android user interface
  • Download Android Studio IDE and be more productive
  • Learn more about publishing Android apps on Google Play


Basic programming experience is usually helpful, but not required. The course covers everything you need to create Android apps
Ready to work and study


Android app development will open many doors for you because AAndroid is the most popular operating system in the world.

Maybe you have many reasons why you want to learn how to develop Android - maybe you have many ideas for apps, but you don't know where to start? Or maybe it's time to change your career and become interested in Android development? Or maybe you want to be more valuable to your business ... Whatever the reason, you're on the right track to being here!

Build a solid foundation for Android development, Android Studio, and object-oriented Java programming with this complete and updated course. This is Boot Camp Android Development Boot Camp, You Will Ever Need to Learn Android Development from scratch!

In this Bootcamp Android App Development Course, you will:

Build Android apps from scratch using Android Studio and the Java programming language

Carefully read the Java programming language used to create Android applications.

Android building blocks

Create many complete programs from scratch

Learn how to use Android's internal APIs (SharedPreference and SQLite).

End-to-End Android App Design Wizard (Android Material Design)

Android data link

Master new Android APIs such as ROOM Persistance, Firestore Realtime Database and ML Kit - Face Recognition.

Upload your apps to the Google Play Store to reach millions of Android users around the world!

and more...

This is a hands-on course, which means that as you learn, you will create different applications for Android!

The course is designed to enhance your retention of knowledge - through a wide range of practical projects. In each part of the course, you will practice and create something meaningful that will improve your understanding of Android app development. Of course there are exams and assignments as well.

No previous programming experience required!

Do not worry if you do not have an experienced developer. This course is designed for new learners - no advance experience required!

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to work (and also a little patience).

You will learn the basics of Java programming language, such as Java variables, types of variables, relational and logical operators, loops and methods. After you learn the basics of the language, you will continue to learn Java-classes, object-oriented programming concepts in inheriting Java, and creating objects from Java classes.

You will then learn about basic Java data structures that help programmers save and organize program data efficiently and quickly (arrays and array lists).

Suppose you are familiar with Java programming language. In this case, you can always skip ahead to the Android Development Course section that introduces Bootcamp for Android app development. In the Android App Development Course, you focus on creating an Android app from scratch. So you can learn Android concepts like Android Activities, Android basic project structure, Android layouts and XML while working and creating Android apps from scratch!

The goal is to guide you through the entire Android development process from beginning to end, from building simple Android apps to building apps that connect to Firebase (a real-time remote database). These apps recognize faces in photos (MLKit Face Recognition) to learn how to make Android card apps! Along the way, you will learn how to store data in Android (SQLite and Sharedpreferences). You will learn how to use a basic design template called MVC - Model-View-Controller to customize your Android plans. Learn how to use the latest Android libraries and APIs, such as Android ROOM - an alternative way to store Android data! Lastly, you will learn how to use Android snippets to make your apps more versatile and work on devices of different sizes (phones, tablets).

Plus, you'll learn how to play audio (Android SoundPool and Android ExoPlayer) and use your Android class to create shapes on screen - using Android Canvas classes and more!

As you can see, this is the course you need for Android Development in Java - This course is for Android Development Boot Camp, which takes you from zero to hero!

Why should you take this course?

My name is Paolo Dicconi, author of popular online programming courses (with over 100,000 happy and satisfied students).

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