The Complete C# & Object-Oriented Programming Course

What you will learn

  • Installing and working with Visual Studio 2019 (Windows and Mac)
  • Learn the basics of programming with C # 7.2 and C # 8.
  • Understand Iaas, PaaS, SaaS and B servers.
  • Working with the Azure feature
  • Working with names in C # 8
  • Working with new sync streams
  • Understand and work with positioning templates
  • Work professionally with Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Learn lessons and understand the different types of lessons (static, abstract, component, cellular, etc.).
  • Learn about design and marking points and how to use them.
  • There are classes and structures.
  • Learn how to encrypt and decrypt data with C #.
  • Understand heredity, encapsulation, polymorphism and abstraction.
  • Learn what compounds, combinations and associations are.
  • Understand loops (for, forward, sites, etc.).
  • Master a powerful lambda expression.
  • How to rotate stars (change, delete, insert, substrate, etc.).
  • Easy to read and write files with C #.
  • Create your Caesar cipher (encryption and decryption).
  • Learn to make a variety of techniques.
  • The difference between static and non-static methods.
  • How to use repetitive methods.
  • How to use extension methods.
  • Understand the difference between pass-through links and pass-through values.
  • Use optional and designated arguments.
  • Work with rows that include multidisciplinary topics and awareness.
  • Learn modern concepts (multi-trade, rewriting, generics, etc.).
  • Master non-exclusive collections (ArrayLists, Hashtables, Stacks, Rows, etc.).
  • Master General Collections (List , Dictionary , List List , etc.).
  • How to write general classes, methods and proofs.
  • How to easily debug and find errors in your code.
  • Understand how well stacks and wires work.
  • How to handle exceptions (handle exceptions).
  • How to use the word parameters.
  • How to use stopwatch lessons.
  • Understand how old tuples and new tweeps work.
  • How to work with delegates and events.
  • Challenge delegates against direct practice.
  • Work with Func, Action and Predicate representatives.
  • How to use Timer C # 2.
  • Let your program speak with SpeechSynthesizer.
  • Dynamic and variable words and their differences.
  • How to use LINQ (Integrated Language Query)
  • How to check and replace C # version.
  • Understand what synchronous programming is.
  • Understand what asynchronous programming is.
  • The difference between synchronous and asynchronous programming
  • Learn the idea of   multi-threading and create multi-thread programs.
  • Understand deadlines and ways to resolve them.
  • Understand the keywords Lock, Mutex, Monitor and Symphores.
  • How to use, manage and even cancel.
  • How to work with asynchronous and wait for words.
  • Understand what serialization and delirium are and how to use them.
  • How to use functions and create your own functions.
  • Understand the recommendations for the previous processor and how to use them.
  • Understand the composition and the virus.
  • Work efficiently and easily with Visual Studio 2017.
  • Work with competitive operators.
  • Learn how to create variables and change their data types in different ways.
  • Understand how compilers work.
  • Conditional operator (if and switch operator).
  • How to use date time and time span.
  • Understand logical operators.
  • How to use math operators.
  • DLLs (dynamic link libraries), how and why we use them.
  • How to de-compile DLL files.
  • How to protect your DLL files.
  • A new set of switch expressions
  • Change the instructions using the top-like templates
  • Use property templates to match features.
  • Working with a new range operator
  • Using the heat operator.


  • Visual Studio Community (Free Visual Studio Edition)

He explained

C # 8 Update

The next major version of C # is officially released and is C # 8.0. We've been expecting it for quite some time, we've had the opportunity to learn a lot of minor improvements and improvements in C # 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, and I can say that I'm looking forward to the new capabilities included in C #. Microsoft. Passionate about

In Chapter 11, we talk about new features and improvements to C # 8, examples that are easy to follow so you can understand what each feature is.

Hello and welcome to Complete C # and Object-Oriented Programming Courses, the only course you need to learn is C # and Object-Oriented Programming. It's like a series of courses designed to help you learn and use C #. This course is the most comprehensive and effective on the market. This is because:

This course will teach you almost everything you need to know about the powerful C # language.

This course starts off with zero programming experience and you should start with object oriented programming until you get advanced concepts and titles for C # (asynchronous programming, LINQ, collections, collections, reps and more). Do not contact us.

This will help you later to learn any programming language without C # as the course discusses almost every programming concept and of course how to apply it to C #.

You will find more than 200 examples, 30 exercises, 24 tasks and over 150 test questions.

You will learn about new features in C # (7.1 - 7.2 - 7.3 and 8) such as improved templates, external variables, local functions, expression body members, pattern matching, and more.

This course covers various types of encryption and cryptography as well as cryptographic theory.

You will be familiar with Visual Studio and its many features, such as spreadsheets, how to use them, and even how to create a custom quote.

You will learn about real-life contributors, such as convention naming, subtle differences between data types, terminology, programming concepts, and more.

Understand advanced concepts such as multireading, synchronization, and synchronous programming.

Understand the architecture of the .NET Framework and the .NET Framework.

Learn the difference between C # language history and any version of C #.

Learn how to work as a pro.

Other students who take this course say:

"I enjoyed the course. It is comprehensive and covers almost everything you need to know about C # and .NET. Many courses and assignments in the course to strengthen the lesson include, improve the course. Project, but the teacher is sure that in the future there will be another course that will cover it. I would recommend this course to anyone who has C # and would like to learn more about the .NET Framework.

 I gave the course because it was too fast or too technical to understand. However, the course is excellent, the content offered is very simple. Understanding, and even more useful when you are at it - inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism - a good step-by-step course takes you on the test you have learned and includes coding exercises, assignments, and self-test exams. Very friendly and also very quick to answer your questions in a good level of detail I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn C # or learned programming with C # usually as a first language.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a language and needs a video tutorial - with great practice.

"I've done countless C # courses in UDEMY, but I'm always bored or upset. Now this course also has assignments I like. It contains all the topics so it can be closed. Saves me from confusion. Thank you. "

"The course is short and well described. Of course the author knows what he's talking about and he has plenty of experience on such topics. The examples were short enough to illustrate it. It's about every style. The author identifies the issues. Different approaches and solutions. I've never been this kind of explanation before. the course is great.
"Best Course !! The teacher has extensive knowledge of C # and can introduce programming concepts and

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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