Advanced - Javascript

What are you learning?

  • Impress your interviewees with information about the latest JavaScript features.
  • Meet with other javascript candidates confidently.
  • Javascript has passed the first phase of the phone interviews.
  • Get ready to work with complex frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, Svelte or Angular.


Basic knowledge of JavaScript


In just seven hours, you'll learn enough JavaScript to go from senior JavaScript developer to senior JavaScript teacher.

You greatly increase your chances of getting a tech interview, they will get their dream job and earn more money.

If you're like me, you only learned JavaScript by joining in, seeing what works, and doing a thing or two a day.

However, without basic knowledge, you will encounter some annoying issues, find it difficult to enter the key, read and understand the framework and library code, and you will not be considered as a senior developer.

This unique, cutting edge course in JavaScript will teach you through a series of interview questions, along with regular questions to increase your knowledge.

what are you learning

Types and Equations: Different types in JS and how to check if two values ​​are really equal?

Scope: A variable can be declared in different scopes and how those scopes are created.

Destruction and looping: Did you know that there are ways to iterate over JavaScript objects?

This: We have a good list for this word. Understanding the word is essential to becoming a senior JavaScript developer.

Object Orientation: The history of OO ranges from prototype patents in JavaScript to semi-classical patterns/constructors straight to the class architecture introduced in ES6. To properly understand the previous pattern, you need to know the pattern of the current class.

Asynchronous Programming: The power of JavaScript goes with it so you know all about the pros and cons of the callbook, promises, and async/wait.

Advanced topics in networking such as CORS and JSONP.

Event handling covers the latest topics such as the different phases of an event.

Why the interview format?

I know I'm not preparing until I stand in front of an upcoming interview and really make sure I know what I pretend to know.

I know this might be the best way to solve a problem, but what do I know?

JavaScript interviews are designed to deepen your knowledge of a topic, whether you're just transcribing what you're reading or have a good understanding.

It's fun too, and more satisfying than learning something and then passing an exam!

This course is open to all:

Maybe one of your JS developers wanted to change their functionality and wasn't ready to chat, I mean who?
Maybe you've been writing JS for a while and want to get an update on the latest features.
You may have just completed a basic or other intermediate JavaScript course and want to take it to the next level.
About entering the labor market after a career transition
Fresh graduate from university

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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