Angular & NodeJS : - The MEAN Stack Guide [2022 Edition]

what you learned

  • Create real angular apps + node JS
  • Understand how Angle works and how it works with backgrounds.
  • Connect any angular frontend to JS backend node.
  • Use MongoDB to interact with Mangoz data on the backend.
  • Use Express JS as KS framework for contract.
  • Provide the best user experience with upbeat updates.
  • Optimize any angular application (+node JS) by adding error handling


This course updates the concepts behind NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB (with Mongose), but as this course focuses on integrating these technologies with Angular, basic information about them is highly recommended.
It is recommended that you have a beginner's degree, though this course provides a step-by-step refresher and the basic concepts used will be explained in detail.
Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is assumed during this course.
There is no need or need for advanced or specialized knowledge on any of these topics.


You've Made Best-selling Angular Courses - Now This Course Will Help You Take Angular Knowledge To The Next Level!

Learn how to build advanced, scalable, fast web applications with Angular + Node.js + Express + MongoDB.

Angular 1 and NodeJS have worked together with ExpressJS (NodeJS Framework) and MongoDB to create a very popular MEAN group. Now it's time to dig into MEAN 2.0 and replace Angular 1 with Angular 2+.

Take advantage of the many improvements and benefits that Angular offers you: speed, ease of development, high responsiveness, great support for synchronization processes, large-scale capabilities and more!
Combine these benefits with the power of NodeJS + Express + MongoDB backgrounds!

Learn or upgrade the basics of angles!

This course is not an Angular course, but it covers the basic concepts used and the general specifications about Angular in general. However, please note that as this course is not an Angular course, it is recommended that you use additional resources such as my "Angular - Complete Guide" course.

In this course, Maximilian, a specialist web developer and author of several 5-star Udemy courses and a host of "Academind" YouTube programming channels, takes you on an easy journey to create your Angular +. Node JS applications over time.

This course has a hands-on approach which means that the entire course revolves around a large application and various concepts are described in detail as introduced in this application.

In particular, you will learn how to:

Configure your NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + Angular application using Angular CLI.

Use Node JS and Express effectively

Create reusable components in Angular and create an interactive user experience using tools from Angular.

Connect NodeJS backend (or any other language!) To your Angular application through Angular's HttpClient service.

Provide appropriate points on the background so that the front end can be used.

Add advanced features such as file uploads and pages.

Make your app more secure by implementing users, authentication, and permissions

Dealing safely with errors

And much more ...!

This practical concept ensures that you are not grounded in ideology, but you see real-world examples of implementation right away!

Because that's what viewers of my YouTube channel say as well as other course students.

Max has worked hard to create great content and this course was fantastic. Her teaching covers everything from basic to advanced subjects, and her explanation is comprehensive on every topic.

Max has a great passion for professional knowledge and teaching.

Max Angle does a great job of making basic concepts friendly and accessible.

Don't miss out on the basics!

Do you know of any courses that give you the example of "hello world" and then call it quotes? It will not happen to you in this course. Getting started with a basic app and basic functions will help you integrate multiple routes, notes, events, authentication, authorization, error handling and more into your app.
The best part is that you can learn it all by applying it! No walls, no unrealistic small examples of PowerPoint slides - this is the real deal!

Who should take this course?

Basic Node JS / Express and Angular experience is highly recommended.

You should also be familiar with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The knowledge of MongoDB (+ Mongoose) is a plus as MongoDB will be used in this course but will not be explained.

There is no need or obligation of any expert or advanced knowledge on any of these topics.

By the end of this course you will be able to build your fantastic node JS + angular applications!

This course is for anyone:

This course is for anyone who is interested in their current knowledge of Angular and Node JS practice.
If you are familiar with the basics of Angular and Node JS, this course provides step-by-step guides to integrate both technologies.
Anyone interested in creating an integrated modern application
Students who want to practice using their skills in NodeJS and Angola.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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