Apache Spark with Scala: - Hands On with Big Data!

What are you learning?

  • Development of distributed code using the Scala programming language
  • Modify your managed data with SparkSQL, DataSets and DataFrames.
  • Develop important data analytics issues, such as the Apache Spark script
  • Improve spark performance with partitioning, caching, and other technologies
  • Create, publish, and run Spark scripts on Hadoop clusters.
  • Process continuous data streams with Spark Streaming.
  • Rotate the graph structure with Graph X and analyze it.
  • Analyze large data sets with machine learning on Spark.


Requires some prior programming or scripting experience. Scala includes a crash course, but in order to take it you need to know the basics of programming.
You need a desktop computer and an internet connection. This course was designed with Windows in mind, but users familiar with macOS or Linux can use the same tools.
The software required for this course is available for free and I will tell you how to download and install it.


new! Completely updated and re-integrated for a strong focus on Spark 3, IntelliJ, Structured Stream, and DataSet APIs.

Analyzing Big Data is a very important and expensive skill - and this course will teach you the most popular technique in Big Data: Apache Spark. Contributors including Amazon, eBay, NASA JPL, and Yahoo use Spark to quickly build the fault-tolerant Hadoop cluster to extract meaningful data from big data. You will learn the same methods at home with your Windows system. Easier said than done, and you'll learn from a former Amazon engineer and senior manager. IMDB

Spark works best when you use Scala programming languages, and this course includes a crash course in Scala to help you gain momentum. However, for those more familiar with Python, there is also a Python version of this class: "Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python - Hands-on".

Learn and master the art of developing data analysis problems as you raise problems with more than 20 examples, then measure them to work on cloud computing services in this course.

Learn the concepts of data sets, data frameworks, and flexible distributed data sets from Spark.

Take intensive courses in the Scala programming language.

Create and run Spark Jobs faster with Scala, IntelliJ, and SBT.

Repeat or translate complex analysis problems into multi-stage Spark scripts.

Scale large data sets with Amazon's Elastic MapReduce service.

Understand how Hadoop divides YARN Spark into arithmetic groups.

Practice with other Spark technologies such as Spark MySQL, Data Frameworks, Data Sets, Spark Streaming, Machine Learning, and GraphX.

By the end of this course, you will be running code that analyzes gigabytes of pricing information - in the cloud - in minutes.

We'll have some fun along the way. You'll be warmed up by some simple examples of using Spark to analyze movie rating data and text in a book. Once you master the basics, we'll move on to some of the more complex and interesting tasks. We will use 1 Million movie reviews to find similar movies, in the process you can discover some new movies you might like! We analyze the social graph of superheroes, find out who is the most famous "superhero" - and create a system to detect the "degree of separation" between superheroes. Are all Marvel superheroes within a few dozen spiders? You get the answer.

This course is very simple. You'll spend most of your time tracking teachers as we write, analyze, and collect the original code - both on our system and in the cloud, using Amazon Elastic MapReduce. It has more than 8 hours of video content, with more than 20 real life examples of increased complexity for you to create, play and read. Review them at your own pace and on your schedule. This course looks at other great technologies on Spark, including Spark MySQL, Spark Streaming, and graphics.

Register now and enjoy the course!

I studied Spark for the first time with Frank's Apache Spark 2 course with Scala - Hands-on with Big Data! Learn about the main examples of Scala applications. I understand all relevant concepts of Spark, RDDs, Data Frameworks, Datasets, Spark Streaming, and AWS EMR. I've continued to work with Spark ever since. I would recommend any course because it simplifies concepts, easy teaching method, etc.! - Joey Fahrenheit

This course is open to all:

Software engineers are looking to improve their capabilities in groups in the world of big data processing
If you have no prior programming or scripting experience, you can take an introductory programming course first.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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