Beginner to Pro in Excel:- Financial Modeling and Valuation

What are you learning?

  • Specialize in Microsoft Excel and its many advanced features
  • One of the best Excel users on your team.
  • Get things faster than usual.
  • Retrieving and producing loss data from raw data mining
  • Learn the skills of financial modeling.
  • Find out how much a company is worth.
  • Creating diagnostic models from scratch
  • Models with multiple scenarios
  • Create a modern, professional and elegant layout.
  • Become an expert user who can work with Excel functions, pivot tables, visualization and advanced features.


Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2016, or Microsoft Excel 2020
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** Updated May 2022! †

Do you want to learn how to use Excel in a real business environment?

Are you about to graduate from university and start looking for your first job?

Are you looking for a young professional to put you in your new position?

Want your team to talk about financial modeling in Excel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the way for you!

Join over 170,000 successful students taking this course!

Your instructor has extensive experience in financial modeling:

He worked in the financial advisory department in a high-quality consulting firm.

Experience of M&A transactions in the UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland

I worked in the field of integration and acquisition of a large multinational company.

Being a financial advisor in various M&A forests from €2 million to €5 billion

Work on operating costs, salary analysis, risk analysis, bankruptcy procedures, cash flow analysis, and more.

Learn the ins and outs of financial modeling from someone who has followed the same path. Break the learning curve and get away from your classmates on this course today.

 A Comprehensive Guide to Financial Modeling in Excel:

Become an Excel expert.

Learn how to create financial models in Excel.

Research on corporate pricing mechanisms.

Learn how to create professionally formatted files.

Demonstrate advanced Excel skills at work.

Get ready for your first day of investing in banking, financial advisory, corporate finance or advisory.

What we offer:

Well-designed and easy-to-understand content

Detailed description of the case study based on the real situation

Downloadable course materials

Regular session updates

Professional 1:1 ratio charting examples are used by major banks and consulting firms.

Practical Examples (Step by Step)

By completing this course you will:

Able to work seamlessly with Microsoft Excel and many advanced features.

One of the best Excel users on your team

Start with routine tasks.

Able to generate profit and loss data by extracting raw data

Able to create cash flow statements

Learn how to evaluate a business.

Able to create a valuable model from scratch

Learn modeling with multiple scenarios.

Learn how to create professional and good looking advanced charts.

Learn Excel skills: You will learn modern work, pivot tables, visual and Excel functions.

About the course:

Udemy Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - because we believe in the quality of our content.

It does not take much prior experience to properly understand the course and benefit from its content.

Lifetime unlimited access to all course materials

Emphasis on learning by doing

For any clarification you can contact us free of charge.

Our goal is to take your skills in Microsoft Excel and financial modeling to the next level.

Make the investment that will give you the highest reward for your career prospects, positive feedback, and personal growth.

This course is suitable for graduates who wish to become investment bankers as it contains a well-structured model of DCF and is subject to the theoretical concepts behind it. In addition, it will encourage you to feel more confident in performing daily tasks and when the company has to decide whether or not to take on a full-time position.

People who have a basic understanding of Excel will significantly improve their Excel skills during the course.

Go ahead and join this course today! If you no longer possess these skills, your chances of winning other candidates will increase. Do not risk your future success! Now let's start this wonderful journey!

This course is open to all:

Graduate students of investment banker, financial advisor, advisor, etc.
Business and finance professionals looking to improve their skills in Excel and financial modeling.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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