Complete Machine Learning and Data Science Bootcamp 2022

What did you learn

  • Become a data scientist and get a job.
  • Specializes in machine learning and its use in the workplace.
  • Deep learning, translational learning and neural networks using the latest Tensorflow 2.0
  • Use the latest tools used by big tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.
  • Ongoing data science projects for management and stakeholders
  • Find out which machine learning model to choose for each type of problem.
  • Real world case studies and plans to understand how things work in the real world.
  • Learn best practices for data science workflows.
  • Application of machine learning algorithms.
  • Learn Python programming with the latest version of Python 3.
  • How to improve your machine learning model
  • Before processing data, learn about clear data and how to analyze big data.
  • Create a portfolio for your resume
  • Set up a development environment for data science and machine learning
  • Supervised and unregulated education
  • Machine learning using time series data
  • Explore large data sets using visual tools like Matplotlib and Seaborn.
  • Find large data sets and collate data with pandas.
  • Learn NumPy and how to use it in machine learning.
  • Data science package and machine learning plan, comes with all the code and notebooks for entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • Learn how to use the popular Scikit-Learn library in your projects.
  • Learn more about data engineering and how tools like Hodop, Spark, and Kafka are used in industry.
  • Learn how classification and regression modeling are done.
  • Learn how to apply transfer learning.


No previous experience (though math and statistics) is required. We'll start with the easiest.
A computer (Linux / Windows / Mac) is connected to the Internet.
There are two ways for those who don't know programming and those who don't.
All of the tools used in this course are free to use.


Here's a best-selling machine learning and data science course with the latest trends and skills for this month 2022! Become a complete data scientist and machine learning engineer! Join the live online community of more than 600,000 engineers and take courses taught by industry experts who already work for large companies such as Silicon Valley and Toronto. Andrea's students now work for Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JPMorgan, Facebook and other major technology companies. Master Zero!

Learn data science and machine learning from scratch, get started and enjoy the latest data science courses at Udemy (we use the latest versions of Python, Tensorflow 2.0 and other libraries). This course focuses on performance: Never again waste time on vague, outdated and incomplete machine learning lessons. We believe this is the most comprehensive and advanced course you will find anywhere on this topic (many pronunciation, we know).

This comprehensive project will introduce you to all the latest data scientist skills and at the same time we will create many real-world plans to include in your portfolio. You can access all your code, workbooks, and templates on Github (Jupyter Notebooks), so you can add them to your portfolio right away! We think this course is one of the biggest challenges in entering the field of data science and machine learning: getting all the necessary resources and learning the latest trends and job skills in one place.

The curriculum will be simple as we guide you from the beginning to the end of becoming a professional engineer in machine learning and data science. The course consists of two routes. If you are already familiar with programming, you can enroll in it and give it a part where we can teach you lessons from the beginning. If you are new, we will take you from the beginning and teach you the language of Python and how to use it for your projects in the real world. Don't worry, after learning the basics like Machine Learning 101 and Python, we'll move on to more advanced topics like neural networking, deep learning, and transfer learning so you can practice in real life and get ready for the real world. (We show you complete data science and machine learning projects and give you programming resources and chat sheets)!

The topics covered in this course are:

Find and view data

Neurological networks and deep learning

Model evaluation and analysis

- Step 3

- Flow Tensor 2.0

- Paralysis

- Learn to skate

Projects and workflow projects in data science and machine learning

Data visualization in routes with MatPlotLib and Seaborn

- Learn how to move.

Image recognition and rating.

Training / testing and cross-validation

Guided Learning: Rating, Registration, and Time Series

- Random decision trees and forests

- Learning team

- Hyper Navigation setting

- Use the Panda data frame to perform complex tasks.

- Use panda to process CSV files.

Deep learning / neural network with Tensor Flow 2.0 and CARS

- Use KGL and participate in machine learning competitions.

- How to present your results and impress your boss.

How to clean & prepare your data for analysis.

- Neighborhoods near K.

- Supports transmission.

Regression analysis (line regression / multiple regression).

- How to use Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka and Apache Flink.

- Organize your environment with Canada, Mini Canada and Japanese notebooks.

Use the GPU with Google Colab

At the end of this course, you will become a fully qualified data scientist who can be hired at major companies. We use the lessons we learn in the course to create truly professional projects such as heart disease identification, bulldozer cost forecasts, dog breed image classification and more. Finally, you will have a set of plans that you have created that you can be proud of in front of others.

Here's the truth: Many courses teach you data science and that's what they do. They show you how to get started. But the thing is, you don't know where to go or how to start your own business. Or they show a lot of code and math.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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