GitHub Ultimate:- Master Git and GitHub - Beginner to Expert

what you learned

  • Learn basic concepts in Git source operating systems.
  • Walk through the entire Git workflow
  • Compare the different states in the gut.
  • Organize files in and out of Git and GitHub control.
  • Create and manage archives on Github
  • Establish branches and resolve disputes with confidence.
  • Save work in progress with Stash
  • Marking events for brands and editions.
  • Spend some time moving between Gate Depots and Gate Hub
  • Do many of the same native Git operations directly on GitHub.
  • Join Forking and contribute through other GitHub projects using pull requests.
  • View and accept bridging requests from others.
  • Share the code with your Gists.
  • Manage project bugs or add-on requests with GitHub issues.
  • Stock groups associated with Github organizations.


  • Basic Computer Competencies
  • Ability to install programs on your computer
  • Administrator privileges will be required to install the software.


This course fully integrates the GitHub hosting of the Gate Source Controller, meaning that no prior knowledge or experience is needed. Students will eventually come to Git and GitHub with a very strong understanding and experience.

Course ordering

The course is divided into four main sections:

Introduction and Preparation

Learn gate control source.

All About Gitob


Each of the above sections contains several sections of this course.

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An introduction

An introductory course is welcome, which includes some tips on how to get the most out of a course and how to organize a course. Then, before diving right into the gut, the basic concepts cover some important ideas.

After the introduction and basic concepts, our first task is a quick installation of both Windows and Mac. The Rewards section is a step-by-step process for those who prefer it.

Learn gate control source.

Basically, we go through all the basic steps required to start a new project through commit under Git Management (or enabling Git for an existing project), including the transfer of normal files and the deletion of files. We also discuss how to avoid creating invalid files and view your storage history.

With a solid foundation, we will explore some of the latest topics of Gat, such as comparing differences, integrating branding and resolution, tagging special events, saving ongoing work, and even short-term travel.

All About Gitob

Much of this course is about GitHub. We will examine the depth of view from a source controlled hosting repository.

Welcome to GitHub, let's begin by creating a new repository by exploring some of GitHub's key features and adding it to your local repository. Then, we will set up the SSH certification and prepare for the rest of the course, which we will now use. Then, we continue to search the GitHub repository, which includes many of the same operations we did locally, but directly in GitHub. Next, in the GitHub Repository branches, we will see how the GitHub branches and our local systems.

After discussing how GitHub repositories work perfectly, let's take a look at how GitHub tags and versions work and how they are associated with local tags in Git. We can then use the tag / version on GitHub to compare the differences.

We start collecting items in social coding as we get involved with other projects on GitHub and then re-submit our portion using bridge requests.

Once you become part of a team, you can use GitHub to track issues or make improvement requests.

Sometimes you need to share small portions of a file or group of files, but you don't want to be bothered by the whole gateway repository. This is where GitHub Gists helps - just share a piece of code or the entire file.

Finally, group GitHub repositories associated with GitHub organizations and manage permissions and access with teams.


The Bonus and Lecture section provides additional information, more in-depth instruction, or non-financial reading.

Course Features

All tools have installation and installation components to ensure that no one is left behind.
The presentation provides audio / visual training of conceptual ideas. Because some slides are like slideshows, slide shows are kept to a minimum.

The screenshots provide a video of the teacher's computer system showing all the processes, commands, or screens shown and recorded. There is about 5 hours of screencast video training so that every command or process can be viewed in great detail.

All videos are available in 1080p / Full HD quality for fast and clean playback on modern desktops and tablets.

The attached and lectures on various documents throughout the course provide additional information, illustrations, or other references.

moving forward

This course will be extended over time with additional topics, supporting content and additional content! Some content can be a direct answer to a student's opinion or discussion - so join the course discussion feature!

This course is for anyone:

Anyone interested in using the resources

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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