Learn and Understand NodeJS

what you learned

  • Explain below how NodeJS works.
  • Understand JavaScript and the technical concepts behind Node JS.
  • Configure the node application in modules.
  • Understand and use the event scale.
  • Understand barriers, rivers, and pipes.
  • Create a web server in node and understand how it works.
  • Use npm and manage contract packages.
  • Create web applications and APIs more easily with Express
  • Connect the MySQL or Mongo database to the node.
  • Understand how the MEAN stack works.
  • Provide the codec that describes NodeJS, because you know it better than anyone else.


  • JavaScript Basic (variants, loops and basic functions)
  • HTML basic information
  • Word processor


NodeJS is a fast growing web server technology and one of the highest paid node developers in the industry. Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with NodeJS will do your job well or will help you build powerful, high quality web applications by improving your existing work.

In this course, you will gain insights into Node, below understanding how NodeJS works and how this knowledge will help you avoid common errors and dramatically improve your debugging ability.

In this course we will see how V8 JavaScript's C ++ engine works and how Node JS uses it to enhance JavaScript capabilities. You will learn how to reuse your code and understand, configure, integrate models, and understand how models really work.

You will learn how non-compliant code works in node and node event loops, and how to use event transmitters, streams, buffers, pipes, and files. We will see how to build this into a web server node.

We integrate Express into websites, web apps and APIs and learn how Express can save our time as node developers.

You'll also get insights on npm, database connections and MEAN stacks!

Through all of this, you will learn a lot about other computer science concepts like JavaScript and PowerNode.

Node JS is not difficult to learn. One of the biggest mistakes most programming classes make is copying other people's code to learn something. Real world situations don't look like lessons.

I think the best way to learn is to understand how the tool works and what it does for you, look at the example and then try it yourself. This course is designed to help you learn and understand NodeJS.

Please note: In this course you will also find the download source code. You often get the "initial" code, which gives you the basis to start writing your code, and the "final" code to compare your code.

This course is for everyone:

People who want to make a career as a node JS developer.
People who want to be a MEAN Stack Developer.
Those who have no experience in server technology, but want to acquire this skill.
People who come from other server technologies (like PHP, ASP.NET or Ruby on Rails) and want to learn nodes.
People who want to write client and server code in only one language: JavaScript
Who express. Want to understand

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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