React Native:- Advanced Concepts

what did you learn

  • Build powerful apps using expert-level features in React Native
  • Create amazingly simple and effective animations
  • Create new React Native apps with Expo
  • Understand advanced navigation options for new React Native apps.
  • Add logic to your Firebase backend with Google Cloud Functions.
  • Update your users with cross-platform push notifications.
  • Manage your customers with our offline redirect versions.


React Native Basics


Note: This course assumes that you are an expert in the basics of React Native. Check out my course "The Complete React Native and Redux", this is the complete setup!

Go beyond the basics of the actual reaction! This course will teach you the latest topics you need to create the # 1 selling app.

Push information? You will learn it. Deep animation? Included data transmission offline? Definitely!


What do you make

All my courses are "Learning By Doing": no unlimited boring lectures with PowerPoint, just live and interview examples of programming. In this course, we will create three separate applications of increasing complexity, each explaining the different features of React Native. Putting each concept into a real app gives you a better idea of ​​when to use each unique and powerful feature.

1) Build a Tinder-esque drag deck. Yes, the classic piece of animation! We've created a huge stack of beautiful cards that users can swipe to the right of the screen to "like" something, or "left" to dislike something. This warm-up will teach you how to translate touch inputs through the PanResponder system, connect objects to the animation unit, and change the addition of animation values ​​through the interpolation system.

2) Immerse yourself in the background once you confirm your password. Have you ever been asked to sign in with a text message sent? A one-time password is a new verification chain that uses a user's phone number as their unique identifier. While preserving our business logic in Firebase's new Google Cloud Performance, we will use the Twilio API text to verify user identity.

3) Your job search application. Tender for work! This app is 100% complete! We'll create an app with a new Welcome Screen tutorial for our new users, Facebook Verification, and Map Components. Users are presented with a list of preferred or disliked jobs based on their location using Indeed's Job API, then go ahead and apply for their selected jobs.

Supports both OSX and Windows - Build on iOS or Android!


Here's what we can learn:

Learn the theory and practice of implementing complex mobility systems.
Launch your app with the new Expo platform.
Reach out to your users using React Navigation.
Engage users with automatic push notifications.
Improve the verification flow in your app with OTPs with Twilio
Increase the credibility of your application by keeping the data offline.
Teach users how to use your app with Welcome Guides.
Verify your users with Facebook OAuth.
Bypass mobile frontend with Google Cloud Functionality: Add custom logic to Firebase background.
Describe users with multi-platform MapView components.

I created the course I wanted to study when I learned React Native. A course that explains concepts and how to best apply them for you to learn and understand.

This course is for everyone:

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of modern response.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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