Statistics for Data Science & Business Analysis

what you learned

  • Understand the basics of statistics.
  • Learn how to work with different types of data.
  • How to create different types of data.
  • Count the main trend phases, imbalances and variables.
  • Computer relations and coordination
  • Work with different types of distribution and distribution.
  • Set confidence intervals.
  • Test the concept.
  • Make good data decisions.
  • Understand the mechanics of regression analysis.
  • Perform a regression analysis.
  • Use and understand dummy variables.
  • Understand the concepts needed for data science, even with Python and R!


Of course experience is not required. We start with the basics and gradually increase your knowledge. Everything is in the course.
Desire to learn and practice


Do you want to work as a Marketing Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst or Data Scientist?

And do you want to acquire the skills required for the job?

Then you have come to the right place!

Data science statistics and business analytics are here for you! (Including templates in Excel)

This is where you started. This is a great start!

At any given time, you will gain the necessary skills that enable you to understand complex statistical analyzes that apply directly to real-life situations. We have created a tutorial that:

Easy to understand


my work

To a certain extent, to a certain extent

Full of exercises and tools.

Based on data

Familiarize yourself with scientific terms.

Teach you about data visualization.

Shows you the basic principles of quantitative research.

It's no secret that many of these topics are explained online. Thousands of times. However, it is impossible to find a systematic program that will give you insight into how some statistical tests are commonly used. Advanced software packages and programming languages   automate most of these activities, but this course gives you something more valuable: Critical Thinking Skills. Computer and programming languages   are like planes in the ocean. These are the best boats that will take you to your destination, but it is up to you, the data scientist or BI analyst, to navigate through them and point them in the right direction.

Teaching is our passion.

We've been working full time for months to design the best possible statistical course that will give you the most value. We want you to succeed, which is why this course is going to be included. High quality animations, excellent course materials, FAQs, handouts and course notes as well as a glossary of all new terms are just a few of the benefits you learn by subscribing.

What makes this course different from other statistics courses?

High quality output - HD videos and animations (these are not boring lectures!)

Knowledge Coach (an experienced mathematician and statistician who has competed internationally)

Complete Training - We cover all the important statistical topics and skills you need to become a Marketing Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

A comprehensive case study that will help you reinforce everything you have learned.

Best Support - If you do not understand an idea or just want to leave a message, you will receive a response within 1 business day.

Dynamic - We don't want to waste your time! The coach sets the pace very well throughout the course.

Why do you need these skills?

Salary / Income - Careers in data science are one of the most popular in the corporate world today. As more and more companies begin to realize the benefits of working with data, this trend will continue to grow.

Promotions - Understanding statistics helps your business ideas with context proof, an easy way to advance your career

A secure future - as we mentioned, the demand for people who can understand and interpret numbers and data is growing rapidly. You probably know the number of jobs that will be automated, right? Well, careers in data science are those that are automatic, not automatic.

Growing up - it's not a boring job. Each day you will face different challenges that will test your current abilities and teach you something new.

Please note that this course comes with a 30 day unconditional refund guarantee from Udemy. And why such a guarantee is not given? We are sure that this course will be very useful for you.

Click 'Buy Now' and let's start learning together today!

This course is for everyone:

  • People who want to get a job in data science.
  • People who want be a career in business intelligence.
  • Business analyst
  • Merchant
  • People interested in data and quantitative analysis
  • Anyone who wants to learn better statistics about statistics and how it is used in the business world.
  • People who want to learn statistics.
  • People who want to learn the basics of statistics.

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you can join over whats app group ->  FREE COURSES 2022

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