The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer - Course

What are you learning?

  • Learn how to quickly convert prototype ideas and convert them into workable applications.
  • Become a Professional Web Application Developer
  • Become a Professional Ruby at Rail Developer
  • Build and build almost any web application you can imagine.
  • Apply for a job in software companies as a Ruby Online Rail Developer!


The latest browser and Internet connection
No prior programming or experience in web application development is required.


Current use for Rails 6 - the latest version of the Ruby on Rails system.

Average wage for Ruby On Rails website creators by city in January 2020 (according to Glasdor):

New York - $ 95,000 per year, Boston - $ 97,000 per year, San Francisco - 100,719 per year

Need more reasons "Why Ruby Rail?"

Since its introduction, Ruby on Rails has grown rapidly and become a popular and powerful web application development tool for beginning and mature software companies. Some of the best sites in the world like Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, Yellow Pages and many more to get you started with Ruby Online Rail! Despite this spread, most of the files are still in use! Online Ruby creators are demanding higher wages in the tech industry!

The full sapphires in the creator’s path are:

The first Internet development course with Ruby on Rail on Udemy. 64,000+ students scored 9,500, 57% of them five stars!

#1 best seller on Ruby Online Rail since its inception

This is the only tutorial you need to learn how to build something from a simple website application to a complex, scalable and ready for production.

This course includes 5 applications in the Ruby programming language, Rails 6 with Alpha Blog and Finance Tracker, Rails 5 with MessageMe and University applications, and an update to the SAAS Reels 6 application!

The Complete Ruby Online Rail Developer Course provides a complete introduction to web software development using the most popular Ruby Online Rail system. This tutorial is done with an exciting 40-hour video lecture and a follow-up text lecture with instructions, references and code:

Take students who do not have advanced programming or experience in web software development to web software developers who are experts in Ruby on Rails.

Help students with previous experience in Ruby Online Rail or Web Development enter the industry, help them learn the evolutionary process with Rail and develop complex software to meet their needs.

Give professionals and students a way to turn Ruby on Rails into a back-end development system of their choice, so they can build powerful web applications and feed their ideas. Public conference room

Existing Internet applications in the course (6):

Part 4-7: Alpha Blog-CRUD Features, Multiple Sources, Customized validation system from Scratch, Front End with Bootstrap, One of many, Multiple Links in DB Layer, Product Method! Compatible with Rails 4 and 5 (with stock for each version). Built on 6 rails (with 4, 5, 6).

Part 8: MessageMe is a real -time messaging application that includes an ActionCable, uses the WebSocket protocol, and a semantic interface. Built on 5 tracks!

Part 9: Social Financial Monitoring App-Learn how to use tools for authentication, producers, search forms, Ajax, JavaScript, search functionality, use of external APIs, secure authentication management, and faster prototyping. Built on 6 rails.

Part 10: Image implementation - Using production email verification, basic functionality improvements, push with Stripe API, and file storage with AWS S3 container.

Part 11: SaaS Project Management Implementation-Multiple Tenants, Distributions, Multiple Teams, In-Team Email Invitations, Limited Payments to Improve Device Performance and Payments and much more!

Part 12: College Applications (Bonus) - Introductory Applications (Possible Teaching Applications) - Friendly first, with the rules of alpha notation, but uses the front -end MaterializeCSS system instead of Bootstrap and runs on ' that. verify it Made on rail 5.

Ruby on Rails - Introduced 15 Years ago - A system that people are just starting out with because it allows for rapid development - system maintenance and security - a complex and dirty business idea in the short term to keep them alive.

This tutorial provides a well -structured way to learn the path, beginning

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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