Understanding TypeScript :- 2022 Edition

What are you learning?

  • Use TypeScript and its features like typing, ES6 support, classes, models, interfaces and more in all their projects.
  • Understand what TypeScript really is and how it works.
  • Why TypeScript offers real benefits over vanilla JavaScript.
  • Learn about TypeScript in theory and apply them to real-world use cases and projects.
  • Learn how to integrate TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript is required, although you don't have to be an expert.
  • No written script experience is required.
  • Knowledge of ES6 is a plus, but not a requirement.


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Learn what scripting means as it is indeed a powerful addition to JavaScript, what its features are and how to use it! Find out why TypeScript is great, how it improves your Javascript code, and how it helps you avoid bugs and annoying bugs!

This course takes you from the most basic and most important function (writing!) to the point where you can use TypeScript in all your projects. ReactJS project included!

Since TypeScript was developed by Microsoft and widely advertised and used by Angular 2+ (Google) and other popular libraries, it's here to stay. In fact, TypeScript is one of the most popular web development languages ​​you can learn today!

Get in charge today and join a really smart typewriter!

Learn how to use TypeScript to bring advanced JS functions such as architecture, pneumatic functions or classes into any environment and codebase - even if it still doesn't support these functions! Understand which types you can use and how to make your own. Learn how to write better code types with typing and the many features a script has to offer!

But in this course we don't stop after the basics! You will also learn more advanced functions (such as decoration) and how to configure a workflow using a script. This includes a text-only workflow and a web-package workflow.

You will also learn that you are not limited to angular or simple JavaScript/TypeScript projects. Instead, the full module covers using TypeScript with ReactJS and customizing your React code with TypeScript.

Follow what you have learned!

Watching videos is a great way to learn. And for many students, it's the best way to go. If you also want to practice what you can learn, this course offers you more. Because this course comes with tons of exercises (and of course solutions of course) and high quality educational videos.

Lots of content!

I'm not a fan of courses that teach you the basics and then leave you alone. Instead, this course will provide you with an understanding of:

Types and how to use them.

How the TypeScript Compiler Works (and How to Configure It)

Features of ES6 with TypeScript

Categories in TypeScript

Namespaces and Modules

user environment



How to integrate third-party JavaScript libraries into written JavaScript projects.

How to configure a TypeScript project using webpack.

Or how to configure a simple typewriter workflow.

Using TypeScript with ReactJS

Using TypeScript with Node/Express.

Realistic project and use of things!

And much more!

This course is open to everyone:

This course is for any student looking to broaden their horizons beyond vanilla JavaScript.
Anyone learning Angular should understand how typing works.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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