Vue: - The Complete Guide incl. Router & Composition API

What you learned:

  • Create great Vue.js applications - from small to simple to business level
  • Understand the idea behind Vue.js and use it on real projects.
  • Take advantage of Vue.js in multi-page and single-page applications (MPAs and SPAs).
  • Learn about the latest versions of Vue (Vue 3), including the all-new Composition API


Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required.
Knowledge of ES6 is a plus but not necessary.
Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS should be learned throughout the course.


Join this best-selling Vue course to learn how to use the latest version of VueJS to build sophisticated, sophisticated web applications!

It doesn't matter what metrics you see (Google Trends, GitHub Stars, Twitter ...) - VueJS is a shooting star in the world of JavaScript framework - it's just terrific!

This excellent sailing course introduces the latest version of Vue (Vue.js 3) above ground and in more detail. We will cover all the basics but will not exclude them - this course also includes innovative concepts like the Composition API introduced with Vue 3.

Frontend frameworks like Vue JS are very popular because they provide us with an interactive and powerful user experience that we know about mobile apps - but now in browsers! Not surprisingly, jobs that require front-end framework skills like VueJS are the highest paid jobs in the industry!

As you may know, both Angular 2+ and ReactJS frameworks combine the best VueJS, and create anything from small gadgets to large enterprise level applications, it's all very simple and fun. Chat lounge

And if you don't know which of the two frameworks is mentioned: That's right, this course doesn't expect any other front-end framework information - you'll learn it all during this course!

This course covers them all!

We'll start with the basics, what Vue.js is, and how it works before we get into more complex and sophisticated topics, but I'll tell you the truth: it's too much to fit into one sentence. If so, this is what you will learn in this course:

What is VueJS and why do you use it?

Basics (including basic syntax, intuitive templates, and more!)

How to opt out of interactive data and why events happen.

DOM handling (display list, conditional attaching / disconnecting ...)

Create a development environment and workflow

Which ingredients to use (and which ingredients to start with)

A dirty look behind the scenes

Forms must be submitted.

Send Http requests to backend APIs.

Authentication and Vue

How to make your app more beautiful with animations and transactions

How To Build A Great Single Page App (SPA) Using Instructions

How To Improve Case Management With Vuex

How to publish a request.

And more ...

All of these topics are taught with real examples and demo projects. This course is full of exercises, challenges, and best course plans that allow you to apply what you have learned.

As with many other small projects, we create two large projects:

"Monster Slider" - Browser game, 100% supported Vue

Learning Resource Manager - a web application that allows you to manage add, delete, list your favorite learning resources.

"Search Coach" application - a web application that allows you to register / log in, register as a coach, list and filter available coaches, and send messages to coaches.

Is this your case?

Now that you know what this course is for, let's see if this course is right for you!

There are three types of students who would like this course:

Student No. 1:

He has some experience with JavaScript and is interested in what this language can do. I have read and why JavaScript allows you to build a good web application and improve existing web pages. VueJS is your choice!

Student No. 2:

You already have a some experience with other front end frameworks like Angular (2+) or ReactJS. But out of interest or frustration with the current framework, you are looking for some alternative - VueJS may be exactly what you are looking for!

Student No. 3:

He has experience in background frameworks / languages   but now he wants to enter the frontier world as well. VueJS is a great option here, it's fun, it uses native JS and it's very powerful!

Award: Student No. 4

Disappointed with Angular 2+. Does it take two hours to make a good tire? No, not at all - as VueJS will prove to this student!

Let's get to VueJS now!

This course is for everyone:

This course is for anyone interested in front end development and large JavaScript framework.
This course is for you if you want to create working interview applications in browser.
This course is also for students who prefer the local JavaScript framework which makes it easy to get started with Angular 2.
Not satisfied with Angle 2? VueJS for you!

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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