Data Analysis Essentials Using - Excel

what you learned

  • Use key Excel features and techniques to analyze with confidence.
  • Use the correct chart in Excel.
  • Apply the analysis method to data sets in Excel.
  • Create and create data sets in Excel.
  • Create a dashboard for your Excel presentation
  • Create your own formulas in Excel
  • Turn real-world data into business insights in Excel.


You must be able to use the entry-level PC or Mac.
Microsoft Excel 2013+

An explanation

Abdullah Khalil - 5 stars.

"Great instructor and course guide. All the essays go well and to the point where no dirty language is used so it's not as difficult for students as other teachers. For any beginner who wants to be a data analyst. Recommended courses "


Jianyung Chen - 5 stars.

"This is one of the best courses I have ever done with Udemy. The teachers have explained everything in detail and have exercises after each section. Make sure you download all the files, practice for yourself, and you Highly Recommended! Highly Recommended!



Each process generates data. But whether you can transform it into actionable insights depends on your ability to process, process, and eventually translate your data.

Whether you work for a company or run your own business, to make better decisions, you need to be able to analyze and interpret data.

What data do you need? How do you generate this data? How to analyze it to answer specific questions?

In this course, we will show you how to do it step by step, starting with the basics.


Why Microsoft Excel?


This course is about data analysis concepts and techniques, if not more about Excel. why?


Excel is still the most popular tool that analysts use in all industries and in all roles. They use financial analysts, marketing analysts, sales analysts and of course data analysts.

Yes, there are many tools, but learning and mastering the basic concepts and techniques of data analysis in Excel can help you apply your knowledge to a variety of applications.


Don't Understand Excel - A worksheet can technically contain up to 17 billion data points (of course, it will slow down your computer). Fortunately, most of us analysts have to deal with very few data points. However, it does speak to the power of the program.


Maurizio Zippo - 5 stars

"This is one of the best courses I have enjoyed and enjoyed very much. Highly recommended if you want to improve your current skills in Excel and learn how to create complex formulas. PivotTable and Charts. Thanks to Simon & Travis' specifications, it has been a lot easier to use every day at work, which saves me a lot of time! Thanks so much! You're my Excel Champion! Cryptocurrency case studies and startup markets are absolute gamble! Can't wait to start your next cycle.


Why learn from us?


By signing up with us, you will learn from two coaches with over 35 years of relevant experience in various analyst roles.


Travis has been a digital marketer, investor and entrepreneur for over 20 years. He developed for groups in Asia and helped create Excel when he was an engineer at Microsoft. He specializes in data analytics and data visualization, and in this course you will discover some of the advanced data analytics topics you will learn about.


Simon has been interpreting and analyzing data for 15 years. He has worked in six industries as a financial analyst, marketing analyst and even the head of marketing analytics. If you check out her other courses at Udemy, you will find that she specializes in Excel and analytics, with approximately 180,000 students and over 18,000 reviews.


Together we learn directly from our personal experience and put everything into this course. In fact, all the case studies that you will find inside are influenced by the real-world projects we have worked on.


What if I don't have a data analysis or Excel background?


don't worry! So we'll start with the basics in our main sections, which are designed to introduce you to Excel before moving on to more advanced topics. You can become a complete beginner and take this course. Sometimes you feel like you're drinking from the fire, but if you put the time and effort into it, we promise that you will see results through our courses and exercises.


We then gradually increase the difficulty as we move through the course, as a result of the latest technology taught by our case studies.

If you have an Excel background, you can scoop or scroll through the Basic section and go straight to the more advanced themes.


Stephen Dyas - 5 stars.

"If you want to learn the basics of Excel, you need this course."


Brandon Parker - 5 stars.

"I have a lot of experience making Excel models and I bought them.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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