The Complete Personal Finance Course:- Save,Protect,Make More

what you learned

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to save, protect and do more to increase their overall value in the long run. At the end of this course you will become a personal financial expert!
  • How to harness the amazing power of compound interest.
  • Over 100 ways to save more...including the following:
  • 14 ways to save more taxes
  • 16 ways to save more on purchasing costs
  • 13 ways to save more on car/transportation costs
  • 10 ways to save more on housing costs
  • 5 ways to save more vacation costs
  • 4 ways to save more gifts and donations
  • 6 ways to save more phone/computer costs
  • 13 ways to save more food and drink
  • 7 ways to save more debt costs
  • 4 ways to save more on education costs
  • 7 ways to save more on entertainment costs
  • 6 ways to save more on fees
  • 5 ways to save more on childcare costs
  • 4 ways to save more on healthcare costs
  • 5 ways to save more on personal care costs
  • 5 ways to save more on pet costs
  • How do you change your view of money?
  • Teach your child to memorize.
  • How to protect your money by understanding its assets (creating and understanding your balance sheet...meaning "you own you and who owns you").
  • Find out if you should hire a financial advisor to help you save money.
  • Understand that hiring an accountant can be your best investment ever.
  • How Tax + Retirement Calculations Work and How Much Tax We Should Cut.
  • How much do you need to retire?
  • Understand and take advantage of tax incentives, which can save you a lot of time in education/school costs.
  • How much should you pay for education (for you or your children)
  • How to create a new and better income statement (meaning incoming and outgoing funds)
  • Understand the tax savings plans your company sponsors (if applicable)
  • Use a simple and effective system for depositing funds, taxes, receipts and account statements.
  • Learn about the best websites and apps that can help you track and manage your expenses.
  • Use Quickin on PC to manage your money.
  • Use Quickin on Mac to manage your money.
  • Protect your money by creating a monthly budget.
  • Avoid closing costs.
  • Understanding will and trust
  • View, understand and correct your credit score/rating (so you can get a loan or mortgage)
  • Understanding life insurance.
  • Understand car insurance.
  • Low tax strategy.
  • Understand home and property insurance.
  • Understanding health insurance.
  • Prevent identity theft.
  • Think of a credit card
  • Understand the debt.
  • Understand the rent.
  • What is the status of billionaires (5 billionaires I worked with)?
  • Understand the drawbacks of high investment costs that can make our fortune!
  • Learn more by avoiding high investment costs
  • Understand and choose what to invest in index funds.
  • Manage your investments with your own portfolio management system (included in the course)
  • Set up your investment portfolio management system (ie your portfolio)
  • How to invest in stocks and 4 basics of investing in stocks
  • Investment data basis
  • Understand risk management.
  • Understand what makes investing in stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate go up or down.
  • How to look for your investment (and never trust a 'Pro').
  • Understanding mutual funds.
  • Find out your preferred type of investment.
  • Understand interest rates, bonds and the 'big picture'.
  • Find out how the global economy works and why it is a problem for private investors.
  • How and why do interest rates change and why is it important for investors to understand this?
  • Understand the movement of foreign currencies.
  • How do bonds work and how can governments stimulate the economy?
  • Understand real tires - not theory! (Examples of real investments in corporate and intergovernmental bonds)
  • How do you invest in bonds?
  • Add bond investors to your portfolio.
  • How to invest in articles.
  • Include investments in commodities in your portfolio.
  • An introduction to your most important personal investment and how much you should spend at home.
  • How mortgages work and how they are calculated (fixed rates vs. interest only rates and more)
  • Learn how mortgage payments are calculated and what happens when rates change.
  • What you need to know if the investment property qualifies.
  • How much do you spend on real estate investment.
  • Understanding a REIT
  • Incorporating real estate investments into your portfolio
  • Liquidity risk granted to avoid reservations on the type of investment
  • Diversification Strategies and Your Diversified “Portfolio of Models”
  • Do you need to start your own business and have more than one source of income? 100% yes!
  • set com


No advanced financing, accounting or excel experience is required to take this course. Please note that it is recommended to complete some exercises in this course in Excel 2013 (or later). In this course Excel exercises work on both Windows and Mac Excel versions. thanks

An explanation

Welcome to the Full Personal Finance Course! I guarantee this is the most comprehensive personal finance course available anywhere in the market - or your money back guarantee (30 day money back guarantee). This course and many exercises in this course are dedicated to every country and currency in the world!

An award-winning business professor, an MBA graduate from Columbia University (a Bachelor in Finance) and a former Goldman Sachs fellow who is also the author of Udemy's best-selling business course, The All-in-One MBA. He is also the author of 101 Business School Lessons, called Forbes "in 1 of 6 books that all businesses must read at this time."

This complete personal finance course consists of 1 3 courses: Save More Money, 2: Save More Money, 3: Make More Money.

The course also includes a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet with over 25 exercises to help you save, save, and earn more money. No advanced financing, accounting or excel experience is required to take this course.

Some of the many money-saving topics and exercises that are included in the course are:

How to analyze and quickly reduce your personal spending so that your wealth can increase dramatically over the long run?
Over 100 Ways to Help You Save More Money
What small changes in your savings habits can make you rich later in life!

Some Protect Money topics and exercises that are included in the course include:

What are the secrets of billions?
Understand and improve your credit score
Wales, Trust and State Planning
How much should you spend on a home and how do you calculate mortgage payments?
Build your perfect budget
The best way to file a tax return
How retirement accounts work and how they reduce the amount of tax you pay, which will increase your wealth in the long run.
Protect your family and property with insurance products.
Understand and grow your wealth.

The course includes some financial topics and exercises:

Invest in shares
Invest in bonds
Investment in raw materials
Invest in Real Estate and More.
How to Build Your Diversified Investment Portfolio of Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and REITs
Reduce the extra fees you pay by the banks and investment companies with which you do business.

At the end of the course we will also have an optional section where you will learn how to create an Integrated Training Profile on your Personal Finance Excel Dashboard, which will save you more money than most of the exercises you do in this course. Will do. To earn Suppose you have no experience in Excel or you have little experience in Excel and you have little or no experience in accounting or finance.

You can use the Excel Practice document in this exercise on Mac or PC, and I recommend completing all the money saving and safety exercises in this course for Excel 2013 or later.

This complete Excel Dashboard worksheet is a roadmap for courses and personal finance for your personal financial success so you can save, save, and get more.

This course covers all the tools you need to store, protect and get more, and the whole course is based on real, practical knowledge and experience rather than theory.

Click the 'Take this course' button to help you improve your skills, save, and more (and take your personal financial skills to the next level).

*** Again, I guarantee this is the most comprehensive personal finance course available anywhere on the market - or your money back guarantee (30 day money back guarantee). E

Chris Aaron

Subtitles are included in all lessons in this course.

This course is for anyone:

In any country, anyone is interested in everything, including personal finance, including more savings, more protection, and more ways to earn more.

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