What will you learn?

  • Learn about the structure of the ASP NET MVC Core (.NET 6) project.
  • Learn about the structure of the ASP NET Core (.NET 6) razor project.
  • Learn the basics of ASP .NET MVC Core (.NET 6)
  • Create two projects during the course
  • Integrate the authentication structure and learn how to add more fields for users.
  • Refer to the Razor class library for identification.
  • Connect the entity structure to the first step of the code.
  • Authentication and authorization in ASP NET Core (.NET 6)
  • Google and Facebook Confirm / Sign In
  • The role of management in determining the basic elements of ASP .NET
  • Email notifications
  • Temporary data in ASP NET Core (.NET 6)
  • Integration of strip payments
  • Repository template for database access
  • Automatically migrate the icon database
  • Publish your website to Microsoft Azure


  • C # 3-6 months knowledge
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • MySQL Server Management Studio
  • Net 6 in core mvc


This is a beginner to advanced course with .=NET 5 that takes you from beginner to advanced. This course is designed for those who are new to ASP.NET Core or already familiar with ASP.NET and want to start learning the differences between ASP.NET Core. From there, we will create several projects to understand all the concepts of .NET 6, where we will publish our final program in Azure as well as in IIS.

During this course, we will look at the development of the ASP .NET core, then consider the modified files and directory structure

Then we will look at the new concepts in the ASP .NET core.

We will create Razor applet with CRUD operations using the entity structure to integrate with the database.

We will create our own mega book site where we will study the latest topics in ASP.NET MVC Core.

Finally, we publish our Bulky Book website in Microsoft Azure and IIS.

What are the requirements?

C #   3  -  6 months of knowledge

Visual Studio 2022-

MySQL Server Management Studio

What will I gain from this course?

Learn about the structure of the main ASP NET MVC project.

Learn about the ASP NET Core Razor project structure.

Learn the basics of ASP .NET MVC Core.

Make 2 plans during the course

Connect the identity framework and learn how to add more fields for users.

Interaction with Razor Identity Class Library

Integration of entity framework with the first code transfer

Sessions in ASP NET core

Special Tag Assistant in ASP NET Core

View THAT  components  & partial views in ASP..NET Core

Download version 4

Authentication and authorization in ASP NET Core

Confirm / Login to Google and Facebook.

Role management in ASP NET kernel ID

Email notifications

Temp data / view bag / view data in ASP NET core

Integration of tape payments

Repository template for accessing the database

Call the diaper and save the procedure.

Automatic basic database transfer

Publish your website on Microsoft Azure.

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn ASP NET MVC (.NET 6) from basic to modern.
  • Anyone who wants to know about the latest changes in the latest Microsoft framework.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make big plans.

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