Blogging Course Urdu / Hindi with AdSanse Approval.

Free Blogging Course with AdSanse Approval.

In Blogging course in Urdu/Hindi, we will learn how to think and act like a blogger, and earn money online by writing about our BLOGS.


In this course, you will see how a blogger can start from scratch for free.....

Here we use a website called Blogger to create and post our blogs for free.

In this course I will show you all the tools available on Blogger that you can use.....

Google Blogger, also known as Blogger, is an online content management system (CMS) that enables the creation of informal online discussion sites, also known as blogs. Users can get a free blogspot com domain or purchase a custom domain.

Users can also customize their blogs with different templates, flexible layouts, and hundreds of background images. To use Blogger, users must create a Google account. (People with an existing Gmail email address can use this account.) Users can customize their account name. The format is referred to as .blogspot com.

Users can also create multiple blogs under one account.

The content is hosted on CloudSpinner, Google's database service released in 2017. Blogger also integrates with other Google programs such as Google Adaense and Google Analytics.

Users can use Google AdSanse to automatically display relevant targeted ads so that users can earn money with their Google Blogger website.

Users must sign up separately for an AdSanse account and then link the ads to their individual blogs. Not all blogs are eligible for promotion, so interested users should double check the eligibility list.

Blogger has its own built-in analytics tools that help users determine where their audience comes from and what their interests are. Users can also link their blog directly to Google Analytics for more detailed information.

Users manage Blogger's features through the software's control panel. The Dashboard displays blog activity, Google News, or program updates. Users can manage a specific blog by clicking and editing the blog title.

They can also create new posts from the dashboard. Blogger websites can be viewed and accessed from desktop or mobile platforms. Users can email their posts to your blog. Posting via email allows you to use your mobile device to post to your blog.

The Blogger Mobile app allows users to post images directly to their Blogger account from their mobile device.

While there are blogging tools with more complex and advanced features, the fact that Blogger is free and offers a certain degree of customization to users makes it an attractive platform for those new to blogging.

When Blogger was first launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs, it was the first blog publishing tool on the web.

It was founded by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, and Meg Hourihane, co-founder of Kinja.

The company is credited with popularizing the blog format for sharing content on the web.

Blogger was acquired by Google in 2003 when it bought ParaLabs for an undisclosed sum. After the acquisition, the CMS underwent a major redesign in 2004 and some of Blogger's premium services became free.

In this complete Blogging for Beginners course, you will learn what blogging is and how to start a blog and earn money. You will learn blogging for beginners, and this free blogging course will provide you everything about blogging.

What is blogging?

How to make money from blogging?

There are similar questions in your mind too. Then this blogging course video is for you.

With our free online blogging tutorial, you will learn how to start a blog and earn money with it. This video will take you through every detail that needs to be taken care of before starting a blog and how to do it.

This video will cover:

► Introduction to blogging
► How to choose a name and location
► Create a blog on Bloggers
► How to make post
► Blog SEO
► On page and off page blog
► Image compression
► Writing content for the blog
► Appropriate keyword research
► Google Analytics of the blog
► Common mistakes
► Ways to grow your blog 

You will learn what to do before choosing a name and niche for your blog.

Both design and content are important to any successful blog page. Learn how to make your content unique and earn from your blog.

With this blogging tutorial, you will also learn about Google Analytics and how to check your progress, and how much money you have earned and google search console linking with blog to trace the visits and search engine optimization for your blog will improve your blog SEO

We will also teach you plenty of promotional strategies to reach your target audience. You will earn money from blogging once your blog comes under the watch of your readers.

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Blogger Course necessary for beginners if your looking to earn some handsome amount complete this all course and try to not skip any timeline its important to know all each things I explained all important topics only in course this course is designed on latest blogger version.

Complete course for blogging in blogger:

1. how to creat blogger account 
2. how to install template
3. how to do posting in blogger.(TITAL , PARAGRAPH, TAG OR LABEL) and WHY ITS IMPORTANT
4. how lables work and why its important to make navigation menu after alot posts & how to setup layout
6. some pages required for adsanse policy and website manners.
7.need some good traffic by visitors leave site for a month if its new then apply for adsanse 


we have many successful blogs which is mentioned, check for your motivations.






  • secret of post making by just copy and past
  • what is plagiarism and how to check it
  • how to setup image for blog post without copy right
  • some basic html is required for post making


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5. AdSanse Approval Confirmed.

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