Public Speaking:- A tactical approach

Public Speaking:- A tactical approach
Public Speaking:- A tactical approach

Public Speaking:- A tactical approach

What will you learn?

  • Communication strategies to make public speaking and interpersonal communication more effective
  • How do you make an effective opening statement based on neuroscience?



An explanation

This cycle was born out of desperation! Frustration because no one can do what they know when it comes to speaking and communicating. Everyone is either trying to teach you to be a motivational speaker or get a bachelor's degree to teach you how to overcome your fears. In other words, it's all about self-help. But what does facing your fear and facing your passion have to do with your regional sales report? Or meeting five people? Or a quarterly update for your company? Or be seen in the university? Nothing!

Let's be very honest. If you've ever taken a public speaking course, you were probably bored and it probably didn't change anything. This course offers a very different way of learning communication skills and public speaking skills. We will not talk about ideas that sound good, but will not do anything to change behavior, we will give you physical strategies to act and implement immediately.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create opening and closing statements in a way that stimulates the brain.
  • Problem design and solution data that capture the imagination.
  • Apply strategies to effectively switch between ideas.
  • No matter how you feel, use different physical strategies to convey confidence.
  • Learn new ways to communicate and deal with anxiety.

Most people who are public speakers have worked in sales or marketing their entire lives, but these are specialized areas and they don't give examples outside of their field or personal experiences. Also, just because they've been doing it for years doesn't mean they're good at it. So there are basically two major problems with the current state of public speaking education and training.

1. None of them are practical or applicable to our daily needs.

2. The people who teach us are not good at public speaking themselves.

That's why I took this course!

Realize that the market is full of public speaking resources that all promise the same thing: make you better at public speaking. What makes this course different?

Real Speakers: Most "public speaking experts" come only from the corporate world and have no real experience outside of things like marketing or sales. I went out and saw people who actually do this in their everyday lives. I've talked to stand-up comedians, nerds and professional wrestlers because when you think about it, those are the people who can get a crowd around them, make them feel something, get them excited, What can stop them from doing it? they do are doing and paying attention.

The Real Expert: I've talked to police investigators and professional poker players and asked them... How do you know if someone is lying? How do you know when someone is cheating?

Real science: I researched evolutionary biology and neuroscience to learn how the brain works and how it evolved to absorb and process information.

Real Strategies: I'll take what I've learned, and instead of giving you general ideas, this course will take you a step further and literally give you physical strategies and vocabulary structures that you can use right away. To make yourself more efficient.

Real life examples: Instead of a series of general examples or hypothetical situations, I will only give you specific examples from different fields and backgrounds of previous participants in my courses.

In an ideal world, whether it's giving a training seminar, leading a meeting, or sharing something in the classroom, people will look forward to your presentation and you and your audience will feel excited and energized. To make it true, it is true in America!!!! I'm on a mission to end boredom and I need your help, so don't just read this course, try to apply it and let's make this perfect world a reality.

Who is this course for:

  • Managers who need to speak in meetings.
  • Undergraduate students
  • Masters and PhD students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Prof
  • Sales staff
  • People who want to develop their leadership skills.

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