JavaScript & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners

JavaScript & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners
JavaScript & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners

JavaScript & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners

What are you going to learn?

  1. JavaScript mode
  2. JavaScript output
  3. JavaScript variables
  4. JavaScript mapping and arithmetic operations
  5. JavaScript data objects and types
  6. Math JavaScript functions
  7. JavaScript arrays, array attributes, and array binding
  8. Merge and sort arrays.
  9. JavaScript conditional statements and comparisons
  10. JavaScript loops (in, while, while, stop, and continue)
  11. JavaScript functions and events
  12. jQuery Selector (ID, Class, Other)
  13. jQuery events, multiple event handlers, hide, swap, rotate, slide
  14. jQuery gifs
  15. jQuery stop, callback functions, sorter, drag widget, accordion list
  16. jQuery get content, set content, extend and extend
  17. Add, remove and modify jQuery classes.


  • Basic computer skills


Welcome to the JavaScript and jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners

This course provides a comprehensive guide to the basics of programming with JavaScript and jQuery. These powerful languages can be used to add dynamic client-side functionality to any web page.

The JavaScript portion of the course takes students on a journey that begins with the basics. This includes the JavaScript localization and external JavaScript code. From there we move on to variable ads and operators to do the math. We also look at different process flows and data types. Students then move on to more advanced subjects such as:

A JavaScript object

Matrices and properties of matrices

Condition statement

Comparisons of JavaScript and Booleans

JavaScript loops, functions and events

The second part of the course takes a closer look at jQuery. Here, students can take their development skills to the next level by adding interaction to fixed items. We'll start with basic concepts like jQuery embedding and various selectors. Next, we'll explore jQuery events, animations, advanced functions, and more.

What you will learn

Javascript website

Javascript output

Javascript variables

Javascript commands and math operations

JavaScript Data Objects and Types

JavaScript math functions

JavaScript arrays, array attributes and array partitioning

Merge and sort tables

JavaScript conditional clauses and comparisons

JavaScript loops (before, while, while, break, next)

JavaScript functions and events

jQuery selector (id, class, other)

jQuery events, multiple event handlers, show hide, transpose, rotate, scroll.

jQuery is dynamic

jQuery Stop, callback functions, strings, drag widgets, accordion menu

Get jQuery content and set content, add and display.

If you're interested in improving your web development skills, look no further - join today!

Who this course is for:

  • Students are interested in learning the basics of JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Emerging web developers are interested in upgrading their skills.
  • Students are interested in adding interactive and dynamic content to web pages.
  • Students are interested in creating responsive web pages for mobile.

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