Canva Master Course Learn Canva with Marwat Tech

Canva Master Course Learn Canva with Ronny By Marwat Tech
Canva Master Course Learn Canva with Ronny By Marwat Tech

What are you going to learn?

  • Explore the latest features available in Canva.
  • Learn Canva and the basics of graphic design while having fun.
  • Create a strong brand identity and brand style guide for your business
  • Use Canva to create 18 essential images to promote your business.
  • Learn how to make a positive first impression with all your designs.


You need a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection. No prior design skills required.

What is this course?

I'm sure you want to know the latest things you can do with Canva?
If you do, you are in the right place my friend!

This course will get you started with Canva (so don't worry if you're a beginner) and then give you a step-by-step plan for growing as a confident content creator.

You can create visual and animated GIFs for social media, edit all kinds of videos for TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, create your own website and design an exciting presentation.

Why should you learn Canova with me?

Since I first published this course (about 20,000 students ago), many interesting things have happened to me:

I created an FB group that has grown into one of Canva's largest communities.

I've posted about 300 Canva tutorials to YouTube and have nearly 10 million views.

I hired Canva!! They moved to Australia to work at their headquarters.

Become one of the first Canva Certified Experts.

I quit Canva after 2 years to focus on Udemy and my YouTube channel, and they're both flying!

So yes! Many good things happened...

Being an official Canva Ambassador (Canva Expert) and working on Canva for two years gave me a solid understanding of the platform, where it is headed and how to use it.
As a Canva expert, I teach Canva to my community in the best possible way to ensure I can test and use new features first, and also get VIP support from Canva.

How is this Canva course different?

This course is different from other Kanva courses on this platform.
Let me tell you how:

1 / This is a master's degree ie: we go deeper. And we don't just go deep, but we look at the learning experience in a very systematic way. Progress shows everything you can create with Canva. I left an overview of the free syllabus presentation course, so be sure to check it out.

2/ You are building your brand. In this course, you will not only learn how to use Canva, but also help you create a brand identity for your company or organization. Your brand identity is the foundation upon which you must build your company's communications. Think about your mission, vision, target audience, personality, and core values. We'll make sure we cover all the branding essentials before we get down to design.

3/ It is practical and functional. Instead of making some random images to teach you how to use Canva, let's start by designing a brand guide. Of course we do that with Canova! Your brand style guide will ensure that everything you design in this course is on brand and ready for use in the real world.

4/ Be a confident content creator. Then you can work and build on your style guide for the rest of the course to come up with actionable images and projects to promote your brand or establish your online presence as a content creator. A complete set can be produced.

Below is a list of 18 projects that you will design in this course.

Your brand style guide

Social media profile picture

Facebook message

Facebook cover

Facebook ads

Posted on Instagram

Instagram story

YouTube thumbnail

YouTube channel image


TikTok video

Video tutorial for YouTube

Dynamic post on social media

Animated GIF

Presentation on the presentation platform

Charts and graphs for your presentation

an offer

Your website on Canva


By the end of the Canva Master course, you will have developed a whole bunch of creative images that will really help promote your brand. You'll master Canva and use it to create any kind of visual you need in the future, saving you time and money and taking your design skills to the next level!

Get in now and let's get the party started!!

Who is this course for:

Virtual assistants who need to create professional images, videos, and websites for their clients.
Social media managers and visual content creators
Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to build a strong brand.
Freelancers who want to grow their career on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
Beginning designers and anyone interested in graphic design.
Anyone who wants an easy way to get started with video editing.
Anyone who needs to build a website but doesn't know how to code

Here is the Udemy link
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you can join over whats app group and Telegram Channel ->   FREE COURSES 2022 Telegram Channel

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