Forest Fairy Watercolor Manga Portrait Painting Course BY MARWAT TECH

Forest Fairy Watercolor Manga Portrait Painting Course BY MARWAT TECH

Forest Fairy Watercolor Manga Portrait Painting Course BY MARWAT TECH
Forest Fairy Watercolor Manga Portrait Painting Course BY MARWAT TECH


  • There is no need, but if you have a little experience with watercolor, it will be easy to do.
  • Print the line template from the chapter.

An explanation

Online Watercolor Portrait Tutorial - Easy step-by-step from start to finish with Eliza Watercolor Witch!

Watch her paint an angel in watercolor...and follow her easy steps to do so!

is that you


  • I like drawing, but I'm afraid you're not quite an artist and can't draw like others

  • Try reading about watercolor techniques that are easier than they really are.

  • It becomes difficult to control the amount of water and the percentage of color on the paper.

  • Constant struggle with wet, but wet; When painting with watercolors, it is difficult to know how much water to use.

  • Wish you could control the color flow more

  • Finding purpose is always difficult. And when you finally do, you struggle to make your painting exactly what you envisioned.

I could go on and on about the various problems that illustrators like you face every day, but it won't change anything. It will only make things worse.

You don't want to be constantly reminded of what you're doing wrong. What you need is a method, a new and fun way to start creating the watercolor portrait painting of your dreams.

Although he doesn't feel...

She thinks it is very difficult. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds. If you can draw a sketch and color it, you can do this too. Seriously, you should try it!

And the best part...

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars in art school or spend years learning what works and what doesn't!

What if you could ditch all that and get professional step-by-step training from a watercolor artist who has taught over 23,000 students worldwide how to paint with ease?

That way you won't waste your precious days collecting hundreds of art supplies that you'll never use, or buying art books and watching countless watercolor videos that will eventually force you to give up drawing altogether. . Granted, they've made up their minds!

Do you want something more organized? A good tutorial that cuts through all the fluff and teaches you only what's important: everything you need to master your watercolor paintings.


Watercolor Lesson - Drawing Fairies from the Black Forest

Easy-to-follow step-by-step online tutorials that show you how to properly take photos that look good!

Face the challenge of watercolor painting and master your painting!

... The place is here, and the time is now!

If creating a human portrait feels like a challenge or a puzzle, come learn flawless, easy techniques in class with painter and watercolor instructor: Eliza, the Watercolor Witch.

He has taught over 23,000 students worldwide how to paint watercolors and will share the secrets of creating facial features and skin tones to achieve the look of your subject.

In this drawing lesson, Eliza makes the whole process easy. I mean...

You don't learn to draw. You'll have a line drawing template on hand, so all you have to do is color the line drawing into the finished painting.

The picture you will paint will not be in a realistic style, but in Eliza's signature style. So if you like his articles, you can learn techniques to create images like this.

This tutorial combines instructions, examples and discussion!

This class is perfect for beginners (even if you've never used a brush before) and experienced artists (who can learn some new techniques).

What did we sign?

I'm sure by now you can guess what we're going to draw in this watercolor tutorial. And if you suspected that "a magical creature lives in the forest", you are absolutely right!

Eliza has been interested in folklore and magical things since she was a child, so she decided to scare this imaginary creature and teach you how to defeat it.

The fairies in the painting are called the Wooden Women. According to German mythology, the Wooden Women are a class of fairies who live in the forests of Germany and Scandinavia.

Wood women are usually gentle and helpful to people passing through the forest. They can guide lost travelers or teach them which herbs to use to treat ailments.

If you take the course, you will be able to upload your conceptual painting so Eliza can help you if you get stuck during the drawing process. You can ask Eliza anything related to the drawing process. 

What are you going to learn?

In this session, Eliza will talk about:

  • How to draw this forest fairy from line art to the end.

  • Match skin tones using only a basic color palette.

  • How to do colored hair.

  • How To Make A Simple Monochrome Jungle Wallpaper.

  • Techniques that make your photos even more amazing.

And much more...

In addition, you can explore and practice basic inking techniques with Eliza.

While other lessons require you to draw the project yourself, this beginner-friendly lesson includes downloadable line art templates (coloring pages) to take the stress out of drawing before painting.

What more could you ask for?

Register for the course now!

Who this course is for:

  1. Beginning and intermediate watercolor
  2. Aspirational mangaka
  3. fond of drawing
  4. Anyone wants to learn how to draw an enigmatic wild story

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