The Complete ChatGPT Guide From Zero to Hero - 2023 BY MARWAT TECH

The Complete ChatGPT Guide From Zero to Hero - 2023 BY MARWAT TECH

The Complete ChatGPT Guide From Zero to Hero - 2023 BY MARWAT TECH
The Complete ChatGPT Guide From Zero to Hero - 2023 BY MARWAT TECH

The conditions

  • Connect to the Internet via a smartphone or computer.

An explanation

Recent student reviews

***Yes. Clear and concise.. *** - Thomas LH.

*** Thank you for creating this course. It's really good. - Rushda**

Why I chose ChatGPT Complete Zero to Hero Guide - 2023 for this course.

The syllabus is carefully designed by masters.

You can complete this course in less time.

Case studies and practical examples related to ChatGPT are explained by the trainer.

A certificate of verification will be issued upon completion.

Well-designed, easy-to-understand content

Detailed explanation with understandable case studies based on real situations

Downloadable course materials

ChatGPT is a game changer in the AI industry and anyone can use ChatGPT. There are unlimited resources to learn everything about any topic. For the first time, everyone can now have the power of AI at their fingertips. No programming or machine learning or VBA code experience is required to get your work done, just chat with gpt, and get your work done on any topic! Do you know how to use Google? Then you can also use ChatGPT.

Welcome to PhilChat GPT, Zero to Hero Guide - 2023 course. In this course I will tell you everything you need to know about ChatGPT, from simple to advanced, with practical examples. This course will be perfect for those who are completely new to ChatGPT. Even if you don't know anything about ChatGPT, because I teach ChatGPT from zero to hero with practical examples, don't waste your time, let's learn ChatGPT from scratch!

What does this course include?

Chapter 1 Introduction to Chat GPT

Chapter Two: ChatGPT User Interface and Account Creation in OpenAI

Chapter 3 Solving Mathematical Problems

Chapter 4 Clear doubts about MS Excel MS Word and MS Access.

Chapter 5 Create a PowerPoint slide in less than a minute

Chapter 6 VBA code generator as per your request

Chapter 7 Write professional emails and letters as requested.

Chapter Eight: Translation Services

Chapter 9 Medicines and Culinary Methods

Chapter 10 Write an essay about Annie and publish a blog on any topic.

Chapter 11 Write a Cover Letter and Resume

Chapter 12 Create short stories based on your application

Chapter 13 Creating Text Summaries

Chapter 14 Shopping List

Chapter 15 Create a copyright template for a website or book

Chapter 16 Creating a Website

Chapter 17 Creating Web Tools

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone has to learn.

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