Customer Service Mastery: Customer Service [Skills Next Level] BY MARWAT TECH

Customer Service Mastery: Customer Service [Skills Next Level] BY MARWAT TECH

Customer Service Mastery: Customer Service [Skills Next Level] BY MARWAT TECH
Customer Service Mastery: Customer Service [Skills Next Level] BY MARWAT TECH

The conditions

  • no. All you need is a desire to provide excellent customer service.

An explanation

My name is Hamza Al Ozani, I am a logistics specialist and analyst with a master's degree in logistics management. I am currently working as a Senior Supply Chain and Customer Service Officer in a multinational company. During these five years of experience in this field, I have executed around thirty projects. I want to share my knowledge and contribute to the development of global logistics in my own way.

In fact, I have over 75,000 students. Average review about 4.4/5 stars.

I take note of your questions and suggestions, and I will do my best to respond to your feedback.

Excellent customer service skills and attitudes are key to the success of the entire organization!

**More than 350,000 managers have taken this course and achieved successful results**

You have the ability to provide excellent customer service, build customer loyalty, build your reputation and advance your career with genuine customer service skills. Do you want to know how to delight your customers with great customer service?

If you communicate, listen and understand your customers' needs properly, it is possible to make decisions that benefit your customers and improve your business operations.

We've created this customer service skills course for anyone who wants to learn how to provide top-notch customer service! This customer service training for beginners will help you get started, whether you're a customer-facing professional, business owner, or team manager!

This customer service course is right for you if you:

Improve your customer relationship management skills effectively

Create beautiful and memorable experiences for your customers.

Learn customer service with soft skills.

Set yourself apart from the competition by providing personalized customer service.

Learn customer service best practices that are practical and easy to implement.

Increasing your customer feedback can lead to long-term growth in revenue, customer loyalty and performance.


Preparing for customer support doesn't have to be boring!

This customer support course includes video tutorials, downloadable materials, realistic organizational models, course notes, and meetings with industry experts. These assets are meant to help you set your mind and succeed!

In developing these customer support skills, you will cover the following:

• Basics of customer support

Basic customer support skills.

Build consistency in customer service.

• Monitor customer feedback.

• Effective listening skills

• Dealing with angry customers

• Take care of yourself in customer support

• Answer positive and negative surveys through online entertainment.

• Decisive way to impress your customers.

• Frequently asked questions and tips

• Interviews with industry experts

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) You will learn:

Average response time

First Call Resolution (FCR)

The customer backed off.

Top Support Agent

Number of cases

Customer satisfaction

Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customer Effort Score

Retain customers

Net protection

Level of service

Income vs. Support Expenses

Increase in trading volume

Development of MRR

And much more!

Don't forget to bring your certificate!!

Who this course is for:

  • People starting customer service careers will benefit from this course.
  • First-time customer service representatives should take this course to prepare for their new job.

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