[Tips & Technics] : How to Lead Effective Meetings 2023 -Ne. BY MARWAT TECH

[Tips & Technics] : How to Lead Effective Meetings 2023 -Ne. BY MARWAT TECH

[Tips & Technics] : How to Lead Effective Meetings 2023 -Ne. BY MARWAT TECH
[Tips & Technics] : How to Lead Effective Meetings 2023 -Ne. BY MARWAT TECH 


The needs of the

  • This course is for virtual team leaders who have recently started facilitating online meetings.
  • No special knowledge is required to register for the course.

An explanation was given

My name is Hamza Al-Loujani, I am a logistics expert and analyst with a master's degree in logistics management. I currently work as a Senior Supply Chain and Customer Service Officer at a multinational. During 5 years of experience in this field, I have completed about thirty projects. I want to share my knowledge and contribute in my own way to the development of global logistics.

In fact, I have over 75,000 students. Feedback averages about 4.4/5 stars.

I am interested in your questions and suggestions, and I will do my best to respond to your comments.

*This is a short course (approximately 40 minutes) that will give you everything you need to run effective meetings with your team without wasting time on unnecessary stuff*

**More than 150,000 managers have taken this course and achieved successful results**

Learn simple concepts that will help you improve your meeting facilitation and communication skills, and become a better team leader through simple and effective meeting strategies.

Please note: the topic of meetings can be very boring, and you have probably heard a lot about meetings, so the content of this course is not trivial. However, if you keep track of every interaction, this is guaranteed to be the basic method you need to successfully interact with your virtual groups.

Master simple tips you can implement right away:

One question you should ask yourself before scheduling a meeting

guidelines for successful planning (and includes basic expressions to save time)

When scheduling meetings to reduce interruptions (clustering strategy)

The most effective way to create group minutes (take notes to save you time)

The most effective way to schedule partner meetings across time zones

Fix the two main issues with the set:

Meetings have two main problems. First, there's the money problem (too many meetings to share), and second, there's the quality problem (too many meetings are terrible).

After following this course you will know how to solve both problems. You'll learn how to have fewer meetings, how to have better meetings, and how to make sure your meetings produce work. You'll save your team and yourself some time, and you'll have more productive meetings.

Contents and review

The course consists of more than 40 minutes of material. It is designed for any employee or businessman who often conducts online meetings with his team members.

The content covers three main areas (before your meeting, during your meeting, and after your meeting) and each section has simple steps for you to follow. about rules for regular meetings and how to find a joint meeting option that works for your colleagues who travel long distances and live in different time zones (a free web-based tool) B. There are several additional sections.

The course is offered in a setting that can be used effectively by professionals (each video title lasts approximately 2-5 minutes).

Who is this course intended for:

  • New virtual team leaders who want to learn more about meeting management.
  • Experienced managers who monitor and ensure they run meetings effectively.

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