Django Ecommerce | Build Advanced Django Web Application

What will you learn

  • Build real eCommerce apps with Python and Django Framework
  • Custom model Jiang user, category and media
  • Work with products
  • Contextual handlers and product information
  • Customize bowel and cartilage functions
  • Add to Cart using Session Keys, Add / Select / Remove Cart Items.
  • Bug fixes for cart handlers and context for cart item counters
  • Pagination and search
  • Difference Manager and Product Difference
  • Add skins to your cart, and collect skins for the products in your cart.
  • Sign in with registration, token-based verification, and message alerts.
  • Activation link expiration date and user account activation
  • Forgot your password with secure verification links.
  • Check out the shopping cart, automatically assign the shopping cart items to the registered user.
  • Creating orders and order numbers
  • Payment gateway integration and order placement
  • Post Order Jobs
  • Review and rating system
  • Two-factor verification for submission of reviews (login verification and product purchase confirmation)
  • Average rating and audit
  • My Account Jobs
  • Product gallery with unlimited images
  • Precautions when taking Ginkgo
  • Deploy applications on AWS Flexible Ben Stalk (EB).

Bsic needs for:

Basic website design skills including HTML and CSS
Basic information about Python and Ginkgo.

Frito description:

Welcome to the Project of Django Website Development in this Course where you will learn that how to build a full featured E-Commerce website & redesign your Django based web application.

This tutorial is designed for anyone who wants to learn and build Giango based web applications. At the end of this course you will be able to analyze, design and build your eCommerce software and publish it on Live Server with custom domain name.


The projects developed in this course are for educational purposes only. It will teach you how to develop the most accessible eCommerce website development features. I can't promise you that this tutorial will be a 100% eCommerce solution for your business. Also, this tutorial is not intended for non-technical business owners.

In addition, we will develop fully customizable e-commerce software using the Python Django web system. Learn how to customize user profiles, categories and products, carts, pickups, pickups, vehicle loading and unloading, unlimited product images, orders, payments and "post order work". "As we said. Count the products for sale, email the received order, check the cart, and prepare the order invoice along with the order completion page. In addition, we will review and evaluate. We will create a system that we will do. " We will create the interactive star rating from scratch to where you can even rate the half star. We will also create a custom account app for users that can easily edit their profile and profile picture, change the account password and manage its commands. .

With space for everything, we will install this application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk with RDS Postgres data and at the same time we will provide AWS S3 storage for storage media. In addition, we will create a custom domain name that you configure for AWS Route 53, and we will also install the free SSL certificate provided by AWS.

Well, what do you need to know before starting this course? Well this is a 100% project based tutorial, I am not going to teach you the basics of programming. So I hope you have at least some basic information about Python and Ginkgo.

Once you get started, sign up for a free basic Django course at Udemy - "Jjango Web Development: Everything You Need to Become a Python Dev"

All you need to know is basic web development skills, and of course basic Python and Giango systems.

Who is this course for:

Beginners want to add projects directly to their resume or portfolio.
Intermediate programmers want to move to another programming language in Python Django.
Future creators who want to learn website development through project based tutorials.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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