The Python Bible™:- Everything You Need to Program in Python

Will learn

  • Gain a strong and memorable understanding of the Python programming language.
  • Learn about Python skills needed to learn essential topics, such as data science, web development, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Create 11 delicious and memorable Python projects.
  • Use logic and data structures to create Python programs that can think.
  • Use Object Oriented Programming (industry standard coding technology) to write high quality Python code.
  • Ask ۾ Use raw text data to create automated messages and manage user experience.
  • Use loops in Python to improve code performance and increase your productivity.
  • Create custom Python features to simplify your code.


  • All you need is a desktop/laptop and an internet connection.
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Why you should take this lesson:

This is the decent thing to do - and it should end there.

It's memorable: you learn the "why" behind everything you do, so you can memorize the ideas and then use them.

Here's the right time: the course is only 9 hours long, so you can actually complete it and earn your degree.

It works at the right pace: You'll first learn the basics of Python at a modified speed. This means that you will not be left behind, nor will you waste time on the wrong stuffing.

Here's the thing: You use dragons to make things. This is not just a crude theory. You can see why I built 11 successful Python projects!

Liked: This course has thousands of happy students with five-star reviews and a rating of 4.6/5.


I have done a lot of Python courses on Udemy - but this is the best path.
- Natalie - 5 star ratings.

"Wow, this is the place to go if you want to start Python!" - David Christia - 5 star ratings

"If you can only take one Python course, make sure of that." - a. Barbosa - 5 star review

"Information very well presented. Best Python training I've ever received" - Tara - 5 Star Review

“I feel like I am standing in a theater and enjoying a show that is secretly rooted in dragon skills.  = Amit Purna, 5 star review

"I have other Python courses on Udemy but that's great. It explains the simplest things and the easiest way to practice is to understand what you're doing at a given time." - Robert Rothko - 5 star review

“It helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a programmer, I recently joined the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission)” - Mika Meyer - 5 Star Review


The Bible is an ideal method for beginners. Even if you don't have programming experience, don't worry because it's meant for people like you.

In fact, the Python Bible has been used by over 100,000 Python developers in over 195 countries for fun and hands-on learning of the basics of the Python programming language.

The Python Bible stores all important information in one place, with clear explanations, exciting distributions, and a series of memorable and interesting reading schemes.

No more fishing by YouTube, no need to read more obscure blog posts. Everything you need is here.

The Bible will help you understand the basic principles of the Bible in just 9 hours from the start.

And Python has 9 hours to cover all the important programming topics, without giving up or wasting your time.

Here's what you can learn:

1. Variables - Learn how to easily store data in your Python program!

2. Numbers - Learn how the numbers work behind the scenes in your past events!

3. Chains - Get words printed and get automated messages with text!

4. Logic and Data Structure - Teach Your Python Program to Think and Decide!

5. Loop - Save time and effort, making your computer more difficult for you!

6. Functions - Create your own Python function with automated functions that you can reuse!

7. OOP - Object-Oriented Programming Add Python to mastering your resume with industry standard programming technology!

We will cover each of these topics step by step, develop your skills at the right pace and at the end of the course you will have a good understanding of Python programming and will be able to create your own Python script. Be prepared for that.

As you enter the syllabus, you will experience 11 fun Python projects as well as work with each concept. In other words, you can actually learn everything!

With global guides and fun Python projects, what you learn will stay with you (and the good memories will make you laugh).

Whether you want to build good robots using data science, web development, artificial intelligence, or a Raspberry Pi, the Python Bible will teach you the basics of Python programming so you can confidently start down the path of Python programming!

Try the Full 30 Days, 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee with RISK-FREE Udemy Certification.

Read the Bible now! - Glad you did!

This course is open to all:

  • Complete programming for beginners
  • For those new to Python.
  • For those who want to learn the basics of Python later in a more specialized field such as data science or web development.
  • Not for experienced developers.

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