Nest-JS Zero to Hero: - Modern TypeScript Back end Development

what you learned

  • Familiarity with the NestJS framework and its components
  • Create and build REST APIs that perform CRUD operations
  • Authentication and authorization of background applications
  • Use TypeORM to connect to the database
  • Security best practices, password encryption and sensitive information storage
  • Maintaining data using a database
  • Set up background apps for production on Amazon Web Services
  • Write clean, maintainable industry-standard code
  • Using the NestJS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Use the post list for review and services
  • Using pgAdmin as an interface tool for managing PostgreSQL databases
  • Efficient login implementation in background applications.
  • Managing the environmental impact and environmental variables
  • Implementing data validation and using pipes
  • Endpoint protection for users authorized to use Guard
  • Continuous layer modeling objects
  • The best way to write a script
  • Managing asynchronous operations with asynchronous waiting
  • Using a data transfer object (DTO)
  • Experience with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • NestJS Application Testing Unit
  • Using GraphQL with NestJS
  • Database stability with MongoDB


  • Learn the basics of JavaScript and / or NodeJS.
  • Basic TypeScript information is suggested, but not required.


NestJS is a Node.js background and development framework built on Express and utilizes the power of type scripts.

NestJS takes advantage of the huge popularity and power of JavaScript as a language and Node.js technology. It is inspired by public libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue that enhance developers' productivity and experience.

Until we consider that there are major libraries, utilities, and tools available on the Node.js server side, none of which solve the underlying problem: application architecture.

NestJS provides a comprehensive application architecture that enables developers and teams to be highly testable, scalable, deployable and easy to maintain in applications.

Recently, the NestJS framework has become very popular due to its outstanding features.

LiftType Script - A robust typed language that is a super suite of JavaScript.

Easy to use, easy to learn and easy to master

Powerful command line interface (CLI) tool that maximizes production and facilitates development.

Detailed and well-kept documentation

Development and maintenance of functional code bases

Open source (MIT license)

Supports many nesting modules that help you easily integrate with popular technologies and concepts such as TypeORM, Mongoose, GraphQL, logging, authentication, caching, web socket and more.

Easy unit test apps

Designed for monoliths and microservices.

In this course, I will introduce you to a fully backed up application planning, development, and development process, which is based on my experience developing and maintaining systems that enable millions of simultaneous users to scale. Provides assistance.

This course is for anyone:

Intermediate JavaScript developers are interested in background development.
All developers who want to implement TypeScript in the background.
Developers are eager to learn how to build powerful, secure, production-ready REST APIs according to best practices.
Developers who want to know how to publish their apps in the cloud (Amazon Web Services)
The developers who want to continue to develop a real, hands-on application from start to finish.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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