The Data Science Course 2022:- Complete Data Science Boot-camp

what you learned

  • This course provides the full set of tools you need to become a data scientist.
  • Fill your resume with on-demand data science skills: Statistical Analysis, NumPy with Python Programming, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn, Advanced Statistical Analysis, Tableau, Statistical Models with Machine Learning and Skate Learning, TensorFlow.
  • The interviewer was impressed by their understanding of the field of data science.
  • Learn how the data is preprocessed.
  • Understand the machine learning behind the math (an absolute must not to teach other courses!)
  • Start coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis.
  • Implement linear and logistic regression in Python.
  • Compilation and analysis of factors.
  • NumPy can build machine learning algorithms in Python using statsmodels and scikit-learn
  • Apply your skills to real life.
  • Use the latest deep learning frameworks like Google's TensorFlow to generate business insights when solving coding and big data tasks.
  • Unleash the power of deep neural networks.
  • Optimize machine learning algorithms on how to perform underfoot, overfitting, training, validation, N-fold validation, testing and hyperparameter optimization.
  • Warm your fingers because you're excited to apply everything you've learned here to be as real as possible in real-life situations.


No prior notice required. Let's start with the basics.
You will need to have Anaconda installed. We'll show you how to do it step by step.
Microsoft Excel 2003- 2010-2013-2016 or 365



Data scientist is a profession that is most suitable for development in this century. It is based on digital, analytics and programming. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a huge demand for data scientists in the job market.

However, the supply was very limited. It is difficult to get the skills required to be hired as a data scientist.

And how can you do that?

Universities are slow to develop programs that specialize in data science. (Needless to say, the items available are very expensive and time consuming).

Many online courses focus on a specific subject and it is difficult to fully understand the value of their teaching skills.


Data science is an international field. Covers a wide range of topics.

Understand the field of data science and the kind of analysis that is being done.




Apply the latest statistical techniques in Python.

Visual representation of information

Machine learning

Deep education

Each of these titles is based on a previous topic. And if you don't learn these skills properly, you run the risk of losing them along the way. For example, it can be difficult to apply machine learning techniques before understanding basic math. Or it may be difficult to study regression analysis in Python before you know what regression is.

That's why, in an effort to create the most effective, time-saving, and organized data science training available online, we've created the Data Science Course 2022.

We believe this is the first training program that addresses one of the biggest challenges in entering the field of data science: getting all the necessary resources in one place.

In addition, our focus is on textual subjects that complement and complement each other. This course will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a data scientist at a fraction of the cost of traditional software (not to mention saving your time).


   1. Introduction to the Data Science & Data

Big data and business intelligence and business analytics and machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We know these buzzwords belong to the data science department, but what do they all mean?

Why You Learned As a Data Scientist Candidate, you need to understand the ins and outs of each of these areas and know how to solve a problem. Introducing data and data science gives you a comprehensive overview of all these algorithms and their place in the field of data science.

   2. Mathematics

The first step in learning tools is to practice data science. You have to look at the big picture first and then look at the parts in detail.

We will specifically calculate and estimate line in algebra, as these are the sub-fields on which data science relies.

Why did you learn that

Calculations and line algebra are important for programming in data science. If you want to understand modern machine learning algorithms, you need these skills in your toolbox.

   3. Statistics

You have to think like a scientist before you can be a scientist. Statistics train your brain to formulate problems into assumptions and provide you with techniques to test those assumptions, as scientists do.

Why did you learn that

This course not only gives you the tools you need, but also teaches you how to use them. Statistics can teach you to think like the world.

   4. Ask.

Python is a relatively new programming language and, unlike RG, it is a general purpose programming language. You can do anything with it! Web applications, computer games, and data science are among the many possibilities. As a result, I was able to cancel several majors in a short time. Powerful libraries have been built to enable data processing, editing and visualization. But where does Python really shine when it comes to machine learning and deep learning?

Why did you learn that

Python is an essential programming language when it comes to developing, implementing, and deploying powerful tools for machine learning modules such as skate learning, tensor flow, and so on.

   5. Tables

Data scientists do not have to deal with data alone and solve data-based problems. They also need to persuade company executives to make the right decisions. These CEOs are not well versed in data science, hence data science

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