Webpack 2:- The Complete Developer's Guide

What did you learn

  • Understand the purpose of Webpack in a modern web app.
  • Create a custom boiler board project for ES2015 JavaScript
  • Customize web plans on AWS, Heroku and more web packs
  • Improve the functionality of your web applications with the plugin's Webpack environment
  • Expand your code structure using ES2015 JS modules.


  • Javascript Basic
  • Mac or PC


Webpack is the main blood device for React and Angular 2 applications.

Term? To cover Performance improvement? We understand Create a custom stove? He is here!

Webpack is notoriously difficult to configure properly. In this course, you will learn to master all of the key Webpack features and learn how to improve them for your application. Webpack has a wealth of great features, but everyone needs a deep understanding of how it works. This course is the most comprehensive course that you can find online, and is the only complete course for the popular version 2 of the Web Pack.

This course will help you get up and running quickly, and teach you the basics you need to understand and create webpack-based projects.

Are you tired of packages downloading boiler plates and don't know how to change them?

React and why Angular 2 is the boom of standalone boiler plate packages, but they come with a heavy layout that makes them difficult to replace. The experience gained in this course will help you tailor your plans to your specific needs.

Too much content!

Learn the difference between ES2015 and CommonJS model systems.
Download Webpack's Babel Loader using the ES2015 code.
Use Webpack to automatically resize and compress images for maximum load time.
Apply code redistribution to minimize load time.
Learn how to customize your React project to work perfectly with Webpack.
Control the version of your app to reduce the amount of download code your users have
Applies to AWS, Heroku, Github Pages, or Surge.

Learning Webpack can be confusing, but after completing this course, you will understand that this is a tool that requires a little attention from the master. Once you explain my Webpack, you will realize that every concept is simple and understanding it just requires patience. There are no fillers, just the most important aspect of laser focus web beam.

I always create the courses I want to take, and this course is no exception. Each topic is described in detail together with graphics and illustrations. You will learn the background of each article and know how to apply it to solve real-world problems.

This course is for anyone:

Any engineer with basic JavaScript knowledge

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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