Master the Coding Interview:- Data Structures PLUS Algorithms

What did you learn:-

  • Bait coding interviews are provided by some high tech companies.
  • Be more confident and ready for your next coding interview
  • Learn, apply and use different data structures.
  • Learn, apply and use different algorithms.
  • More interviews
  • Handle the offer professionally and increase negotiation.
  • Become a good developer by mastering the basics of computer science.


No experience with data structure or algorithm required.
Basic knowledge of programming language
No any past knowledge of computer science is required.


Updated for the 2022 rental season! Join the live online community of more than 600,000+ developers and take a course taught by an industry expert who has worked as a senior developer in both Silicon Valley and Toronto. Graduates of this degree now work for Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JPMorgan, Facebook + and other high technology companies.

Want to get a job at a major technology company like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon or other companies, but why ask the application process and coding questions? Do you feel "caught" every time you ask a question about coding? This course is your answer. In this course you will learn how to win offers from all kinds of business using strategies, lessons and exercises.

Many developers who "teach themselves" admit that the biggest drawback they face is that they have algorithms, data structures and infamous bug-O indicators, compared to advanced computer science graduates. They do not know. Learn the basic building blocks of computer science and get a computer science degree with someone who will give you a great boost during the interview. You also have access to our private online chat community with thousands of online developers to help you through the course.

In this course you will learn:


1. Take a notification

2. Data structure:

* Row
* Hash Table
* Individually linked lists.
* Duplicate listings.
* Row
* Alterations
* Tree (BST, AVL tree, red black tree, binary hops)
* Effort.
* Graph

3. Algorithm:

* Repeat.
* Arrange
* to search
* Tree Travel
* First search quotient
* First depth search
* Dynamic programming


- How to get more interviews.
- What to do during a job interview?
- What to do after the interview?
- How to answer interview questions.
- How to Deal With Offers?
- How do you talk about your salary?
- How can you get the boost?

Unlike most teachers, I'm not a marketer or sales person. I am a senior developer and programmer who has worked and led teams of engineers and has been an interviewer and interviewer in these interviews.

My job as a teacher will be successful if I can help you improve interviewing and get more jobs. This one skill can really change your career and I hope you apply today what it can do for your career!

I learned:

Andrea Udemy is a teacher in the highest ranking web development courses and one of the fastest growing courses. His graduation has worked for some of the world's leading technology companies, such as Apple, Google, JP Morgan, IBM and others. He worked for many years as a senior software developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto, and what he has learned now is to help him learn programming skills and explore these career opportunities. . Offers

As a self-taught programmer, he realized that there were many online courses, lessons, and books that were too broad and inadequate to teach the right skills. Most people feel paralyzed and don't know where to start when learning a complicated topic, or worse, most people don't have $ 20,000 to spend on coding boot camps. Programming skills should be affordable and available to anyone. Instructional materials should teach real-life skills that are available and should not be wasted on students' valuable time. After working for Fortune 500 companies, learning the lessons and lessons learned from starting a company, he now devotes 100% of his time to developing software to help others take control of their lives and work. General Chat Chat Lounge An exciting industry with unlimited possibilities.

Andrew promises you that there is no other course that is so comprehensive and well described. He believes that to learn anything valuable, you must start from scratch and prepare tree roots. Only then will you learn concepts and specific skills (addresses) that match the basics. When structured this way, learning becomes cheaper.

With her experience in educational psychology and coding, Andrea's courses will provide you with insights on complex topics you never thought possible.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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