The Complete Investment Banking Course 2022

what you learned

  • Start your career in investment banking or private practice.
  • Successful investment banking interviews.
  • Building a financial model from scratch (shown step by step)
  • Create Evaluation Models - DCF, LBO and Multiples
  • Possess strong financial and business intelligence.
  • Take your mission to the next level!
  • Think about how investment banking first appeared
  • Understand the difference between investment banking and commercial banking.
  • Explanation of the subscription mechanism.
  • Understand how prices are set in an IPO.
  • Create an IPO schedule
  • Suppose companies become public.
  • Explain the mechanisms of offering bonds.
  • Understand how the value is presented in the bond offering.
  • Create a schedule of bond offerings
  • Understand that companies increase government debt.
  • Determining the loan syndicate and those joining the syndicate.
  • Understand securitization and explain why banks use securitization.
  • Find out why companies buy from other companies.
  • Identify successful mergers and acquisitions.
  • Define the specific life cycle.
  • Differences between financial and commercial buyers
  • Select the different payment options in your M&A transaction.
  • Understand the essence of restructuring services.
  • Learn about different ways of organizing a business.
  • Learn about trading, brokerage and securities in the financial markets.
  • Understand wealth management services.
  • Asset management vehicles are able to determine expected returns.
  • Calculate the cost of corporate loans, costs of equity and average cost of capital.
  • Run LBO Diagnostics.
  • Understand the rationale behind leveraged long positions.
  • Being able to explain who is dealing with LBO and why it can be very profitable.
  • After this course, you will acquire the skills to launch a successful career in investment banking and corporate finance.


  • Of course, experience is not required. We start with the basics and gradually increase your knowledge. Everything is in course
  • A desire to learn and practice

An explanation

** Updated May 2022 **

2022 Complete Investment Banking Course is the most practical, interactive and dynamic investment banking course you will find online.

+ 64-page course notes

+ 12 course challenge

+ 26 PDF files.

+ 22 Test Questions

+ 32 Excel files.

+ A complete dictionary of key terms and phrases

+ Case studies and case studies

+ Interesting facts about the industry

+ 2 parts fully built.

10 hour HD video

The course starts with an introduction to four key areas of investment banking: capital markets, consulting, trading and brokerage, and wealth management.

Then we take a look at each industry.

You will learn more about IPOs, seasonal stock offers, private placement, bond issuance, syndication loans, securitization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, trading tools, asset management tools, and more.

Whatever you see in an investment banking interview.

However, the best part is that you learn different diagnostic technologies, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan We will show you how to make a discounted cash flow assessment, multi-assessment, and LBO assessment. You will learn how to estimate a company's capital costs and future cash flows. Don't worry if it seems strange at the moment. Everything is presented in the course - step by step - without difficulty.

This is a one-stop shop that offers everything you need to get a job on Wall Street.

What makes this course different from other finance courses out there?

High production quality: HD video and animated (these are not boring lectures!)

Expert Teacher (1.5 million students at Udemy; worked at M&A)

Full Training: We cover all the key topics and skills you need to pursue a career in investment banking.

Intense Case Study: What You Have Learned To Help You Strengthen

Too much content: PDF and Excel files, sketches, course notes; You name it! It's all in!

Best Support: If you do not understand a concept or just want to leave a message, you will get an answer within 1 business day.

Dynamic: We don't want to waste your time! The coach maintains a good pace throughout the training sessions.

Extra Reward: At 50% and then 100% upon completion of the course, you will receive 2 additional rewards.

How should you consider working as an investment banker?

Salary investment bankers are one of the highest paid professionals in our society.

Promotion Investment Bankers receive valuable technical expertise, which makes them candidates for top positions in industrial and private equity firms.

Big sister is not a boring thing. Each day you will face different challenges that will test your current skills.

Remember, this course comes with Udemy's unconditional 30 day refund guarantee. And why not offer such a guarantee, if we believe this course will be of great value to you?

Register now for this course! If you don't get these skills now, you'll lose the opportunity to differentiate yourself from others. Don't risk your future success! Let's start learning together now!

This course is for anyone:

Bankers who are willing to invest
People who are fond of and interested in seven-figure salaries.
Anyone who wants to know more about investment banking and business value.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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