Profit from the Internet: the truth that no one will tell you

Profit from the Internet: the truth that no one will tell you
Profit from the Internet: the truth that no one will tell you

Profit from the Internet: the truth that no one will tell you

Get a quick profit from the Internet without any effort or experience”, “How to earn $ 2.00 per minute online”, “Earn $ 2000 per day from the Internet” These and similar phrases carry a deception that drains your energy and wastes your money in fraudulent ways that may destroy your future. Achieving quick wealth, whatever its source, is just a false illusion. Do not believe it. But at the same time, you can profit from the Internet and reach financial well-being in appropriate ways with more effort, learning and perseverance, as well as skill, efficiency and abundance of production.

So what are the appropriate ways to profit from the Internet to start your new career? How do you know the deception tactics of online scammers? What are the advantages of profit from self-employment ? How do you overcome the challenges you face? What is the right strategy for your skills? Many questions may be running through your mind now, you will find their answers in this guide.

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Freelancing is one of the best areas that help people profit from the Internet and strive towards financial independence, and its popularity has increased in the Arab world in the last ten years, especially after the launch of the two largest freelance Arab freelancing platforms and Fiverr , in addition to the far best platform . Online recruitment.

Freelancing is a system that relies on tasks, services, and works that are carried out by specific people called (freelancers) during their cooperation with multiple clients. A freelancer is a person who has certain skills that he invests in providing paid services that customers need.

Advantages of profit from self-employment
Advantages of profit from self-employment

Advantages of profit from self-employment

Self-employment allows freelancers to do business for their personal accounts without committing to a specific job for a long period of time, and gives them a smooth and enjoyable lifestyle. Thus, self-employment has become more popular than ever before, and a career choice preferred by many Internet users, and this leads us to talk about the advantages of profit from self-employment.

You are the boss of yourself

Unlike traditional work, self-employment gives you complete freedom in the specifications of the work you want and the choice of tasks and responsibilities that you can carry out, in addition to choosing the clients you want to communicate with, agreeing on the appropriate wage for what is required to be accomplished, and determining the time period during which you can complete your work.

Consider yourself the CEO of your company. It is time to set work rules that suit you without being forced by anyone. If a client asks you to take a difficult or low-paid job, you will not be afraid to reject it as long as it does not suit your aspirations. But you must be able to manage time and tasks and take responsibility without complacency, as no boss here obliges you to do so.

Create a routine that works for you

Tired of the daily routine of a full-time workplace? Do you get annoyed when you come to the company every morning and are fed up with your boss complaining about being a little late for meetings, for example? Have you thought about working in a company that matches your lifestyle? If the answer is “yes”, then freelancing is the perfect fit for you.

In self-employment, it is not required to go to the office, and it does not impose specific restrictions and hours for work, so you can perform job tasks from home, a cafe, a restaurant, or on the go, and you can work in the morning or at night after your children go to sleep. It is entirely up to you to create a routine that works for you, and to set personal goals that you look forward to achieving on a daily and monthly basis.

Multiple profit opportunities from the Internet

If you have a different skill set, you have great opportunities to make money on freelancing platforms . If you want to increase your profits, grow and develop your skills and acquire new ones to provide distinguished services to your customers. For example, if you enjoy writing articles, and aspire to learn e-marketing to employ it in your services, you will not find anyone to hold you back to achieve your desired goal.

This means that freelancing allows you to grab any opportunity that can be accomplished with your skills. There is no limit to how much you can earn online, and no laws restricting you to working on a limited number of projects. You can work on several projects simultaneously through freelancing platforms, but you must commit to completing them within the agreed time period and with high quality.

Overcoming geographical barriers

Profiting from freelancing platforms makes you not bound by geographical restrictions. Your target audience may be from neighboring countries, which gives you an opportunity to learn many cultures and interact with other freelance colleagues or new clients. This is an excellent way to navigate the world building successful and diverse business relationships, while working from home in casual wear.

And you can complete projects that depend entirely on the Internet while you live and travel from one country to another during their implementation without negatively affecting the progress of your business as long as you plan it well. However, there are some works that require presence near clients to be completed, such as photography projects in a tourist area specified by the client.

Refine communication skills

Being your own boss, you will strive to hone your skills to learn the art of communicating effectively with others online, develop additional task management skills, conduct virtual meetings, and be able to use communication techniques and tools such as the “ me ” tool to manage projects with your team, etc.

Steps to profit from self-employment

To start your path towards self-employment, you must follow some steps whether you will work remotely, part-time or full-time, in order to overcome the challenges and obstacles facing many new freelancers aspiring to profit from the Internet through self-employment. The following are the most important steps to profit from self-employment:

First: Determine your skills and services

Profit from the Internet and self-employment requires, in the first step, knowing your skills and turning them into valuable services that help your potential customers solve their problems. Therefore, you must monitor and analyze customer problems and understand how to address them using your skills. After that, you can formulate a description of the service, explain it briefly, and start displaying it on the Khamsat platform , the largest marketplace for buying and selling microservices.

Second: understand your target audience

Once you have determined the services that you will provide to your clients to earn money from self-employment, start studying the target audience and form a clear picture of the potential clients with whom you will work well, determine their demographic characteristics, the services they are looking for and related to your skills, and understand the personality of the buyer to become a successful freelancer and be able to profit from platforms The right freelance work for your services and your audience alike.

Third: Be clear and specific

If your services are not clear and precisely defined, you will not be distinguished in the self-employment platforms, and profit from the Internet requires developing and refining your skills that make you specialized and serve your goals and your brand. Marketing. Also, entrepreneurs and online entrepreneurs prefer to collaborate with specialized freelancers over others.

Fourth: Create your gallery

Profit from self-employment platforms requires the creation of a professional business exhibition that attracts project owners and increases their confidence in your business. Presenting the projects that you implemented to your previous clients contributes to building your reputation on these platforms and determines the quality of your work. It is a golden opportunity to showcase your achievements and experiences in front of potential and current clients.

Therefore, you must pay attention to constantly updating your business portfolio, so that it includes your best work in terms of quality and perfection, in order to attract customers and encourage them to cooperate with you.

Fifth: Pricing your services

The pricing of the services offered by freelancers depends on many factors such as the experience and skills they possess, the size and complexity of the work, and the type of industry they provide, in addition to the geographical location of the client, the appropriate period for implementing the project, and the freelance platform used by the freelancer.

For example, the Fiverr platform allows freelancers to sell their services at a starting price of $5, as well as add optional developed services in addition to the basic service at a price of up to $100 per development.

Sixth: Building strong relationships with clients

Your clients are the foundation of your freelancing business, so be sure to form and develop positive relationships with them. So, make the main goal of offering your services to help customers, not just a way to make money. If the customer feels that you are enthusiastic about supporting him and your ultimate goal is to solve his problem perfectly, he will consider building a long-term partnership with you.

Therefore, you should take into account some things to maintain your audience, such as satisfying the customer by achieving your services in the best possible way, communicating effectively with him and providing informed suggestions and new solutions that encourage him to continue employing you in future projects, in addition to delivering the required work in a timely manner that suits both of you. .

Profit from microservices and their types

11 years ago, I heard fragments of information about the areas of profit from the Internet through self-employment, specifically by working on the Fiverr site during my conversations with my friends in university studies, and I remember that one of them was mocking these facts, and frankly I did not believe at the time that I could make money From the Internet, I started looking for how to profit from Fiverr for providing my services to clients.

At that stage, I faced one of the challenges of profit from microservices, which is not knowing the types of microservices that can be provided to customers and at the same time are suitable for my skills, so I started searching for them via Google to discover that they are diverse and many and require different skills and it is difficult to provide them all, I have to specialize in a specific field and focus entirely on it.

The types of mini-services that you can sell include the fields of writing, revision, translation , proofreading , writing advertising texts , summarizing services and writing compatible with “SEO ”, in addition to graphic design , video design , programming, mobile application development , e-marketing in all its forms, data entry and Providing legal and financial advice and services , etc.

Profit from e-commerce

Profit from e-commerce
Profit from e-commerce

Earning money from e-commerce is one of the most prominent areas of profit via the Internet. Did you know that the volume of e-commerce sales in the Middle East region alone amounted to 17 billion dollars in 2020 AD, and it may reach 27 billion US dollars in 2025 AD. As for globally, online shopping sales amounted to $4.9 trillion in 2021 AD, and it is estimated that it will rise by 50% to reach $7.4 trillion in 2025 AD, according to the international statistics portal Statista .

E - commerce is simply the process of selling products and services over the Internet, which includes financial transactions and electronic payment systems. Immediately the Amazon Global Store was established.

Reasons to work in e-commerce

E-commerce is fundamentally different from traditional commerce, which relies on customers going themselves to stores and shops in order to complete purchases and payments. But online shopping makes the customer perform the same task in a few moments without moving from his place, even if he wants to buy a good or service from another continent, with just a few clicks.

Here lies the importance of e-commerce, as it allows shoppers to complete purchases quickly and easily from anywhere around the world, and the online shopping experience is more flexible and time-saving for shoppers, especially with the availability of online stores around the clock.

Also, you do not need to rent a building or work space for thousands of dollars to display your products, as e-commerce does not need that and helps you to rationalize expenses and reduce the costs of construction, operation and spread outside geographical borders, and these advantages you will not find in traditional commerce.

Steps to profit from e-commerce

One of the ways to profit from e-commerce is to establish a distinctive and professional online store at the lowest costs and without the need to understand programming languages, and through it you can expand the target audience base outside the geographical range, and sell your products in a smooth way that achieves your marketing goals, but this requires great effort and a great way From experience and learning. So, what are the first steps to success in e-commerce?

1. Planning and feasibility study

Any project that starts without planning is doomed to failure, as the successful project is based on a strong and solid foundation, and this is achieved with new planning and a feasibility study , and at this stage you search deeply for the necessary information to launch your business online, and you think about how to profit and outperform your competitors, and this requires a study Identify your competitors well, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a general and comprehensive vision for all stages of the project.

2. Select a business model for your business

One of the basics of success in e-commerce is understanding the different business models, which can be categorized into four main sections:

Business to Consumer (B2C): In this model, buying and selling takes place between the business and consumers.

Business to Business (B2B): This model is based on conducting commercial transactions between companies and each other.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): This model is based on the buying and selling process between consumers and each other.

From a consumer to a company (C2B): As for this model, the consumer provides his services to a company, unlike the first model.

In your second stop, you adopt the appropriate model for your business and understand the target audience very accurately, and this requires defining the services or products that you will sell and choosing an appropriate and attractive name for the brand, in addition to the importance of developing a vision, message and visual identity for your online store.

3. Determine your budget and available resources

The budget is one of the most important factors affecting the building of any business. Each store has its own budget, which is determined according to its nature, the size of the services or products it provides, and the advantages that are available in it. For a small store to sell a specific type of clothing in the geographical area in which you live, its cost is much lower than establishing a store to sell many products to customers in different countries.

And don't forget to include the costs of the branding and feasibility study in the budget, as well as the cost of proper hosting for your store, domain name, maintenance costs, staff and other periodic expenses. It is essential to identify the resources and assets that you have to invest in your business.

4. Create your online store

Now, you are about to launch your own online store. After choosing the appropriate name for your business, you start establishing your store by choosing the e-commerce website builder you prefer, and it is likely that you will use the WordPress system that allows its users to add WooCommerce for e-commerce and add Yoast SEO To improve search engine results SEO .

Profit from affiliate marketing

Profit from affiliate marketing
Profit from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most prominent areas of profit on the Internet through e-marketing, in which the marketer relies on promoting the products or services of a company in exchange for a specific commission or percentage agreed upon by both parties. However, the marketer does not get his commission until after the sale and purchase are completed. This requires tracking sales via links dedicated to this process.

Advantages of profit from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing increases revenue and sales for online businesses, as well as being a great way to earn semi-constant income for online marketers, and because it often requires no capital, it is very popular with brands and affiliates. Statistics indicate that 81% of brands around the world depend on commission marketing, according to (Mediakix) statistics.

Increase the profits of companies and marketers

The online commission marketing market has flourished recently, as the global commission marketing revenue has exceeded about $12 billion, and 16% of the total sales that take place online are caused by commission marketing, and 94% of marketers rely on affiliate marketing networks and 65% of them use blogs electronic, according to truelist , a market analysis and creative digital solution provider.

The growth opportunities for the commission marketing market are increasing in the Middle East and North Africa region with the growing number of users of social networks, which confirms that there is a great opportunity for those Arab marketers wishing to profit from commission marketing, which includes three main parties, which are the entities responsible for manufacturing products and services and affiliate marketers. And the consumer or customer who everyone seeks to meet his desires and needs.

Simple passive income method

Affiliate marketing generates abundant passive income if you focus on it and put in a lot of hard work. Through it, you can profit from the Internet while you are enjoying your time with your family and even during your sleep. With the optimal use of social networking sites, blogs, and other digital marketing channels, money will flow to you without worrying about customer service. Your main task is to create a selling relationship between brand owners and consumers, and in the event of complaints, the shopper deals with the seller directly.

Work from home

Ways to profit from commission marketing that you can implement anywhere you want. Commissioners can work from home by launching successful advertising campaigns to the target audience, analyzing and evaluating the results of these campaigns, and seeking to convince potential customers of products or services using only a computer equipped with the Internet.

Commission marketing is also a convenient and flexible field, because you choose the products you want to sell and set the appropriate working hours for you and the audience you deal with.

Determine the salary you want

Yes, you can set the salary that you want per month from your affiliate marketing business, because it mainly depends on performance and production. Therefore, it is necessary to hone your marketing skills and have the ability to strategically plan and write advertising campaigns skillfully, in addition to making the necessary improvements to these campaigns in order to obtain your financial goal that you set.

Ways to profit from affiliate marketing

Now I feel like you're dying to earn money from affiliate marketing, and you're probably wondering how to do it. Well, there are various ways of affiliate marketing because it is not related to a specific industry, and you can start in the industry that suits your interests without worrying about the budget you have:

To be an influencer

Perhaps you have a page with thousands of followers on Facebook or Twitter that you invest in directing consumers to a product, or you seek to build a business relationship with a brand as a social media influencer in return for a share of the profits.

Blogging for affiliate marketing

If you have marketing writing skills, you can promote products and services on your blog using various persuasive techniques and get your readers to convert to complete purchases, and this requires having content marketing skills.

Affiliate marketing companies

There are companies that have commission marketing programs such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon that allow publishers and marketers to register in programs to sell their services and products, and publish them on their websites in exchange for a share of the profits.

Earn money by writing content

Earn money by writing content
Earn money by writing content

Do you have the good skill to profit from writing content in all its forms, whether articles, research, scenarios, etc.? Are you one of those who hone their language skills in order to profit from writing content on the Internet? There are writers and authors who make money online, so why not be one of them?

But the matter will not be achieved without following a specific strategy and a more realistic plan to achieve your dream of profiting from writing on the Internet. What are the ways to profit from writing content?

Earn from writing articles

Make your goal the richness of digital content on the Internet, and look for blogs, magazines, newspapers, and websites that are looking to collaborate with new writers for a fee, and be aware that it may seem difficult at first, but do not despair because with more research and skill development, you will find the best paid writing jobs. He suggested that you look at the writing and editing jobs offered by Arab entrepreneurs on a freelance basis.

Profit from content marketing

Many companies seek to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, and build trust and credibility with existing and new customers through content marketing. These companies are hungry for digital content that enables them to increase their revenues, so they are always looking for freelancers who have the ability to market with content to achieve their goals.

Profit from writing short stories in Urdu and your Owen Language 

Fiction writing is challenging and requires a set of creative writing skills. If you have the ability to fantasize and write short stories, this is a great option for making extra money online. For example, you can compose a collection of digital stories and sell them to many people over the Internet for a reasonable fee, so why not offer this service through the Fiverr platform? My advice is to start now if you are a fan of writing short stories.

Write product descriptions

Many companies require freelancers to write the description of the products that they offer on their online stores. This description serves as a marketing text that explains the characteristics and advantages of the product and prompts shoppers to make a purchase decision. This task requires some skills such as the ability to study the needs of the audience and understand the personality of the buyer, in addition to focusing on the benefits of the product and how to use it in addressing the problem facing the customer.

Earn from blogging

Profit from blogging, one of the most prominent ways that many use to make money from the Internet, but I will be honest with you from the beginning, creating a popular blog is difficult and requires sincere determination and hard work, because the challenges of profit from blogging will stand in front of you.

You must make your blog full of valuable content, target a more focused audience, and your goals are clear in order for the blog to become one of the most popular sites among customers, and once it is widely spread, you will be surprised by the amount of loyal customers who follow your content.

Content writing skills

It is necessary to know the skills of profit from content writing because it gives you the ability to formulate attractive, meaningful and clear content, and it allows target customers to have a good interactive experience with your website and your company in general, and it also helps you reach your customers easily, thus including profitability and achieving your general and marketing goals. What are the skills to profit from writing content?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills and tools have become an integral part of writing content to ensure that your web pages rank high on search engines and then reach your customers effortlessly. It is necessary to understand how to optimize your site for search engines, keep abreast of changes in this field, and know how to write articles in accordance with the rules of search engine optimization (SEO).

Proper editing and wording

Proper editing and drafting skills are essential for any writer seeking to profit from writing content. Poor wording and the many spelling and grammatical errors destroy content. Therefore, you must be careful to adjust phrases and sentences, correct linguistic errors, and constantly improve your style. Avoid stuffing and elaborating on details unrelated to the content, and check the content well to increase its quality.

Research skills

British writer Samuel Johnson has a wonderful saying that reads, “What is written without effort is read without pleasure.” And part of that effort is to research deeply about what you intend to write. This increases the credibility of your articles and adds scientific value to readers, because research makes the content richer, informative, and clearer to the message, which gives the reader real pleasure while reading.

Communication skills

Persuasion and communication skills are very important in the world of writing and authorship, because they enable writers to convey their message to the target audience accurately and clearly and make the content inspiring and persuasive to the recipient. These skills are an absolute necessity to be used in effective communication with customers, whether by writing through websites or through social networking sites.

time management

Time management skills are closely related to the field of profit from writing content, as it makes you able to allocate your time correctly and understand the amount of time required to complete the content, by determining the amount of time it takes in each stage of writing, starting from searching for the idea of ​​content, through By collecting information, editing paragraphs, and finally revising and improving the text, and sharing it with the recipient.

Profit from YouTube

Profit from YouTube
Profit from YouTube

The owners of the famous YouTube channels earn between $ 15 million and $ 30 million annually. You may have been surprised when you read these huge sums, but they are a tangible reality for those who work hard in the content industry via YouTube. What prevents you from creating a YouTube channel to profit from it? Well, here are the basics that help you make money from YouTube :

How to create a profitable YouTube channel

The first step

Determine the reasons that prompted you to create a YouTube channel . What is the purpose of your channel? Do you want to provide educational lessons, broadcast entertaining and funny clips, or publish news reports and TV investigations, etc. At this stage, you must define your goal, make it clear and doable, and the idea for your channel should be the result of a genuine interest within you.

The second step

Once you define the goal and idea of ​​the channel, know your audience and its characteristics, are they highly qualified? What is their average age? Where do they live? What are their needs, identities and goals? What do they want to watch on YouTube? Do they use social media platforms in the morning or evening?

The third step

Make a plan for the visual content that you want to present on the channel to ensure continuity in pumping out exclusive videos. Ask yourself, do you have the ability to share more than one video per day, or is it better to have one video during the week? And what days will you post the videos? And how do you make it attractive and interesting to the audience?

The fourth step

Create an account on Gmail, and it is likely that you already have an account, then log in to YouTube and go to the page for creating a new YouTube channel, then write your brand name, and adjust the settings for your channel and AdSense account to profit from YouTube after achieving the conditions for profit from YouTube.

Fifth step

Start creating visual content, and upload the first video to your channel, with the need to adhere to the periodic and organized publication of video clips according to the plan you set. Attention should also be paid to writing brief and direct titles that include the keywords that the audience is searching for, in addition to crafting an interesting description that urges followers to watch the video.

YouTube profit requirements

To achieve the conditions for profit from YouTube, you will need some time and work closely. You will not earn anything from YouTube until you meet the conditions and activate YouTube profits in your account, by joining the YouTube Partner Program for Content Creators, which is known as YPP.

Naturally, at the beginning of establishing the channel, you will face one of the challenges of making money from the Internet via YouTube, which is agreeing to join the YouTube Partner Program, which requires the following to be met:

  • You must have at least 1000 channel subscribers.
  • 4,000 real watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Owning your channel has an active Google AdSense account and linking it to your YouTube account.
  • To be a resident of one of the countries where the YouTube Partner Program is available .
  • Comply with all YouTube monetization policies.

Profit from facebook

Profit from facebook
Profit from facebook

One of the advantages of profit from the Internet through e-marketing is the Facebook platform, which has 2.93 billion monthly active users in the year 2022. Whether you intend to share videos with your audience or publish your own web pages, the tools for making profits on this social network help you to earn more money. So, how do you earn from Facebook?

Ads embedded in articles

If you are a writer, Facebook helps you make money from the instant articles you write. There are more than 37 thousand pages on the platform that rely on instant articles to generate profit and boost the growth of your business.

The first steps to profit from these ads are to open the creator studio via Facebook and adjust the monetization settings with the need to meet the conditions for profit from Facebook, then submit 10 articles for publication and after approval, you will be able to share them on the platform.

Earning from fan subscriptions

The Facebook network allows you to earn money through the subscriptions of fans who support your page, as they pay specific amounts of money per month in return for obtaining your services, such as sharing exclusive content, obtaining discounts on the products you offer, or communicating with support providers. And you can identify these fans through a badge placed by Facebook to distinguish them from others in the comments.

However, your page must meet the conditions for earning from Facebook through fan rewards, including having 10 thousand followers, providing content that does not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party, in addition to receiving an invitation from Facebook to participate in this program.

Ads within videos

You can profit from Facebook by including ads in the videos that you broadcast on your page to the audience, and ads can appear in the form of still images, and Facebook allows ads to be placed before or during the start of the video, and it allows you to specify locations for displaying ads automatically or manually as you wish , but followers must watch the full ad to get your share of the revenue.

Brand content

Branded content is another way to make money from Facebook. Many companies need content creators who highlight brands for a fee, with the aim of expanding their customer base, forming a positive mental image of their brands, and gaining more loyalty from new and existing customers.

Sell ​​on Facebook

You can sell on Facebook and promote your products easily, as most users use this platform to shop through it, there are those who sell used and new things through groups and pages or through the Facebook Marketplace, and you can create a page to promote your business using advertising campaigns or get an opportunity to work in a company as a marketer electronic.

profit from Instagram

Profit from instagram
Profit from instagram

If you have an account on Instagram and a few thousand are following you, then there is an opportunity to earn money from the Internet. Neil Patel, a businessman specializing in digital marketing, confirms that a person can profit through Instagram even if he is followed by 1,000 people interacting with his publications. Whenever you have a passionate following and have common interests with brands, companies are willing to invest with you.

Areas of profit from Instagram

Live Broadcasts: You can make money from Instagram by sharing live videos with your audience that showcase your talent or provide content that meets the needs of your followers. While broadcasting, viewers can purchase badges for up to $4.99 to support your content.

Video ads

This method is similar to in-video ads on Facebook, where you allow brands to display ads in the videos that you share with your audience, and this method requires that you adjust your Instagram account settings and enable the option to monetize video ads.

Expand your business

If you own an online store, a new application, or work in e-marketing in general, you can market via Instagram using images and videos that attract the target audience, thus enhancing your activity and achieving more profits.

commercial sponsorship

Commercial companies may contact you to promote their products or services on Instagram in return for material support, which is determined based on several factors such as the number of followers of your page, the extent of their interaction with your posts, the number of ad views, in addition to your ability to convince followers of the marketing message, etc.

Earn from web design

Earn from web design
Earn from web design

Are you wondering how to profit from web design ? Your answer may be "yes". Therefore, I share with you a number of areas of profit from the Internet through web design, as web design jobs are available in abundance on self-employment platforms, and you can provide website design and development services on the Fiverr platform that allows you to profit from the Internet in different ways.

Ways to profit from web design

Digital Products: You can profit from web design by creating ready-made templates and themes for websites or designing digital icons and symbols in order to sell them to the target audience. This specialization is one of the most prominent ways in which website designers can earn passive income online. You can use the best ready-made digital templates on the Pikalica platform, which provides various designs and professional templates for web designers and developers.

Consulting services: If you have a lot of experience in web design that extends for years, why not invest this knowledge in providing consulting services and reviewing websites for your clients to identify and address design and programming errors. Your clients will surely be pleased with this service.

Website hosting services: Web hosting is one of the areas of profit from the Internet by designing websites, as you can buy a hosting plan on scalable servers with an appropriate budget. Hence, many websites are hosted for an annual fee that customers pay.

Establishing a web design agency: If you have a wide range of loyal clients who want to design and develop their websites, why not start creating an online web design agency or company by forming a team of developers and designers to build the websites that customers request.

Work for a company: Potential clients are likely to be startups and employers looking to design websites, and you plan to work for a company where you will be responsible for designing, developing and maintaining their website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Have you ever thought “How do you develop your skills to make a profit from web design?”, One of these skills revolves around knowing search engine optimization strategies, understanding search engine algorithms and their relationship to building websites, etc.

Profit challenges from web design

Of course, you face some challenges while making money from web design, and suddenly you may find yourself confused and unwilling to receive any new projects, but do not despair, for every problem has a solution. These are the most prominent challenges of profit from web design that may hinder your business and how to overcome them.

The first challenge: maintaining websites can take a long time

Most of the time, customers contact designers because of some technical problems in websites, and it is difficult to identify the causes, which causes more time and effort to be wasted to find out the source of the defect. This challenge can be overcome through the use of automated monitoring solutions that allow web designers and developers to identify errors and increase the chances of resolving them.

The second challenge: unprofitable contracts

Unprofitable contracts are one of the challenges of profit from web design, as the designer may rush to sign work contracts with low fees compared to the required workload or agree to the continuous maintenance of a website at a non-increasable cost annually. The solution lies in studying the client's needs and the tasks he wants and setting a fair and appropriate budget.

The third challenge: the difficulty of finding new customers

A web designer often has difficulty finding new clients, as he spends a lot of time searching for them and winning their projects, which negatively affects the income he expects monthly. Therefore, it is best to persuade existing customers to cooperate with you periodically in order to provide consulting, maintenance and technical support services.

Fourth challenge: fierce competition

There are thousands of design companies all over the world competing with each other, which drives independent web designers and developers to the need for distinction and excellence to win new projects, and this requires providing additional free services to customers to distinguish them from others such as monthly site performance evaluation services or allowing site maintenance for 3 months, for example.

Earn money from mobile app development

Earn money from mobile app development
Earn money from mobile app development

The areas of profit from mobile app development can generate a lot of income for you if you set your sights on it. The volume of mobile application revenues worldwide amounted to more than $318 billion in the year 2020 AD, and researchers expect that global revenues from mobile applications will rise to $613 billion by 2025 AD, according to the Statista Digital Market Outlook platform report . Which indicates unprecedented economic growth from the mobile application industry and development.

Ways to profit from developing mobile applications

Profit from developing mobile applications is not as easy as some people think, as it requires a lot of work and a high budget, but it is worth it because the results are often satisfactory, so you may get a positive return on investment that is more than expected if the idea of ​​​​the application is unique and distinctive. Here are the best areas of profit from mobile app development:

Earn from free app ads

Google Play statistics indicate that free applications on smartphones are responsible for 98% of global revenue. Through free applications, advertisements for different brands can be included, and they are characterized by being low-cost, simple, and able to attract consumers who have to watch advertisements to use the application for free.

Earn from in-app purchases

An effective monetization strategy for free apps, it is possible to create a free app to download, which includes purchases that can only be obtained by paying first in order to access powerful and advanced features such as free game apps that pay the user to purchase certain extensions or upgrades to make the game better or to complete missions difficult while playing.

Earn from Freemium Apps

Applications that use the freemium business model, a type of software whose owners allow users to download it for free on mobile with limited features, with the ability to upgrade to paid premium versions to get more additional features that touch the needs of the target customers.

Profit from trial apps

Free trial apps are a great option to profit from the Internet if their idea is innovative and provides a real addition to customers, this type of application can be downloaded for free for a few days to try it and then subscribe to a paid plan to continue using it, such as audio editing applications, video production or news services. And this strategy can be followed if you do not prefer to profit from application ads.

Sale of goods by applications

E-commerce companies often resort to developing free applications to sell their products to their target customers. You too can launch an app for your business to boost your online business growth on the one hand, and help your audience get their needs on the other hand.

Mobile application development skills

There are several skills to make a profit from developing mobile applications, which should be refined and developed to help you create mobile applications efficiently, in addition to developing protection and security measures to ensure a competitive advantage in your business, and these skills are represented in learning programming languages ​​​​such as Swift, JavaScript, Python, Java and P HP PHP, and acquire cyber security skills to secure customer information from cyber attacks.

In addition, the need to master computer hardware and software development tools and techniques, and the ability to identify technical problems in programming and address them, in addition to the skills of user interface design and application development in various operating systems, and so on.

Profit from training courses

Profit from training courses
Profit from training courses

Distance training is one of the micro-services that help you make money online, as it is estimated that the size of the e-learning market may reach $ 325 billion by 2025, according to the forecasts of the market research company Global Industry Analyst. Also, about 80% of employers have relied on distance education in the last ten years. It is a thriving market that helps you to profit from the Internet as well as educating and training others.

Ways to profit from training courses

There are many ways to profit from training courses, you can choose one or more of them depending on the objectives of the course, its cost, the target audience and other factors, and the following are the most prominent methods of profit from online training courses:

The certificate is paid

This method is to offer a free training course in a field that you understand well, but the trainee must pay in order to obtain a certificate of completion of the course, which has great professional value and is needed by many, thus achieving your purpose of profiting from the Internet.

This method is one of the easiest ways to sell training courses, as it increases trust between the trainer and the trainee, and your customers will not be worried about participating in the training course, because you offer it for free and at the same time urge them to buy the certificate by showing its importance to them.

Invest in free courses

One of the ways to profit from the Internet through training courses is to prepare a free training course for a specific audience with the aim of increasing sales of a product or service that you are marketing. For example, perhaps you are an expert in e-marketing and have written a book about profit from the Internet, so why not offer a free course as an additional benefit for those who buy your book? This will increase your profits and revenues.

Selling training courses

The Khamasat platform provides a powerful classification for distance learning and training in different fields, through which you can sell the training courses you produce. For example, if you work in an educational system, you can profit from online teaching (online) by providing educational services and explaining study materials via Fiverr.

Progressive payment system

Profit from the Internet In this way, it is by offering free levels of the training course or at a low cost in the first place, and then charging financial fees if the trainee wishes to join the advanced levels to obtain more creative educational jobs and skills that he will not find in the free levels.

Advantages of earning from training courses

There are many advantages that make you consider profiting from online courses. You do not need to create a professional website to offer these courses, but you must refine the skills of distance training in your field, such as the training courses offered by the Hsoub Academy in programming.

Steps to create a remote training course

Now you might be wondering how to create an online course to earn money from. Well, there are 6 essential steps to consider in order to produce a successful and outstanding training course.

First: Choosing the idea of ​​the training course

The first step in preparing a useful training course begins with choosing a suitable topic for the course, and its idea is often related to your main field of work or hobbies and skills that you master such as the animation industry or how to create a distinguished website. Add to this the importance of preparing the tools and techniques that you use in making the course, such as cameras , lighting tools, montage programs , and others.

Second: Assessment of the target market

Market research is very important before you start implementing a course, it doesn't make sense to produce a course without knowing whether potential customers intend to buy it or not. It is important to assess your target market, make sure consumers are able to pay, and know what interests them in your field.

Third: Developing themes for the training course

Once you have identified the topic and studied the market, you are now ready to define the course themes and aspects that you will focus on and develop an interactive plan for explanation and training. You must avoid superficiality in presenting the course content, because customers usually seek in-depth and logically organized training courses that facilitate the learning process.

Fourth: Determine the methods of displaying information

The next step is to identify the most important methods that you use to present the content of the course. There are different methods that can be introduced into distance teaching to present information, such as asking questions, using still images, animations, videos, infographics, graphic design , written texts, and so on.

Fifth: the actual implementation of the training course

Create the course by dividing it into units, and each unit has its own lessons, and this step usually takes a lot of time and effort, and do not forget to review the course content well, check the written texts, and watch the videos carefully to check and correct errors. Add your brand logo in the videos as part of your online visual identity building plan.

Sixth: Develop marketing strategies for the session

After creating the training course, a successful marketing plan must be developed to reach potential customers, and think about how to find them and where they are located. Do they prefer to follow Facebook or Twitter, or will you find them on self-employment platforms? And study how to boost their appetite to buy the course and make them thirsty for learning? Do you have a mailing list for marketing or will you rely on other strategies?

Profit from translation

Profit from translation
Profit from translation

Did you know that you can profit from the Internet through translation ? With the establishment of many multinational companies in the world, the need for translation has increased dramatically in recent times, so it has become a popular field in various parts and you can rely on it to increase your income. So, how do you make money translating?

How to earn money from translation

The ways to earn money from online translation vary, and each translator can earn money in a different way than the other, so what is the most appropriate method for you? The following lines may help you determine the best way for you to profit from translation .

Translating books

There are many writers and novelists who want to translate their books into second languages. If you trust your language skills, contact the authors to convince them of your abilities and translate their works to get a percentage of the sales of translated copies, determined according to sales and terms of agreement with the author. Of course, it will be difficult at first, but not impossible.

Writing in a second language

Maybe you have L2 content that you've written and there are serious customers to pay for it. So what if you invested your free time in writing poems or short stories in a foreign language and then offered them for sale. But you should know that this method requires creativity, excellence, and finding the unique audience that needs what you offer.

Freelance translator

One of the types of profit from translation is employment opportunities through freelance platforms that serve as an intermediary for work between business owners and freelance translators, such as the most famous freelance platform in the Arab world, Freelance. There are many companies that use translators through the recruitment platform “ Baeed ”.

Remote interpretation

If you are fluent in a second language, then online interpreting work will be suitable to increase your income. There are many organizers of remote conferences and seminars who are in dire need of hiring interpreters, especially if the conferences are international or include different nationalities.

Translation services for researchers

Researchers and students often need to translate scientific papers, papers, and other academic documents and videos, so you can support and help them by meeting their needs, and over time you will have a large base of clients who will bring you additional income.

Website translation

Many companies seek to expand their activities in international markets by displaying websites in different languages, and they usually look for translators to do this arduous task that requires continuity of work, especially since these sites depend on daily updating to share with the public the latest developments to satisfy their desires.

6 types of translation you can earn from

1. Legal translation: It means translating legal documents such as contracts, laws, regulations, and trial records, and it needs translators who specialize in law and have the ability to understand the legal, political, and social context of these documents, and it requires extreme accuracy in translation, because drafting that includes fatal errors may cause serious consequences.

2. Administrative translation: Some institutions need administrative translation as part of their work. This type includes translation of all papers and documents related to administrative work such as letters, reports and newsletters. These translations play a pivotal role in managing organizations internally and externally.

3. Technical translation: It is called technical translation, and it includes translating texts that fall within the framework of technical and scientific fields in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, physics, engineering and construction sciences, and others. Therefore, it requires great skill in understanding specialized technical and technical terminology, in addition to the informational background and linguistic expertise.

4. Literary translation: It is one of the most difficult and common types of translation. It includes translating plays and novel texts. The translator needs creative literary skills that enable him to create the same effects as the original text on the readers, and formulate it in a clear and understandable language to convey the message that the writer wants.

5. Financial translation: One of the types of profit from translation that requires high skills to make money online, as it specializes in translating revenue, loss and tax reports and financial documents for commercial organizations and others. The translator in this field must be familiar with the laws, regulations and financial accounts and know the latest developments in the field of industry.

6. Medical translation: It is related to the translation of texts that fall within the field of medicine and health, and is needed by students of medical schools, practitioners, and websites specialized in medical journalism. It requires certain skills such as knowledge of the specialty, medical concepts and terminology, and the ability to formulate correctly and reflect the original text.

Profit from programming

Profit from programming
Profit from programming

Have you ever asked yourself how to profit from programming and its basics ? Well, you may have delved into this popular field, but you did not find the opportunity or were not well-versed in the most important areas of profit from programming, or some think that the future of this specialty is not great. That is not true.

It is estimated that the number of programmers and developers may reach 28 million worldwide by 2024, according to a study conducted by Evans Data Corporation. This number will rise to 45 million in 2030 AD, according to Slashdata. Now, how do you make money from programming?

Freelance programmer

You can work as a freelancer via the Internet, by submitting job offers in programming projects that entrepreneurs and startup owners in the Arab world offer through the independent platform , or you can put your programming services through the Fiverr platform . Employers turn to freelancing platforms to get their work done quickly and many of them are targeting programming professionals.

Teaching others programming languages

There are many who aspire to learn programming remotely and do not hesitate to pay for this service, so there is no objection to you taking the initiative to help by offering a paid training course in one of the programming languages ​​that you understand well, or teaching them to develop the web the right way .

But if you prefer to communicate with your audience by writing and blogging, you can create a blog specializing in programming to discuss the problems of your customers and work to provide effective software solutions. You can develop free coding tools in a specific language to facilitate the development of software and then sell it to your target customers.

Profit from transcribing audio content

Profit from transcribing audio content
Profit from transcribing audio content

One of the areas of profit from the Internet through self-employment that you can work in from now on, as the process of unpacking the content includes converting the audible audios into written texts clearly and very accurately, with the need to follow the proper rules of language and the formulation of sentences and phrases without falling into linguistic or spelling errors, and that With the aim of conveying information to the recipient without distraction or confusion.

Transcription of audio content is a type of micro-service that requires the acquisition of some skills such as spell checking, the ability to write quickly, and familiarity with some special tools that can be used while transcribing audio content, such as Microsoft Office programs, Google documents, Express Scribe, and automatic spelling additions using artificial intelligence technologies.

Earn from data entry

Earn from data entry
Earn from data entry

Ways to profit from the Internet through data entry Data Entry has been very popular on self-employment platforms in recent years, so it is okay for data entry to be your first gateway to self-employment and profit from the Internet, especially since it is not as difficult as you think, it will not take much time to become Professional data entry.

This is because the skills and requirements for profit from data entry can be easily acquired, including proficiency in using computers, Office programs, data collection and management tools, as well as continuous training and the need to learn a second foreign language to enhance your chances in this field. If you are ready to work in this specialty, offer the data entry services that you are good at now through the Fiverr platform.

Profit from voice services

Profit from voice services
Profit from voice services

If you have the ability to create audio content and enjoy the art of diction and the skills of proper pronunciation of letter exits, you can provide audio services such as producing audiobooks, making podcasts, and voiceovers. These services require familiarity with the types of microphones and choosing the most suitable among them, in addition to knowing sound isolation methods and programs. Audio recording and editing.

Challenges of profit from the Internet

Challenges of profit from the Internet
Challenges of profit from the Internet

Online freelancers and owners of electronic projects usually face some challenges and obstacles that disturb them during remote work. These difficulties are supposed to be overcome to ensure profit from the Internet, and this may require a lot of effort, but it is worth it to reach financial freedom through self-employment. The following are the main challenges faced by freelancers .

Procrastination and lack of discipline

Procrastination is one of the most important challenges of profiting from the Internet through self-employment, as lack of discipline in your work leads to a delay in the delivery of work and tasks and postponing them to a later time, and may lead to your suffering or loss of confidence in you, so procrastination negatively affects productivity and performance and may lead to psychological damage .

This requires sticking to the working hours that you set for yourself, avoiding deviating from your daily goals, and dedicating a quiet workspace in your home to achieve positive results. You will not make money on the Internet and you spend most of your time in video games away from hard work, the more you commit, the more you will achieve your goal.

Lack of good planning and preparation

One of the challenges of profiting from the Internet through self-employment is to decide to start in this field without prior preparation, as there are many who have failed to profit from the Internet due to their complete lack of readiness for self-employment. If you are looking to become a successful freelancer, you must have a plan that includes the overall goals you seek and the strategies and tactics that will help you achieve them.

Lack of knowledge

Many expect to profit from the Internet without having the knowledge that qualifies them to do so, which leads to their stumbling and failure of their online businesses. To overcome this challenge, you must have an open mind and a real desire to learn and acquire new skills. To achieve this, dedicate two hours a day or more to reading, learning something new, or honing your skills to make money online.

abundance of information

The information on the Internet is countless, and although it is an advantage, it may cause some trouble for many, especially those who do not have the skill of verifying information and fact-finding on the Internet and do not know the reliable sources from others. In order to meet this challenge, it is important to determine the type of information that you are conducting searches about, and to use the advanced search feature available on search engines to access more accurate information and collect it from reliable sources.

Fraudulent methods that drain your energy without real income

The virtual world is full of many ways that drain energy and waste time without real material gain. Some of these practices are fraudulent, while others will only bring the person crumbs of bread that do not get fat and do not satisfy hunger. Some are drawn behind misleading headlines and flashy advertisements to deceive them and attract them to create false, quick wealth, then they realize that they have lost their money or have been stuck at zero point, and they become despondent and frustrated.

The following are the most prominent electronic fraud methods that drain your energy online in exchange for crumbs:

1. Profit from shortening links

2. Profit from uploading files

3. Profit from games

4. Profit from the Internet by watching ads

5. Profit from watching videos

6. Profit from clicking on ads

7. Profit from buying followers

The future of profit from the Internet

The future of profit from the Internet
The future of profit from the Internet

It seems that profit from the Internet will differ a lot in the future, as estimates of the “ Bloomberg Intelligence ” company, which specializes in market and industry research, indicate that companies will achieve global revenues of up to $ 800 billion in the year 2024 AD, from the “metaverse” economy. , which relies on modern electronic technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality .

It is expected that the size of the global market for the online games industry will exceed about $400 billion in the same year, and the revenues of the metaverse economy for digital game makers often result from profit from the Internet in the services markets and electronic games programs , as revenues from services and advertisements within video games represent more than Two-thirds of the industry's market size.

As for entertainment activities such as concerts and movies based on 3D virtual worlds, it is expected that their financial profits via the Internet will reach more than $ 200 billion in 2024 AD, according to what was published by “Bloomberg”. This means that the competition will be strong between the digital games industry and social networking sites in driving the virtual economy “Metaverse”.

In addition, the future of profit through e-marketing will include countless opportunities that contribute to improving and developing business and increasing revenues in general, and it is expected that the prevailing trend will be to make money from social platforms through video clips and heavy reliance on artificial intelligence technologies and augmented reality that give shoppers a better experience It enables them to try products or services before purchasing them and provides all forms of support instantly and automatically as humans.

In any case, it is not possible to accurately predict the future of profit from the Internet, but indicators confirm that the opportunities for e-business development and making money through it are countless, and this requires keeping pace with technology and honing the skills that give you the opportunity to seize profit from the Internet.

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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