SEO - 2022:- Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress - Websites

What did you learn

  • You will have full training in search engine optimization (SEO). You will learn more about the results of each SEO process. at all. kurz gesoot.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your site, through useful keyword searches and competitive analytics.
  • Learn how to create comprehensive and comprehensive content that meets the interests of the research user.
  • Expand the content you create for Word Research to get higher rankings for keywords and related keywords.
  • Learn basic web caches. Learn how to improve your site for the essential webviolets and get 100 Pagespeed Insights results for both desktop and mobile.
  • Create your website and load your sales / conversions in less than 1 second. Personal training for WordPress sites
  • Create a Sitemap for your site, validate your site on Google Search Console, and quickly configure your search engine.
  • Find out which types of backlinks work best, and which ones are no longer eligible.
  • Get a comprehensive list of over 25 backlink generation technologies from White Hat.
  • Reduces your website's traffic rate and improves the time / time spent on your site.
  • Learn the old SEO techniques / myths that harm your website, protect your website from negative SEO attacks and identify the bad backlinks to your site.


You need the plugin to use the WordPress site I showed in this SEO 2022 tutorial.
You may want to sign up for a free trial account with the best SEO tools online so you can use it for free.

Lie down

This comprehensive SEO 2022 course covers over 50+ SEO features to make it higher in search engines like Google and Bing.

One of the best ways to improve search engines:

Traffic to your site from a search engine

Information about your user page

Add value to your site to keywords that users are searching for.

Improving the potential pages of your site

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how search engines work - which algorithms are the most obvious way to rank a website on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Online SEO training is a complete guide to search engine optimization using white hat SEO techniques like Google's official search engine guide.

In this study, we discuss a few SEOs and explain each SEO feature as follows:

Why and why does something affect your search engine rankings?

Trend reviews on SEO in recent years

A living example of how to deliver an SEO object in conclusion

When and how to use / disable SEO items?

Here are some introductions from students in this SEO 2022 course:

For new students - this study is the thousand times better than anything else -  says Daniel Ashrafi..

The documentation was very good & I would say it is very important for these people to look at the whole picture," says Beam tech.

Arvind automation engineer says: "The best and clearest definition of the basics of SEO. Command."

Abhishek Bamotra says: "It's the easiest to understand and best SEO strategy I've ever seen :)"

All of this is based on 10,000 word keyword surveys of the top 30 SERPs between 2014 and 2022. They are all new, practical and will be 100% used in 2022. It is also the most organized SEO course on the platform.

SEO is about planting, not price. This course is specifically designed for website owners, bloggers, business owners, SEO pros / cons and website owners who want to rank first in Google.

social evidence

More than 80,000 students are satisfied

More than 15,000 positive answers

Translation and explanation (English translation)

10 hours of full HD video + more to come.

Organize + organize the course effectively

Confirmation of completion of the course

30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

Most - a teacher with a "speed of light" signal that captures your reaction time quickly and helps.

Improved course schedule

February 2022: Version 2.0 of SEO Page (Search for Detailed Content Updates)

January 2022 SEO Keyword Search Version 3.2

December 2021: Violet Special for the Web - (New part), SEO site running 5.1

May 2021: Speed   Page SEO 4.7

October 2021: SEO Speed   Page v4.5

June 2020 SEO content (new section), keyword SEO search v2.6

December 2019: Speed   Page SEO v4.0

October 2019: SEO Keyword Research Version 2.5

August 2019: Remove SEO backlinks version 2

July 2019 SEO Keyword Search v2.4, Get Higher Index v2.1

May 2019: Keyword Search SEO v2.3, Fast Indexed v2, SEO Skills Department v3.1

March 2019: SEO Page Run v3.4 and Keyword SEO Search v2.2 Alt

May 2018: SEO Page Run v3.3 option

April 2018: SEO Page Run v3.2 option

April 2018: Search Engine (Keyword Search v2.1)

May 2017: SEO Skills v2.3 Article - 14 topics - 55 min

August 2017: Speed   Page SEO v3 article - 16 topics - 1 hour 45 minutes

August 2017: Demystifying SEO backlinks - 8 lectures - 27 minutes

July 2017: SEO Skills 2.2, SEO Page Running 2.2 Article - twelve topics - fifty-five

June 2017: SEO technical v2.1 article - 14 topics - 1 hour

December 2016: Speed   section SEO v2.1 - 7 presentations - 40 minutes

May 2016: Keyword Search Section 1 - 11 discussions - 1 hour and 15 minutes

April 2016: Negative SEO article - 17 presentations - 1 hour and 6 minutes

This lesson will help you learn.

SEO Keyword Search - Get targeted traffic to your site with long tail keywords for real business / information.

SEO internal editing of content for easy installation

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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