Modern Python 3 Bootcamp on 2022

what did you learn

  • Learn all the basics of programming in Python!
  • Work on nearly 200 exercises and questions!
  • Learn about the latest features in Python 3.6
  • Use Python to Create an Automated Web Crawler and Scraper
  • Make complex HTTP requests for APIs with Python
  • Quirky master of Python style and conventions
  • Question Really understand objective programming
  • Learn to test and TDD (Test Engine Development) with Python
  • Write your own decoration and ask for work
  • Write your own generator and other repeater
  • Work with confidence with Lambdas!
  • Master challenging topics such as multiple inheritance and polymorphism
  • Making games with Python
  • Create large projects by working on multiple files
  • Work with all Python data structures: lists, dictionaries, collections, flips and more!
  • Become an expert in understanding lists and dictionaries
  • Master built-in input functions such as zip and filter
  • Bug management and debugging
  • Write your own custom forms
  • Work with files, including CSV

Terms and requirements

  • Computer! We're here for you, whether you have a Mac or a PC.
  • Get ready to write thousands of lines of snake practice!
  • No previous experience with Python or coding required.

He explained

Updated to include MySQL + Python!

Welcome to the latest Python 3 boot camp! I've started a lot of Udemy courses, but I've never been so crazy.

This course on Udemy is a unique experience. Python has dozens of courses to choose from, but one that has about 200 interactive challenges that you can complete right here in your browser. Not only this but with help of the fire you can do welding in. This course is built entirely on coding exercises. This course is about writing code as fast as you can, instead of sitting down and watching a bunch of videos.

During development, I described this course as a hybrid between a simple Udemy course and an interactive Codecademy style course. You will receive over 25 hours of videos and silly jokes, exercises and questions to test your knowledge.

Many many older Python courses still focus on Python 2 cause its easy and relible. This course is about writing more advanced Python codes, so Python 3 was the obvious choice. The course includes all the latest additions and changes to the Python language. This course also emphasizes thinking like a Python developer and writing code in a "Python" way.

As far as curriculum is concerned, this course teaches all the major topics of Python courses, but also includes more advanced topics like web scraping, curling, and testing, to name a few. Feel free to discover the course and watch some free videos!

After programming in the job market, Python is consistently ranked first or second. It has applications in data science, machine learning, web development, self-driving cars, automation and many other fields. its a very good time to learn it.

I have spent years teaching programming in private training camps in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the last few years, I've begun to change my ways from the classroom to the online world. In my first year of online education, I was selected as the best teacher for newcomers to the 2015 Udemy Instructor Awards. I am passionate about creating the best possible online learning experiences that reflect my personal courses.

If you want to do a master's course, take this course.

This course is for everyone:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python.
  • Anyone interested in data science, machine learning or web development
  • Lots of interactive exercises for everyone who wants to practice.

Here is the download links

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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here my friend if you are looking for something you dont find please do comment and give advice or suggestion for more improvements

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