Zuperla Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Zuperla Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Zuperla Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Zuperla Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 

Zipperla is a new and multi-purpose WordPress theme that allows you to be the baddest writer you want to be. We let you experience Zuperla's unparalleled success like no other, both forward and backward. It gives you the ability to do anything on any site, be it for public or private purposes. The highly advanced grid system and automated elements combined with powerful on-demand import make Zipperla the most versatile and customizable WordPress theme on the market. Activate Zuperlative Firepower and take out the monster from within.

List of features

  • Thematic designs each have different options.
  • real structure
  • Logo above
  • walk together
  • hidden movement
  • Incredible variety of stack headboards
  • the main
  • touch
  • get up
  • Nothing
  • Unrelated use of theme elements (not just default themes).
  • Full control over your logos and their dimensions
  • Original title logo
  • black man
  • Light theme logo
  • Road logo
  • Sticky theme logo
  • Accepted theme logo
  • Fraudulent writing
  • Default resources
  • More than 600 Google Fonts
  • Source of charger
  • Incredibly responsive control over your typing
  • Parallax in motion for your columns
  • Tap and adjust your column position (in settings).
  • advanced
  • lower level
  • mint condition
  • The position is on the left.
  • Reference Z
  • All at least one option
  • Choose from different menu styles (classic, button, bottom, hidden).
  • Covering a topic or page/post/portfolio/product worldwide
  • Boxed and expanded format
  • Save edit mode.
  • Pronto Pronto mode functions
  • The search page is customizable.
  • Custom Google Maps
  • The best model for your needs
  • contact form
  • the news
  • Research work
  • Language changer
  • Social links
  • Custom methods and any element you want on any page.
  • A sliding area that you can adjust differently with your prism!
  • Select the hidden menu to navigate globally or by page/post/portfolio/product.
  • Activities section (color, photo, slide, video, map or slide edit in standard/full size)
  • Download the demo content.
  • Create data with one click.
  • Imports affecting demand
  • Smooth parallax shift effect (even on hardware).
  • Vertical view
  • Circular style
  • Sensing option to select Parallax functionality
  • Great WooCommerce support
  • Hover around the images in the store overview.
  • Zoom in on an image effect on a product.
  • Ajax coach
  • Different themes (background, color, height) for each product category.
  • Multiple movement patterns.
  • Additional paste anchor menu for each page
  • Unlimited options for products
  • Separate product categories (mail categories, product types).
  • One page translation
  • Turn the page completely.
  • Over 100 presets to use
  • Dynamic color customizer with unlimited color options. At Zuperla you can order any color without any doubt.
  • Wallpaper (color, photo, video).
  • Background effects (tilt, parallax, left to right parallax, right to left parallax, animation, horizontal animation, as image)
  • Full width wallpaper section
  • Full width items
  • Large menu built into the theme, and options via GUI
  • Many optional page items
  • Ultra responsive design
  • Retina from the list
  • thin paper
  • Custom container

Matching options panel. Zipperla's dashboard is based on the popular Redux framework and gives you more customization options in an easy-to-use environment. Click on the Zuperla button in the main WordPress navigation menu and you will be able to access and enjoy many of Zuperla's essential features. All posts have a clear message that defines their purpose.

  • WP Bakery Visual Composer
  • Slide Xble with the most famous SEO plugins.
  • Speed Optimized
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Touch Swipe Support
  • Extensive Live Documentation
  • Video Tutorials
  • Lifetime Updates and Dedicated Support 24/7
  • All files are well commented and organized
  • Coding Skills: Not Required

Images & Videos

The images included in the preview are for demonstration purposes only. In case that you import dummy data, you will have placeholders instead of images. Some of these have been purchased from Shutterstock and others were downloaded from Unsplash, Death to Stock and similar sources.


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