speak Arabic like natives

speak Arabic like natives
speak Arabic like natives

speak Arabic like natives

What will you learn.

  • Arabic letters
  • Arabic daily phrases
  • Arabic grammar
  • Aryan Editing
  • Listen to sports media cartoons in Arabic


  • Only interested in Arabic
  • An explanation

Arabic is an ancient language.

It is believed to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

Arabic, which first appeared in northwestern Arabia, is a member of the Semitic language family that also includes Hebrew and Aramaic. While the earliest traces of the Arabic language date back to the 8th century BC.

The language has been defined and improved over a long period of time.

The Arabic language is at least 1500 years old.

Standard Arabic emerged in the 6th century, but there were earlier versions of the language, including Safavid, an ancient dialect of Arabic used by pre-Islamic nomads of the Syrian Arabian desert.

Some of his writings date back to the first century.

Neanderthals are believed to have originated from the Hijaz and Najd of Saudi Arabia.

       Arabic is widely taught in traditional ways in schools and universities around the world and is used to varying degrees in the workplace, government and media. Arabic, in its standard form, is the official language of 26 countries as well as the religious language of Islam, as the Qur'an and Hadiths are written in Arabic.

The Arabic language has influenced many other languages of the world throughout history, especially the languages of Islamic cultures and countries conquered by Muslims. The most affected languages are Persian, Turkish and Hindi.

How can I speak like a nation?

      Language skills are taught in two ways.

Traditional education

Amazing comfort

Traditional methods


blood vessels



Check your learning progress at each level and take learners to the next level.

Embrace learning in non-traditional ways.

Listen to the game.

Listen to old songs.

Listen to the games.

Listen to cartoon videos.

      Try to repeat all the words and sentences in Arabic.

Best English Dictionary English English Dictionary

The best way to learn Arabic is to learn in Arabic.

I believe that my students know the basics of English in the first part of the course where I speak English.

After that I only speak Arika.

Basic Arabic Linguistics

The last lines of the Arabic language.

Change the structure and composition of words.

How to spell characters?


Arabic idioms

Your opinion speaks volumes.

In this session

I try to combine both methods and encourage my students.

To take advantage of them

Listen carefully to speak correctly.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, engage me and I learn.

Set aside time to learn Arabic.

every day

       an hour

Every day for 6 months

You have mastered the Arabic language.

Who is this course for:

  • Middle East and Arab world students, activists, Muslims who are not Arab citizens, interacting with Arabic literature.
  • He needs to develop or improve the Arabic language skills he has.

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