The Coding Interview Bootcamp by Marwat Tech: Algorithms with Data Structures

what did you learn

The master usually asks interview questions
Solve common data structures used in web development
Follow many different challenges
Use JavaScript to solve difficult algorithms


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript

He explained

Data structure? Are they the algorithm here? Covered. Clearly outlined solutions to many problems? So!

If you are worried about your first coding interview or worried about applying for your next job, this course is for you. I'm tired of asking challenging interviewers questions that can only be answered if you already have a problem, so I took this course! This video course will teach you the most common interview questions you will see during a programming interview and give you the tools you need for your next board interview.

Crypto interviews are known for being intimidating, but there is a way to be a better interviewer - and that's good! The key to many interview questions is to consider the difference between a $ 120,000 job offer and another rejected email. This course will not only give you many questions to practice, but will also ensure that you understand the tricks to solve each question so that you can pass a real interview.

You've spent hours collecting interview questions on Google, Facebook, and Amazon to make sure you know how to answer the questions that most profitable companies ask. We will not make the mistake of discussing the simplest questions and the most complex algorithms.

In this course you will receive:

Clear and well-defined specifications for each issue to make sure you understand the solution.
An overview of the most important data structures you need to know. They are offered to those who do not have a degree in Computer Science.
A large set of popular algorithmic queries, including a "reverse string" to "determine the BST vector".
Smart strategies for solving system design issues
Internal tips for responding to what the interviewer is looking for
Continuous support with my Udemy Q&A forums!
In this course, my goal is to help you defeat those who ask questions that are not in the algorithm. Register today and get a great engineer ready to work

This course is for everyone:

Everyone who prepares for an interview will add a coding task

Here is the download links

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